The glazing of the balcony in the Khrushchev: how to glaze and warming their own hands, video and weight which can withstand

A balcony is a platform that protrudes from the plane of the facade of the house Balcony - a platform protruding from the plane of the house facade of the old houses have small balconies and loggias, which are often misused and become rooms for storage of unnecessary things. The best option is to use these premises for the proper purposes and to carry out a number of repair works in them. The Khrushchevs are planned in such a way that the design of the balcony is not capable of withstanding additional structures. That is why before the work you need to take care of the preliminary compaction, which can be carried out by specialists. And only then you can carry out repairs.

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Balcony with the removal of Khrushchev

in order to arrange the balcony Khrushchev in additional space and make it more comfortable and beautiful, it osteklyat. The price of this service is almost the same as the standard warming of the loggia. Glazing and insulating the balcony with removal means to increase the window sill, while leaving the same length.

Removal is the installation of a plate of the glazing frame that extends beyond the balcony Removal represents setup going beyond the balcony glazing frame plate

Balcony in hruschevke glaze with the removal in order to gain additional space.

Those who like to organize a rest on the balcony or be at the window in a comfortable environment can take this idea to my note. It is thanks to such an organization that you can mix a large number of colors, and create a magnificent greenhouse. In addition, a portable balcony, this is an excellent room for storing tools, and if you can try to organize even a personal office.

We glaze the balcony in the Khrushchev with the roof

In order to glaze the balcony with the roof, much more effort and financial costs are needed, since there is no top cover. Most often, those who live on the top floor face this problem. It is necessary to build a visor here. To do this, experts make a frame of metal, which is subsequently installed and already, then the visor is attached. Most often, the frame is made of polycarbonate. Because it is durable and light. It is also given preference to it because it has a wide range of colors, does not make noise during bad weather, and its price is very affordable.

If you choose an independent roof( visor), you will need brackets. The roof will also be attached to them If you select an independent roof( visor), you will need brackets. The

will also be attached to them. It is because this installation takes much longer and requires more materials, it costs much more.

A ready-made structure must be fastened to bolts and corners. In this situation, experts prefer to use metal and corrugated canopies, but it should be borne in mind that during the rain they will make a lot of noise.

In order to save the family budget, a roof is created without the inclusion of metal structures. It should be taken into account that such an organization can not serve for a long time, and in the case of large gusts of wind or hail, it is at all capable of breaking down. Similarly, the construction will not be able to restrain the weight of icicles for a long time, and most likely it will break down right away.

How to glaze a balcony in a Khrushchev with the use of an aluminum profile

If you follow some expert advice, you can extend the life of your design for a long period.

For glazing the balcony in a Khrushchevka, an optimal option can be aluminum glazing with siding or a single aluminum structure for glazing balconies in Khrushchev best option may be aluminum siding or glazing with aluminum unibody design

Here are the available options for the organization:

  1. It is necessary to organize additional fences around the slab as soon as possible. Each guard must be attached to the grate. This will help protect the plate from weather conditions and various kinds of damage. In addition, it will save it from rapid destruction.
  2. A drainage chute should be installed on each plate. If they are, but have already worn out, a replacement must be made for a new one.
  3. Feature, which is present in the plates Khrushchev - in their construction can be biased. Consider during the period when the installation work will be done.

Working with an aluminum profile involves the organization of a balcony with cold glazing. The balcony of aluminum will not be warm, however it will be an excellent solution on a monolithic balcony. This method is suitable for those who plan to keep conservation with the onset of winter, and in the warm - to rest at the window. Using this method, most often for installation use budget double glazing, which includes only one camera. They are able not to let rain or snow, but the cold will always penetrate to the balcony, therefore, the temperature regime on the balcony will not be too different from the street.

Aluminum is a low-cost material, so its use in repair will not hit your pocket too much, besides it is light and its weight is able to withstand any reinforced concrete slabs.

As this material makes it possible to get designs that will have different shapes, and at the same time it is easy to insert into a double-glazed window, this allows you to get as a result a lot of interesting design ideas and solutions. It can be a French balcony or a model based on brickwork. Examples can be viewed in the photo and video on the Internet. Just do not forget that this material is easy to paint and is not located to the appearance of corrosion.

