Interior decoration of the balcony: a loggia with your own hands, inside decoration and finishing the finish, block house

Warming and finishing the balcony will add to the apartment so always the necessary residential meters Warming and furnish balconies add to the apartment's always necessary residential meters correct and serious approach to interior design will help to solve the problem with minimal cost and enjoy the comfort, relaxation from the city bustle and watching the beautiful view from the balcony window.

    • choice of materials for interior decoration loggia
    • Attractive finishing the balcony of the block house with his own hands
    • Review of Popular Styles balconies inside
    • interesting interior balconies lining their own hands
    • Smart interior balcony(video)
    • Design interior trim balconies( photo ideas)

choice of materials for interior decoration loggia

Market of comradeAres is full of various types of finishing materials, so for a person who is distantly familiar with them, it is difficult to navigate without the appearance of certain difficulties - what should I give priority to?Experts analyze a number of products, talking about their positive and negative aspects, so the decision must be taken, considering all the points.

For finishing a balcony or a loggia it is better to use a moisture resistant drywall For finishing balcony or loggia better use of moisture resistant plasterboard

Waterproof plates made of plasterboard - are the most suitable for the old lodzhiy have been performed and alignment decorative function. Fastening is carried out by a dry method - installing plates on a metal frame.

In a region with a humid climate, it is better to give preference to marking - GVL or GVLV.

Thanks to a flat surface, you can save money on plaster using only a primer. On top of this material is covered with a special film with a decorative effect under a tree or stone, pasted with tiles or painted. The advantage of this material is its incombustibility and a long service life of about 15 years.

Sandwich panels made of plastic have a thickness of about 2 mm, and consist of two interconnected PVC panels, and the interior space is filled with insulating foam. Such material is easy, but at the same time extremely fragile, so it is necessary to make finishing work with caution.

Such finishing plastic is gaining in popularity thanks to:

  1. opportunity to purchase an imitation of natural stone.
  2. Can be decorated with wood.
  3. Do not allow moisture to come out, as it has a special coating.

For the most effective design, you can make the decoration of plastic with a thermal film, the process must take place at a high temperature, then the brightest pattern is obtained. Plastic plates are fastened to self-tapping screws, glue and nails, also their placement is not in principle - horizontally, vertically, or at an angle. The most expensive are the plates with a mirror effect, but they require special care, and you must avoid the penetration of direct sun on them. Conventional plastic panels are less whimsical in cleaning - they need to be wiped with a damp cloth.

Attractive finishing of the balcony with block house by one's own hands

Finishing with block house only allows to achieve a natural style and elegance, while combining the decor with fashion trends. This material has recently appeared on the market, and is similar to conventional wooden beams.

The decoration of the block house gives the room a feeling of a country house Finishing block house gives the room a feeling of a country house

The only distinguishing feature is the ideal smooth surface.

Block house has a number of positive qualities. It can be used not only for interior, but also for external upholstery. The spectrum of the color range is quite diverse - from wooden shades, to colorful multicolored ones. This material is not only environmentally friendly, but also resistant to rot and mold development. Even with a natural component, it has a small weight, which is one of the main advantages.

To make an attractive finish yourself, you need to perform a number of specific preparatory work:

  • Clear the walls of the old covering;
  • Put a small layer of vapor barrier, using a film, and fixing it with aluminum tape;
  • Make erection of the crate with the help of wooden beams;
  • Insulate the space between the beams and the wall;
  • Attach block house panels using nails, staples or self-tapping screws;
  • Mask the corners with special nozzles.

For the coating to last for many years, it is necessary to treat it with an antiseptic agent every year, inspect it for damage, clean it from dust and debris.

Overview of popular design styles for balconies inside

Decoration and plating inside the balcony allows to transform this small room and create an additional cosiness. Now quite often they make a cabinet, a recreation room or a working area from the loggia.

The style of decoration and decoration materials largely depend on the area of ​​the balcony The style and finishes largely depend on the area of ​​the balcony

There are several styles for this design:

  1. The classic is always the leader of fashion trends and prevails in most loggia designs. Pastels are in the lead here, without any scintillating shades, and are only slightly diluted with flowerpots.
  2. High-tech hobbyists rarely use it on balconies, but try to highlight and emphasize their preferences with several bright details of steel color.
  3. The most cozy and harmonious is the Provence, it is characterized by an abundance of floral prints, white color range and natural materials in the decor of curtains, upholstery.

This material also does not need to be excluded from the arsenal, because it has several different types, and each has positive and negative qualities, it makes it easy to do interior finishing in a closed loggia with your own hands, saving time and money for hired workers.

Wooden lining creates not only a pleasant climate and mood inside the room, but it is also an environmentally friendly material.

The cladding has heat and sound insulation properties, as well as a long service life. Among the minuses is the high cost of this material and the laboriousness of the work. Plastic lining is affordable, has a wide variety of colors, is resistant to damp environment and easy to care for, retains an attractive appearance for many years. Among the minuses is not a comfortable enough environment.

MDF boarding - it has a fairly long service life, it perfectly protects from noise, is not high in price. Minuses - the possibility of deformation of the coating under the influence of a moist environment, so it is only the closed loggias that are trimmed, and the work with this material is quite labor-intensive.

Interesting interior trim of the balcony with the hand lining

To make the lining yourself, it is necessary to prepare the necessary materials and tools - the lining most suitable for quality and design, hammer, screws, jigsaw, wooden beams, stapler and staples, hangers and drill.

Lining is one of the best materials for self-decoration of the balcony Wall paneling is one of the best materials for self-finishing the balcony

The walls of the premises are cleaned from the old covering, using also the Bulgarian, it can greatly facilitate the removal process. Possible cracks are carefully puttied and all the walls are treated with an antiseptic. If the room is insulated, then mineral wool is used, and only then the beams are fixed and the corners are attached, on which the lining is attached.

Competent interior decoration of the balcony( video)

In conclusion, it should be noted that when working with this material, you need to be cautious, experts advise first to nail, and only then to score.

Design inner balcony trim( photo ideas)