How to insulate the balcony with your hands step-by-step photo: warming of the loggia and instructions with video, mineral wool

Warmed loggia can be combined harmoniously with the living room insulated balcony can be harmoniously connected to the living room Loggia or balcony - an integral part of the apartment, which, with proper insulation, can be used as an extension of the living room or as a separate independent room. How to choose the most suitable option for thermal insulation of the balcony or balcony, we read further.

    • Effective materials for insulation balconies with their hands
    • algorithm works: how to insulate a loggia with their hands
    • what happens when you insulate a loggia
    • Proper insulation of the floor loggia Penoplex: step by step instructions
    • Effective insulation balconymineral wool with their own hands: video
    • Warming of the balcony with his hands: step by step instructions( video)
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Effective materials for insulation balconies with their hands

for comprehensive insulation balcony, there should be insulated windows, floors, parapet walls and ceiling. In principle, the work on the thermal insulation of the balcony or loggia can be conditionally divided into 3 stages. First of all, the windows are mounted, then the parapet, floor, walls and ceiling are already insulated. The final stage is the final decoration, lighting, ventilation, etc.

To insulate the balcony or balcony you need to approach the complex K balcony or loggia insulation must be approached comprehensively

As main choices for installation of window units on a balcony or loggia can be used:

  • ordinary wooden frame and glass;
  • Metal-plastic window systems made of aluminum;
  • PVC reinforced plastic windows.

should be noted that the window of 5-7-chamber aluminum profiles have low thermal conductivity and good "hold" heat, as opposed to wooden frames. As for the "price-quality" ratio, if we insulate the loggia, we can choose PVC-plastic windows - this option will save the maximum heat without extra costs. In addition to the profile material, insulating glass units play an important role in effective thermal insulation. So, for balconies it is better to choose at least two-chambered double-glazed windows.

Before mounting the metal-plastic windows, it is necessary to check the strength of the parapet. If necessary, the parapet is strengthened and strengthened.

With regard to the insulation of the floor, walls, parapets and ceiling, for these purposes, such thermal insulation materials as mineral wool, foil insulation, foam plastic, etc. are traditionally used. Typically, a good thermal insulation of a loggia or balcony is a combination of the above materials.

Algorithm of work: how to insulate the loggia with your own hands

A heated loggia or balcony successfully performs the function of a pantry where conservation and other food stocks can be stored. There are options for using a loggia or balcony as a dressing room or dining area, etc.

In a word, the insulation of the balcony gives an opportunity to get a few square meters of additional full living space.

How to insulate the balcony with your own hands - the main versions of modern insulating materials, will help to perform the process of thermal insulation carefully and with the maximum heat-saving effect.

Undetected part of the wall can be perfectly used as a table support Undemonstrated part of the wall can be perfectly used as table support

In general, the thermal insulation of the loggia or balcony, as mentioned above, consists of the following stages:

  • Window mounting;
  • Warming of floors, walls, parapets and ceilings;
  • Finishing of the loggia is carried out, i.е.Mounted lighting, ventilation, etc.

According to the recommendations of repair specialists, the balcony or loggia should be insulated in the summer. So, in the winter, it is possible to carry out repairs if the air temperature is not lower than -20 ° C.But in autumn and spring, the increased humidity of the surrounding air should be taken into account.

What we get if we insulate the loggia

High-quality thermal insulation of the loggia or balcony is a complex solution for several tasks. As a result, you can get several important benefits. Several square meters of additional full-fledged living space appear. Warmer apartment in the cold season.

Recreation area with large glazing - a nice replacement for a regular balcony Rest area with large glazing - nice replacement of a regular balcony

A heated balcony or loggia can be used for various purposes, serve:

  • Storage room;
  • Rest area;
  • Dining area( in case the balcony is an bay window), etc.

The guarantee of effective insulation is the use of high-quality building, heat-insulating and finishing materials, compliance with the technology of their use and step-by-step performance of insulation works. After laying the vapor barrier, the foam sheets are mounted on the floor. For this purpose the heater of the necessary configuration is laid in the space between the racks of the frame. All joints and seams between a heater and a skeleton, and also a heater are sealed with a mounting foam.