Repair of balconies in Khrushchev: tips for glazing specialists

In order to save the family budget, many people prefer frameless glazing. In this case, the double-glazed windows are attached to the profiles, and between the panes a thin insulation is laid, which does not affect the outlook and is able to maintain the material in good quality. This method is able to expand the space of a small balcony in the Khrushchev and transform its facade.

Proper repairs can give a new life to the old loggia, decorate the house externally and inside The correct repair is able to give a new life to the old loggia, decorate the house externally and inside

It is best to entrust this work to specialists, as they are able to correctly calculate using the device how much the concrete slab is durable and if necessary make itMore robust. Itself will not be able to do this. Only professionals can conduct the installation of the necessary insulating glass, which will take into account all safety rules and weather conditions.

Many experts say that before mounting and glazing a balcony, it is necessary to make a reinforcement of the parapet.

What other types are used in modern glazing?Increasingly, one can find profiles made of metal-plastic. They are designed to create a warm balcony and are as resistant to external factors as possible, as this material can last for many years, and its color scheme is able to impress every owner. The negative side of such material is its weight. Not every slab, even with additional reinforcement, is capable of withstanding such a construction.

In order to avoid unpleasant moments, you must first invite a specialist and get his advice. He can assess the condition of the plate and advise the most suitable option.

The next great option is PVC profiles. They have those qualities that will help not to let a strange sound from the street into your apartment. Especially such material is indispensable if the windows of the house look out onto the central streets. Profiles from PFH will be appreciated by young mothers who are worried about the dream of their child. In this situation, the crib can be placed even at the window and the child will not be awakened by any extraneous sounds.

What is the weight of the balcony in the panel house

Absolutely any building starts to be built taking into account special calculations. They include the loads that will arise when people stay in the building, when installing furniture and other items that play an important role in life. This applies to the balconies.

Uniform load distribution throughout the balcony according to specifications is 200 kg / m² Uniform load distribution throughout the entire balcony according to specifications is 200 kg / m²

For each type of house there are loads, and many residents in pursuit of expanding the balcony area are interested in how to calculate what load the balcony is capable of withstanding to make insulation by oneself.

In this case, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • How old is the home;
  • How well its construction was carried out.

According to the standards, the permissible load of the balcony plate is up to 200 kg / m 2.But paying attention to the law, you can see that there the indicator is different and equal to 112 kg / sq. M.

Standard slab measuring 0.8 by 3 meters can withstand up to 286kg load. As for the open-type balconies, if they are used for more than 40 years, their strength is practically lost, and the balcony slab should not be overloaded.

The size of the balcony in the Khrushchevka: how important are the parameters of the

Do not assume that the parameters depend on the layout, because the standard heightFrom the plate to the plate is 2.6 m. During the construction of the balcony, the builders use hollow plates, which are divided into two parts, and their size is 1.2 by 5.7 mm. Differences in length practically do not exist, one balcony can reach up to 3 m in length.

The balcony space in the Khrushchev is a small room consisting of a concrete slab, fenced along the perimeter with an iron structure The balcony space in the Khrushchev is a small room consisting of a concrete slab surrounded by an iron structure

Do not compare balconies and loggias. As the balcony plate is longer by 0.8 m and the width is up to 3.3 m.

As for the Khrushchev, they have the following characteristics:

  • Length - 2,8 - 3 m;
  • Width - 0,7 - 0,8 m;
  • Parapet height - 1m.

When balconies are finished, the difference between balconies and loggias is not taken into account, the most important is that the parapet index corresponds to 1m. It is best to get acquainted with the special scheme in the section, which shows all the nuances of the balconies.

Thermal insulation of a balcony in a Khrushchev house( video)

Balcony glazing is a labor-intensive process that requires a competent approach. This is not a matter of one day and deal with this matter, if you are not a professional, it is better to entrust all specialists, because everything is important, the maximum load, the type of material and frames, ready options for balconies do not exist. All that will happen in the future with your balcony is decided solely on the spot after a preliminary inspection is conducted. Take it with great responsibility, and get an excellent result.

Embodiments balcony glazing hruschevke( photo examples)