The balcony on the balcony from the manufacturer: a balcony cabinet and reviews, for storing vegetables thermo posts 300

The cesspool is a practical product that can easily fit on any balcony Cellar is a practical product that can easily fit on any balcony Many wonder where to store vegetables and homemade preserves, harvested throughout the year. There is not enough space in the refrigerator, everything can freeze on the balcony, and houses under the bed are not an option. The invention - hinged thermal container for storing agricultural products was patented in 2001 by Shevyakov Andrey Semenovich and Berezhny Nikolay Ivanovich. The idea of ​​an invention in the form of a cellar appeared in 1998, when Russia was in an economic crisis, and the population had to survive at the expense of agricultural products of its own cultivation.

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Choosing Appliance balcony oven

Suspended container( Thermobox or oven, which has a thermostat) coined fellow used in unheated roomsx for seasonal storage of canned vegetables, root crops, some large fruit vegetables.

To maintain the desired temperature, an electric heater is used, which is located around the entire structure, and there is also a heat-insulated housing with an air gap.

The household balcony oven can differ in form, color and function balcony Household oven may differ in shape, color and functionality

to monitor and control the temperature within cold box has a probe with a temperature controller.

Today many manufacturers offer thermal containers with different technical characteristics, which can be selected, depending on the preference.

Balcony thermocosmetics for the preservation of agricultural products are predominantly produced in Russia. The chambers allow the inside to keep the required climate at extremely low temperatures.

most common oven models:

  1. oven winter model TBPZ-140 has dimensions 60x50x80 cm retain product at a temperature in the street from -35 to + 5? C? C..The temperature regulation inside the oven varies from 2 ˚С to 10 ˚С.Used seasonally, in the cold season, as it only works for heating. Winter models of the oven can have a capacity of 105 liters, 145 liters, 185 liters, 245 liters, 300 liters, 365 liters.
  2. The year-round thermo cabinet TBPK-240 has dimensions of 1000x500x850 mm. The temperature regulation inside the oven varies from 2 ˚С to 10 ˚С, regardless of the time of year, since it has a heating mode and a cooling mode( refrigerator).Operates at -30 ˚С to +35 ˚С.Year-round thermal cabinets can have a capacity of 145 liters, 185 liters, 305 liters, 245 liters.
  3. The all-year-round vertical cabinet manufactured by Novosibirsk Predictor measures 120x85x50 cm. Inside the cabinet is covered with galvanized steel. The thermo cabinet is equipped with a thermostat, with the stabilization of the regime up to +2 ˚С at the temperature of atmospheric air in the range from -40 ˚С to +40 ˚С.There are models with a partition and a cooling mode with a capacity of 365 liters, 145 liters.
  4. The heat box with forced ventilation manufactured by Metles, Moscow, measures 79x75x41 cm. Forced ventilation ensures an even distribution of air and temperature inside the oven. The machine stabilizes the indicators at the level of +2 ˚С to +9 ˚С( when on the street to -39 ˚С).The chambers of this manufacturer have models with a removable mobile partition. The chambers can have a useful volume of 147 liters, 150 liters, 174 liters.
  5. oven balcony Cellar-200 model with forced ventilation production "Metles", Moscow has dimensions 82,5h78h40 cm. The machine stabilizes performance at the level of 2? C? C to +9( when outdoors to -39? C).Pogrebok-200 of this manufacturer has models with removable movable partition, which can divide the space of the oven into sections.

The price range of balcony cabinets depends on the size and seasonality of their use, for example, there are winter or year-round, respectively, these cabinets will differ in design features.

What is the opinion of the balcony cellar

There is such a thermo container( thermo bag) of a flexible model TGB-200 cage with a capacity of 180 liters. The three-layer construction in the form of a bag has dimensions of 30x70x100 cm. This model carries out the temperature of storage of products from 0 ˚С to +7 ˚С.The time of temperature decrease in the loaded container from +6 ˚С to -1 ˚С, with the temperature on the street -20 ˚С and the lack of electricity for 2 hours is the most popular.

Balcony cellar allows you to store products for a long period of time The balcony cellar allows you to store products for a long period of time

At the forums of gardeners of amateurs and the owners of balcony cellars, there are many positive reviews from which you can render the basic:

  1. Opinion is two-fold for the presence of a fan, Fan is better, others are the same. However, it is necessary to know that the power consumption with the fan is greater than without it.
  2. If the cellar is seasonal, then for the summer it can easily be folded into a carrying case that does not take up much space.
  3. Balcony cellar, an excellent option, however, the only negative is the price, which can reach up to 33 000 rubles.

Not all city dwellers have their own plot for growing vegetables, but everyone constantly buys canned vegetables, potatoes, carrots, onions and other vegetables. Storage in the refrigerator is feasible only in small portions.

Storage in the garage or on the balcony is not feasible without the insulation of the room or a special device for the safety of the products.

To save time and money, thermo cabinets, cellars, thermo-racks that can be installed not only on the balcony, but also in the garage or in the apartment are perfect.

Advantages of thermo bucket for balcony

You can purchase a budgetary version of the cellar without a thermostat, since a simple temperature sensor( thermostat) costs 200 rubles on average, which is installed in the room where the cellar is located. Depending on the temperature in the room, we independently adjust the work of the cellar - turn it on or off. Some vegetables, for example, cabbage, before you put it in the cellar, should be wrapped with food film.

Among the advantages of a thermo-heap for a balcony is the compactness and reliability Among the advantages of a thermo-heap for a balcony is the compactness and reliability

The thermo-grease for domestic use has a number of advantages:

  • Environmentally friendly, quality in the safety of products;
  • Complies with fire standards, sanitary standards;
  • Has a guarantee and certification documents;
  • There are models for year-round storage of products and seasonal;
  • Specially developed for the Russian climate;
  • Not sensitive to power surges in the network;
  • No special maintenance required;
  • Easy to use.

Before buying a thermo cabinet, you need to determine the volume of loading, seasonal use( in winter or year-round) and the place where it will be. If this is an unheated balcony, then you need to remove the outlet, make room for the oven.

Why put a thermo cabinet or a balcony cellar

It is important to choose a model, because there are rigid structures made of metal, the inner box of which is made of galvanized steel, and also a soft thermo-boot made in the form of a large bag or bag. The soft thermocouple is suitable for small loggias and balconies, it is light in weight and made of water repellent material.

The price for a balcony cellar depends on its size and build quality The price for a balcony cellar depends on its size and build quality

For the more experienced, it is possible to build the box itself in the form of a cellar on the balcony. However, if there is no own material and devices( plywood, chipboard, bruski, heater, heater), then your own manufacture will come at the price of a ready-made balcony cellar, which you can simply buy in any agricultural or domestic store.

Overview: the cellar on the balcony from the manufacturer( video)

The main minus in the manufactured cellar with their own hands is the appearance of mold and fungus, as well as the danger of ignition, which is completely unacceptable for the cellars from the manufacturer, manufactured in accordance with GOSTs and safety standards, and sanitary standards.