Cabinet on the balcony: workplace on the loggia, photo and design, computer zone, alteration of the room, table make

From a small balcony it is quite possible to equip a stylish and functional cabinet From the small balcony is quite possible to equip a comfortable and functional office Neglect of the balconies in our memory since the Soviet era. Empty cans of pickles, broken skis and boots grandmother often the target of ridicule comedians on television. As we can turn the place for storing unnecessary things in useful space by ourselves, we learn below.

    • Making the workplace on the balcony
    • Practical study on the loggia
    • stylish cabinet design in the loggia: Photos and examples
    • Put the computer
    • balcony Construction of office on the balcony( video)
    • Designcabinet on the balcony( interior photos)

Making the workplace on the balcony

Organize on the balcony of a workplace - a very sought-after solution in a lack of living space. The presence of natural light makes it especially attractive for organizing a warmed home office or workplace for schoolchildren.

Ensure silence in the workplace can be if the cabinet on the balcony will not be in the common room Ensure silence at the workplace is possible if the office on the balcony will not be in the common room

Modifications can be done in 2 ways:

  1. Save Account as a separate room. This option is preferable if the balcony is in a common room. Isolated space will provide silence for work.
  2. Combine the loggia and the room. Suitable in the case where there is a need to create a workplace, but isolation of the cabinet is not required. For example, if you create a seamstress's workshop or a manicure room. In any case, it all depends on your personal needs.

The conversion of a loggia into a writing or office cabinet will have to start with the dustiest and boring work. Free the room from debris, take out the old furniture. Ruthlessly get rid of the old plating. Before the insulation of the balcony, it is necessary to close all the cracks with the help of a sealant.

Responsible approach to the selection of window units. Stop your choice on double or triple-glazed windows. They will increase the noise insulation of the workplace and save heat. Think about the arrangement of the handles and the turns of the window wings.

You must have access to the outside of the glass when cleaning. Open frames should not obstruct the space.

Decide on the location of electro devices, select a location for the switch, the primary and secondary lighting, sockets, usually they need more. Do not forget about the availability of wireless Internet or cable connection. The performance of electrical work requires certain skills and qualifications.

Practical cabinet on the

balcony The main step towards the realization of the dream is the thermal insulation of the room. Take it responsibly to this point. It is this stage of work that is fundamental for a comfortable stay indoors. Manufacturers offer a wide range of thermal insulation materials.

When arranging a practical office on a loggia, attention should be paid even to the smallest details, including the thermal insulation of the room In order to make the right choice, study the properties of classical and modern heat insulators offered by the manufacturers:

  1. The lower the thermal conductivity, the better the material will keep warm air in the room. Very low thermal conductivity has a polyurethane foam.
  2. The material with good waterproofing properties does not get wet and is not afraid of moisture. Mineral cotton wool, with the ingress of moisture, loses its thermal conductive properties and becomes heavy. This adds an extra weight to the balcony structure.
  3. Thermally stable materials warn against fire. Polystyrene possesses high flammability properties.
  4. Save precious centimeters, choose a heater with a small volume. Penofol is one of the thinnest modern heaters.
  5. Ease of installation will provide rolls and block slabs. Such installation can be performed independently, without special skills.
  6. Choose environmentally friendly and safe compounds that do not contain toxic and harmful substances.

Do not save money on the insulation of the balcony. Trying to choose the cheapest or fastest option, you run the risk of returning to this problem in a short time. When choosing a heating system, it is better to stay on electric convectors or a warm floor system. You can install an electric fireplace, or infrared heaters. Launching a steam heating on the loggia is sometimes impossible, and in some cases, can attract the attention of the supervisory authorities.

Please note that the heating system may require additional maintenance during operation and monthly costs for payment.

The final stage of the roughing is the choice of material for walls and ceilings. You can limit yourself to traditional plasterboard, lining or washable plastic panels. The choice depends on the personal preferences and functionality of the loggia. Shades of laminate or linoleum choose, given the future design of the room.

Stylish design of the office on the loggia: photos and examples

Creating an interior on the balcony, remember that this area is visually a continuation of the room. The working area should harmoniously fit into the room according to the color scheme and decor items.

You can get acquainted with the options for decorating a stylish office on the Internet You can get acquainted with the stylish office options on the Internet


  1. as the primary color. Calm and light shades. They will help to visually expand the space and fill it with air.
  2. Deep and dark colors in small rooms create a feeling of heaviness and tightness.
  3. Large surfaces with poisonous colors tire eyes.
  4. To add bright spots, use accessories - attention-grabbing pictures, soft pillows, plants. They talk about the character of a person and give personality.
  5. Revive the workplace with a flowerpot with flowers and a pair of cute souvenirs.

Light curtains, blinds or roller blinds will protect you from direct sun rays and hide your personal space from the curious glance of outsiders. The material should be practical and easy to clean."Clothes" for windows can dissolve in the overall design of the cabinet, or turn into an elegant decoration.

Do not overload the balcony with massive furniture. Get rid of the deep cabinets. Change the old chair to a comfortable ergonomic chair.

Perfectly fit into the loggia interior of the bench, made by hand, light curtain racks, sliding surfaces. You can buy custom furniture. If you have the skills and desire, some details will be nice to make by yourself.

We put the computer on the balcony

The computer can be placed in the end part of the balcony. In this case, the computer table is better to arrange the entire width of the room. As a working surface, window sills can be used. If the loggia is combined with the room, give the functional load to the separation rack between the room and the office.

At arm's length, place bookshelves and stationery. This will increase the ergonomics of the workplace and reduce the time lost during work. The computer table should not be located directly at the entrance, so as not to interfere with free access to the office.

Without fail it will be necessary to choose the right place for a computer on the balcony It will be necessary to select the right place for the computer on the balcony

Well, if the daylight and artificial light will fall to the left. Place additional lighting on the right side if you are left-handed. Refuse from obsessive chandeliers and large floor lamps, on narrow balconies they look inappropriate. When choosing a lamp or lamp, stop at hinged versions, with a wall or ceiling mount, this will save space on the work surface.

Cabinet arrangement on the balcony( video)

The complexity of creating a cabinet on the balcony is limited space and maximum efficiency of its use. Approach creatively to this task. Before starting work, think over the design and draw a plan for the room. This will help organize your numerous ideas, and choose those that really fit your needs.

cabinet design on the balcony( interior photos)