French glazing of the balcony: windows and doors to the loggia, photo curtains in the apartment and installation

French balcony glazing entered the interior design not so long ago, but is very popular French balcony glazing entered the interior design not so long ago, but is very popular. For a long time such an element in the apartment, like a balcony, was not given much importance. Well, the balcony, and the balcony, what's special about it?A place to store old things, empty and full cans and broken children's bicycles. But with the advent of new designs in our life, with the introduction of modern, high-quality insulation and finishing materials, the designers reached the balconies. Now it is not difficult to finish your balcony or loggia, even to increase its area. Would, as they say, money.

    • French glazing of the loggia or balcony: the pros and cons of the repair
    • What are the drawbacks of the French balcony or balcony
    • How to install the French windows on the balcony: the requirements for the installation of double-glazed windows
    • Beautiful French doors to the balcony:Types and types of construction
    • Stylish French balcony glazing( video)

French glazing of the loggia or balcony: the pros and cons of the repair

Balcony glazing as wellstanding still. The technology of glazing of loggias and balconies is undergoing such rapid changes, something that yesterday seemed to be the top of the possible, is now becoming outdated and not interesting.

French glazing of the loggia or balcony is the method by which almost all open sides of the balcony structure glaze from ceiling to floor, so that the balcony offers a panoramic view.

French glazing is called - panoramic. It has a number of advantages and disadvantages that significantly affect the choice of glazing design.

French glazing has a number of positive qualities French glazing has a number of positive qualities

Positive moments of French balcony glazing:

  • Opens the maximum view from the balcony;
  • