Aluminum balcony frames: the better to glaze, the balcony is plastic, the reviews and how to glaze, what loggia

Aluminum balcony frames protect the balcony from cold, dust and make it very cozy Aluminum balcony frames protect the balcony from cold, dust and make it very cozy Today, there are several ways of glazing, each of which is designed to increase the useful area, provides comfortable conditions and creates an attractive appearance. The construction market offers a lot of high-quality materials for this purpose, which have a small weight, ease of operation, longevity. There are 2 main materials used for glazing balconies - plastic and aluminum.

      • Why we need a balcony frame
      • We put balcony frames from aluminum
      • The better to glaze the balcony: plastic or aluminum
      • Which balcony is better, plastic or aluminum: testimonials and examples
      • Selection of aluminum balcony frames(Video)

Why a balcony frame

In order to determine which frame to put on the balcony, it is necessary to clearly set the tasks that the balcony will perform. If you need to protect the balcony from wind, rain, dust and dirt, you can install aluminum or plastic balcony frames. If the balcony has a small area, you can use the sliding type of construction. If there is a task to create a full-fledged room, install metal-plastic structures.

The aluminum frame is easy to mount The aluminum frame balcony is easy to mount

When choosing the material, in order to glaze the balcony, it is necessary to consider such factors:

  • Low cost;
  • Lightweight construction;
  • Convenient installation method;

The selected materials should prevent the entry of cold air and restrict the room from penetration of foreign sounds from the street. You can glaze the balcony yourself, with certain knowledge and skills. You can buy all necessary materials in the construction market or in specialized shops. If the balcony is on the upper floors, it is better to use the help of specialists.

We put balcony frames in aluminum

There are 2 ways of glazing, one of which is called a cold finish. This method involves glazing using aluminum frames. This method is less expensive and quite practical.

Glazing in this way has its advantages:

  1. First of all, this is a small weight of the structure, which is very important, especially when installing on old balconies.
  2. Aluminum frames are easy to use. They are easy to take care of. Modern technologies cover aluminum frames with a special tool that has the ability to repel any types of contaminants from the surface.
  3. Aluminum balcony frames have good strength. Due to such properties, structures withstand high loads, with temperature differences do not deform. Balcony frames made of aluminum can last more than 50 years.
  4. Modern technologies allow the production of balcony frames made of aluminum, which have a high level of impermeability. High sealing makes it possible to protect the balcony from dampness and cold.
  5. The balcony frames look very aesthetic. Such frames will suit the style of hi-tech or minimalism.

Aluminum balcony frames look very aesthetically pleasing Aluminum balcony frames look very aesthetically

The disadvantages of this method are much less than the advantages, but they also need to be considered. The main disadvantage is the propensity for rapid cooling. In the cold season, this balcony will be quite cold. But, modern manufacturers to eliminate this problem began to produce two-chamber balcony frames.

In this design, a polymeric layer is placed between the chambers, which creates thermal insulation.

The use of aluminum balcony frames is gaining in popularity today due to its properties. Such structures are installed on balconies and loggias of different sizes.

The better to glaze the balcony: plastic or aluminum

To answer this not an easy question will help to thoroughly study the technical characteristics of materials as diverse as plastic and metal. Glazing with plastic is assumed when there is a need to make the balcony as warm as possible. Glazing with plastic frames as well as aluminum frames implies protection from dirt, cold and rain. To date, the cost of plastic frames has significantly decreased, which made it possible to create good competition for aluminum frames.

Plastic balcony frames have their advantages:

  1. Frames and windows made of PVC have a high level of tightness. Rubber gasket between the frame and the glass is necessary for the preservation of heat inside the building, and also protects the balcony from the penetration of cold. Depending on the number of cameras, noise insulation increases.
  2. Plastic frames perfectly withstand any temperature fluctuations, maintaining an excellent appearance.
  3. You can glaze the balcony with a plastic profile of different colors. If the white color is boring, the frames can be decorated with a special color film that fits perfectly on the plastic.
  4. Install plastic balcony frames is quite simple.

Plastic balcony frames have a number of advantages Plastic balcony frames have a number of advantages

Like any other material, plastic also has its drawbacks - the accumulation of static electricity that attracts dust. Easily exposed to mechanical damage, such as scratches or dents.

PVC is heavier than metal structures, so it excludes installation on balconies in old houses.

To glaze a balcony or a loggia is quite a responsible matter. It is necessary to take into account many nuances in choosing a design. For example, how much does the design weigh, the convenient location of the opening parts, the transmissibility of cold and dirt.

Which balcony is better, plastic or aluminum: testimonials and examples

Today it is very difficult to give an unambiguous answer to the question of which glazing method is better. Reviews and opinions are very different. How to make glazing, help determine the main functions of the balcony. Both methods require additional insulation of the balcony. With proper operation, metal and plastic profiles serve for a long time.

Reviews about which way of glazing is better, the most varied Reviews on which glazing method is best, the most different

According to the masters, it is possible to identify significant differences:

  • Plastic constructions are much heavier than aluminum frames;
  • Plastic is more susceptible to damage;
  • Aluminum frames retain less heat than plastic.

These are the main differences that should be considered when choosing a balcony glazing. Summing up, it can be noted that both ways of glazing are good and have their advantages. When choosing the method of glazing, it is worth not forgetting about the area of ​​the balcony. From this depends the establishment of the opening mechanisms. Regardless, which way of glazing will be chosen, the main thing is to acquire high-quality material.

Selection of aluminum balcony frames( video)

Plastic and metal balcony structures must be accompanied by documents that confirm the high quality of materials. Also it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the accessories. The closing and opening mechanisms must work without loops. Choosing quality products, you can be sure that the product will last a long time without the need for repairs, and this saves considerable money.