Aluminum windows on the balcony: sliding photo and installation of loggias, unfolding balcony frames and profile mounting

To equip the balcony, many prefer to use practical and reliable aluminum windows Many people prefer to use practical and reliable aluminum windows to equip the balcony. Currently, many owners of apartments and two-story mansions give the decoration of balconies no less important than the repair of the whole house or apartment. Balconies are made warm, give their design a stylish design and landscaped. Of particular importance are the materials with which the balcony is glazed. Windows take on the function of protection from rain, wind and snow. Therefore, their quality and reliability are very important.

    • Sliding and sliding aluminum windows on the balcony: pros and cons
    • Balcony aluminum sliding frames: design features
    • Is it possible to use for the balcony swinging aluminum windows
    • Installation of aluminum loggias: step by step instruction
    • Installation of aluminum windows on the balcony( video)
    • Design of the aluminum balcony( photo ideas)

Swinging and sliding aluminum windows on the balcony: pros and cons

ALuminescent window constructions entered the everyday life of a person after plastic, and the slice was in great demand, as they are more durable, reliable and can serve for a long time without the need to repair and paint them.

Aluminum sliding windows on the balcony, like the swinging doors, almost replaced plastic and wooden structures. They can be used for both cold and warm glazing of balconies and loggias.

Balcony - special design. It should not be weighed down with building materials and heavy objects. Aluminum windows are very light, and that's why they are so willing to use to replace old windows on the balcony.

The advantage of aluminum windows for a balcony room is strength and lightness Advantage of aluminum windows for balcony rooms is strength and lightness

Advantages of aluminum windows on the balcony:

  • Strength. Thanks to the aluminum profile, the structure can withstand heavy loads.
  • Durability. Aluminum is a metal that can not be corroded, and therefore the design can last up to 80 years.
  • The ease with which windows for a balcony is very important. Aluminum, a material that is lighter than wood, plastic and steel.
  • Ecological cleanliness. The material from which aluminum windows are made does not have harmful impurities.
  • Heat resistance. Windows made of aluminum do not burn and can withstand high temperatures.
  • Ease of use. They can be washed with any detergent.

The disadvantages of aluminum windows include high thermal conductivity. If you want to equip a balcony, which should have the same temperature as in an apartment, then such designs will not work for you.

Balcony aluminum sliding frames: design features

Due to the fact that balconies usually. These are not large spaces, on which we wish to equip as many useful functions as possible, every centimeter of the balcony is worth our weight in gold. Glazing of loggias or balconies with open windows requires a free space for their unhindered opening. Sliding windows also save space, which can be used for other purposes.

Balcony aluminum sliding frames are a mechanism for opening windows like a sliding door closet, where one door is behind the other. In addition to such structures, vertically expandable models have also been developed, and sloping variants.

Qualitatively manufactured sliding aluminum window constructions can be used without repairing the order of 30-40 years.

Sufficiently popular and popular for arranging the loggia are aluminum sliding frames Aluminum sliding frames

Features of sliding aluminum frames:

is quite popular and in demand for arranging a loggia.
  • With a strong gust of wind, these frames do not swing open suddenly, damaging your furniture or other objects on the balcony, and will not break;
  • They are very easy to operate and safe;
  • Such windows save more heat than swinging;
  • Installation of sliding structures costs an order of magnitude cheaper;
  • The view from the balcony with such frames is more modern, and has a stylish, aesthetic appearance.

The main feature of such models is that they need to be properly installed, otherwise the design will function malfunctioning, and eventually will fail.

Is it possible to use for the balcony swinging aluminum windows

Although the sliding windows for the balcony and are considered more suitable. But all the same, most of us prefer the old, customary options for glazing.

Hinged aluminum windows for the balcony differ in thermal conductivity and tightness. If you need to make a balcony insulated, and use it as a living room in the winter, then be sure to pay attention to the technical characteristics of the insulating glass unit.

These include the thickness of the windows, the tightness of the packet chambers, the gap between the panes.

There are several types of double-glazed aluminum double-glazed windows for the balcony, which you can choose at your own discretion There are several types of double-glazed aluminum double-glazed windows for the balcony, which you can choose at your discretion.

Types of double-glazed windows:

  • Single-chamber;
  • Two-chamber;
  • Three-chamber;
  • Four-chamber.

The more chambers at a double-glazed unit, the greater the amount of air that protects the room from the penetration of cold. Two or three cameras in the double-glazed windows are enough to protect the balcony from the cold fierce winter.

Installation of aluminum loggias: step-by-step instruction

There are two ways to change the windows on the balcony: call a team of builders who will make and install new windows from your aluminum profile on your loggia, or install such windows yourself.

The installation of aluminum loggias does not require special construction skills, and every homeowner can try to save a significant amount of money by completing the installation yourself. The main thing is to make correct measurements and choose the appropriate variant of window constructions.

If you are not familiar with the installation of metal-plastic structures, the Internet sites will help you understand the situation, and perform the installation. First, you need to dismantle the old windows, if any, and draw up a new design drawing, and a plan for your actions.

In order to quickly and efficiently install the aluminum loggia, it is better to seek help from professionals In order to quickly and efficiently install the aluminum loggia, it's best to ask for help from ASD5ASASD

Step-by-step instruction for installing a plastic window on the loggia:

Clean out the space allocated to the future frame from dust, dirt, garbage;

  • Assemble the structure in a single unit from different elements;
  • With self-tapping screws fix the assembled structure on the parapet;
  • Check with level to ensure the construction is skewed;
  • If there are no errors, fasten the frame;
  • Insert in the frame a double-glazed window;
  • Fix the slots with mounting foam;
  • Allow at least 2 weeks to dry.

Self-installing windows will help you save an amount equal to 10 percent of the cost of windows.

Installation of aluminum windows on the balcony( video)

Correctly and correctly produced installation of new window panes will give your balcony a stylish, presentable appearance and protect your balcony from dust, dirt, wind and rain. If you want to insulate your balcony so that you can use it later as a rest room, or a study, you should install better windows, and insulate the entire balcony with foam, foam or insulating foam.

Design of aluminum balcony( photo ideas)