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When arranging a balcony room, special attention should be paid to selecting suitable windows When designing a balcony room, special attention should be paid to the selection of suitable windows. Balcony or loggia is increasingly equipped by the owners of apartments as an additional warm room, which is very convenient if they are glazed. Plastic windows are hermetic, so create silence in the apartment, you can install and install them without even resorting to the help of a master. On what the difference between plastic windows, and which best suits your requirements, read on.

    • We put plastic windows on the balcony correctly
    • We select windows for the loggia
    • Warm insulating glass on the balcony
    • Correct installation of plastic windows on the loggia
    • Installation of plastic windows on the loggia( video)
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We put plastic windows on the balcony correctly

Plastic windows are made of PVC( PVC) - absolutely safe for human health, environmentally friendlyAnd clean material. Plastic windows are convenient to use, do not require special care, and thanks to the PVC material, which by virtue of its properties does not react with the surrounding substances, retains its appearance, and glazing fulfills its functions for many years.

In order to quickly and correctly put the windows on the balcony, it is better to seek qualified help from specialists In order to quickly and correctly place the windows on the balcony, it is better to seek qualified assistance from

. Plastic windows according to the type of opening can be divided into the following:

  1. The swivel structures look like standard wooden doorswindow. The leaf opens horizontally. The design is relatively cheaper than others, but if the house has pets or small children, the windows become unsafe.
  2. Turning and tilting structures are most often used for glazing of balconies and loggias. Such windows have all the advantages of rotary structures, without their shortcomings. Such windows can be thrown away for ventilation, and you can open wide. Also in some models a microventilating function is provided - the window leaf is folded back to 3-5 mm, thanks to this fresh air enters the room and the double-glazed window is protected from condensation.
  3. Sliding constructions perfectly help to save space of small premises, therefore, it is an ideal variant for balconies and loggias. The movement of the flaps in this design is due to the rollers along the guides.

Plastic windows - a rather complex design, which includes a large number of elements. One of the elements is the glass unit - the largest area of ​​the window.

If it is planned to use the balcony as an additional warm room, for glazing it is necessary to choose a two-chamber or three-chamber double-glazed windows, as its characteristics correspond to the norms of thermal protection of premises.

Also on the balconies installed and single-glazed windows, but they are warm, unlike the two-chamber, do not save. These double-glazed windows are better to install on windows that are facing the already glazed balcony or loggia.

We select windows for the loggia

Modern loggias are additional warm, comfortably furnished and designed for frequent use of the premises. When glazing the loggia, you need to choose which balcony frames are best to install. At present, balcony frames are made of materials such as aluminum, PVC and wood.

The windows on the loggia of aluminum or PVC are quite popular and in demand The windows on the loggia made of aluminum or PVC are quite popular and in demand.

Product specifications:

  1. Balcony frames made of aluminum are much stronger than other materials. Such frames are light, give the room an elegant appearance, protect against rain and wind, but heat and sound insulation are not preserved.
  2. Balcony frames made of PVC with glazing loggias have a number of advantages over aluminum structures. Such frames perfectly preserve heat, provide complete sound insulation, and these frames can be made under any opening. In this case, the loggia design is best suited for glazing with PVC windows, the so-called "warm glazing".
  3. Balcony frames made of wood have nothing to do with ordinary wooden frames.

The last are durable, made of natural material, and just like PVC windows, they keep the heat perfectly. They have only one drawback - they are much more expensive than all other profiles.

It should be noted that in order to maintain the greatest thermal insulation, you can use a special energy-saving glass.

This glass reflects infrared rays, keeping heat indoors and not "releasing" it back. But it is not recommended to place such glasses on the loggia, which is on the north side, since both the loggia and the room will always be dim.

Warm double-glazed balcony

First of all, you need to determine the strength of the railing, which will be installed with a double-glazed window and, of course, the strength of the loggia. The construction of windows is made of different materials, a double-glazed window can contain a different number of chambers or a larger glass. Information about the strength is necessary, since the support must withstand the window that you decided to put. Next, you need to understand what the environmental conditions are.

Before you put a warm double-glazed window on the balcony, you must first determine the strength of the loggia and railing Before putting a warm double-glazed balcony, you must first determine the strength of the loggia and railing

The most important factors are:

  • Illumination;
  • Temperature in winter;
  • Soundproofing.

The standard profile protects the room from frosts at a temperature not lower than -20 ° C.If the temperature is lower in winter, select windows with an increased frost resistance.

Residential premises should have good natural light.

At present, glass with metallized sputtering is manufactured. Such glasses perfectly pass the ultraviolet radiation useful to humans and keep the heat. Thanks to glazed windows, the loggia does not overheat in summer and does not give off warmth in winter.

Correct installation of plastic windows on the loggia

The need for sound insulation of the room should be determined. As you know, street noise brings a lot of problems, does not allow you to concentrate and, of course, disturbs sleep. Usually, to create silence in a residential area, windows with double-glazed double-glazed windows are installed.

Without fail it is necessary to make all the measurements correctly, so as not to lose with the choice of double-glazed windows for the balcony You have to make all the measurements correctly in order not to lose with the choice of double-glazed windows for the balcony

You should also pay attention to such detail as how tightly the leaf adjoins the frame. If a sheet of paper passes freely between them, the window must be adjusted or the seal changed. It is important to remember that the sound passes not only through the window itself, but also through the mounting seams, so you need to make sure that they are sealed.

Some recommendations for choosing plastic windows on the loggia:

  1. Pay attention to the layout of rooms. If the loggia has a north orientation, the glazing area can be reduced.
  2. You need to accurately calculate the size of the product itself. It is better to entrust this matter to the master, but also it is possible to carry out the measurement independently.
  3. If the loggia is located closer to the kitchen, it will be more correct to install a rotary-folding structure with a microventilating function. This is the best option, because, as the temperature rises, condensation forms on the windows, and the microventilating function helps to avoid this situation.
  4. Widths or upwards of the windows usually let out a smaller stream of light, so if ideal natural light is needed, it is better to choose windows of a square shape.
  5. Do not forget about such an element as a window sill. If you plan to grow flowers, then certainly you need to choose a window sill wider.
  6. To use the windows was a pleasure, they usually purchase additional accessories such as a thermometer and a mosquito net.
  7. If the family has small children, you need to purchase a castle from the children.

Installing plastic windows on the loggia( video)

When choosing plastic windows, you should pay attention to all the details and nuances, and then they will serve you for many years, creating maximum comfort and convenience.

Design balcony windows( photo in the interior)