French balcony: photo of a balcony, such a color, a window inside and forging, reviews about a false balcony, what a house looks like

French balcony is the decoration of the house, which always attracts attention with its charm The French balcony is the decoration of the house, which always attracts attention with its charm In order to allocate an apartment on the background of the rest in the house, there are a lot of original and design solutions. In this case, it is not only about external creative decoration, but also about other ways, for example, about installing a steep element at the expense of which the room can be literally recognized from 1000 others. Very often on the walls of the house you can find a painting on the territory of a certain apartment, the installation of creative lamps near the window frames or even a structure such as a French balcony.

    • Advantages and disadvantages of the French balcony
    • We understand what a French balcony is: photos and reviews
    • Mounting forging on a French balcony
    • Construction of a false balcony
    • Ideas for a French balcony( video)
    • Design of the French balcony( interior photo)

Advantages and disadvantages of the French balcony

The French balcony inside looks stylish and modern, and also gives the building a nekoYu romanticism. Balconies are of two types - built-in and protruding.

Built-in balcony can be found in both private and multi-apartment buildings. It is installed by installing fences on the edges of the walls, equipped with an additional door made of plastic. As a fence, a plastic window can be chosen that opens at the belt level, which looks like the most common balcony.

If the design is protruding, then a metal basket is required, the installation of which is done point-by-point or using profiles. This version of installation is the most acceptable and is considered the most popular among all known. This way you can make the facade of the apartment the most original.

The balcony looks great even in a more rigorous performance The balcony looks great even in a more rigorous performance.

The forging has its advantages, due to which the demand is growing every day:

  1. You do not need to purchase finishing materials for the interior decoration of the false balcony.
  2. The outer part of the fence is not wrapped, as this is its uniqueness.
  3. You do not need to insulate such an ornament. The exception is only the moment when the window opening is increased in height, and it is required not only to fix it, but also to eliminate all kinds of holes and drafts.
  4. Thus, the original decoration of the apartment is created.
  5. You can choose a variety of jewelry, the choice of which is not limited in sales.

The choice of shape, color, as well as additional elements directly depends on the customer's preferences. If you want a classic and beautiful French falsity-balcony, then you should choose forged fences. Forging will be held in high esteem at all times and will never become outdated by fashion trends.

Today forging is an actively developing field of activity and it is possible to order various decorative elements.

Those who prefer to be modern in everything, can choose plastic designs in which color profiles are installed. In addition, a variety of effects can be imposed, for example, it is possible to make a tinted or mirror glass with an imitation of a brick or a tree. The options are the same as the ideas of designers and each is unique and unique.

Understand what a French balcony: photos and reviews

Against the background of merits, there are a number of shortcomings of French balconies( reviews are different), but for connoisseurs of beauty, aesthetics and originality, they are not so significant. There is no way to install a window sill if a false balcony has been erected. Assembly of reinforcing parts is mandatory. You can not go out or hang clothes on such a balcony. High price of the product and installation.

If a window of a large height is installed, the surface increases, which requires regular maintenance to preserve an attractive appearance.

Almost every Frenchman has a window outside the building where he carries out flower breeding. Thus, an original garden is created. The structure is beautiful, romantic and stylish.

Planted with flowers, the balcony has a special chic A flower-tiled balcony has a special chic

In order to choose such a product to decorate your apartment, you will need to decide on:

  • Material;
  • Width;
  • Height;
  • Depth;
  • In that auxiliary elements are required;
  • Light setting;
  • Installation of scenery;
  • Weight of the design.

First of all, it depends on the material, how the product will look, how good this trim looks like, and how long the design will last without losing its proper form.

Typically, to make a false balcony more light and elegant, use sheet metal or aluminum. The latter option will be more expensive and wear-resistant. As for the installation of the window for such a balcony, the choice here is not limited. The choice of double-glazed windows or a firm depends only on personal preferences and not more.

Mounting forging on the French balcony

Although forged, though plastic false-balcony is to be installed precisely through the help of specialists, as they have not only the necessary equipment, but also safety ropes, work experience and all necessary equipment.

In many countries the French call balconies with floor-to-ceiling glazing In many countries, French is called balconies with floor-to-ceiling glazing.

The installation of this balcony is carried out using a special technology:

  1. Measurements are made.
  2. The structure is prepared.
  3. Marking is done.
  4. The surface on which the structure will be installed is inspected.
  5. Fasteners are prepared.
  6. For the metal structure, additional reinforcement is installed.
  7. Mounting elements and support system are being installed.
  8. Installation in progress.
  9. The balcony must be fixed on each side.

The appearance of a false balcony directly depends on how the installation will be carried out to the surface of the outer wall of the apartment - the metal elements are mounted point-by-point. Or profile fasteners are installed on a specific, pre-selected location.

There are balconies made of glass, in which the glass sheet is installed in a metal frame, and it is already mounted on the wall.

Options for how to make a false balcony, a huge variety. For example, many specially set high panoramic windows, and behind them are forged fences. Thus, it is possible to create an additional element in the apartment, due to which the premises will be ventilated, and the forged fence will be a reliable protection from falling.

The design of a false balcony

The effect that a balcony will have depends on the quality of the product, the literacy of the installation, the design idea, the selected decor elements. False-balcony can be laconic, strict and artsy.

When setting up a balcony in the French style, try to stick to the general style of the house When trying to install a balcony in the French style, try to stick to the general style of the house

The dimensions and shape are chosen individually to create a harmonious product that fits perfectly into the decor of the whole house. Now you can meet a large number of different products and services for their manufacture, and therefore it is possible to do the most original decoration of the apartment window.

Ideas for the French balcony( video)

It's important to note that such forged mini balconies are becoming an excellent analogue of the grilles on window frames, especially if the apartment is on the second or first floor. They appear to be fashionable and stylish, but in fact they are strong and can even be anti-vandal and with an additional alarm setting. Security is above all, and one should think about this first.

Design French balcony( interior photos)