Correct insulation of the floor of the loggia with penoplex: step by step instruction

Penoplex is a modern thermal insulation material consisting of extruded polystyrene boards. Compared with polystyrene foam, the foam is more durable and has a higher density. Penoplex 5 cm thick, usually used to insulate the ceiling, floor, parapet and loggia walls.

A detailed step-by-step guide describing one of the variants of the algorithm for thermal insulation by foam poles, the following is the installation of window frames. On the walls and the parapet, it is necessary to make a wooden crate with a step of not more than 0.6 m to fix the penopolix.

Zones most prone to freezing, it is better to isolate the penplex The areas most prone to freezing are better insulated with foamed

First of all, they are insulated with a wall foam:

  • The insulation of the foam sheets starts from the bottom corner of the side wall.
  • First, apply the appropriate mounting foam to the joint of the floor and the wall, then press the penoflex sheet against the wall, squeezing out the remaining foam.
  • The vertical position of the insulation sheet is checked by the building level.
  • Next in the heat insulation sheet and the wall drill drill the holes of the desired diameter.
  • Fixing dowels are inserted into the prepared holes, which are then fixed with a screwdriver.
  • The fixed foam sheet is blown around the entire perimeter with mounting foam.
  • A second layer of the same insulation is laid on the first laid layer of penoplex sheets with the help of mounting foam and dowels.

Thermal insulation of the parapet and ceiling of the loggia is carried out in the same way as the walls are insulated. To insulate the floor of the balcony( loggia), a wooden crate is pre-installed in steps of 0.5 m. Wooden beams are fixed to the floor with nails-nagels. The horizontal dimension of the laying of the timber is checked by the building level. Next, the vapor insulation of the loggia constructions with foamed penofol is carried out. For this purpose, foam foil sheets are fixed to the walls and the parapet with self-tapping screws with a wide bonnet.

The excess part of the penofol sheet is cut with a construction knife.

Sealing of all seams and joints is a necessary condition for high-quality thermal insulation. The final stage of warming is laying sheets of moisture-proof plywood on the floor, which are fixed to the wooden frame with screws using a screwdriver.

Effective thermal insulation of the balcony with mineral wool by own hands: video

In addition to the penopolix, mineral wool can be used to insulate the balcony( loggia).The main advantages of mineral wool are lightness, vapor permeability, elasticity, flexibility, good sound insulation.

Take into account that warming with mineral wool will require laying a thicker layer of material Please note that warming with mineral wool will require the laying of a thicker layer of material

The main stages of mineral wool insulation are as follows:

  1. Installation of the battens on the walls and the parapet in increments of no more than 0.6 m. At the same time, the thickness of the wooden slats should correspond to the thickness of the glass wool. The cladding is attached to the walls and the parapet by means of dowels.
  2. Packing of mineral wool is opened, and sheets of the heater of the necessary size manually are stacked in space between racks of a skeleton.
  3. Next, the mineral wool is protected from the inside by a vapor barrier film( preventing condensation).The vapor barrier is attached to the lath by a stapler.
  4. After sealing all seams and joints with aluminum tape.
  5. Then make the finishing trim. For this, a wooden or plastic lining, polymer panels, etc. is suitable.

It should be noted that for the insulation of the ceiling, the layer of mineral wool is laid on a special glue. A warming of the floor with mineral wool is carried out in the same way as warming with foam.

When using mineral wool, it is necessary to conduct steam insulation of structures with penofol or vapor barrier films.

Thermal insulation of the balcony with your own hands: step by step instruction( video)

Based on the above, it can be concluded that the qualitative thermal insulation of the balcony room with their own hands - this is real and feasible. It is only necessary to choose the best combination of thermal insulation materials, observe the installation technology and deal with the insulation in the summer.

Ideas: How to insulate a balcony with his hands( photo example)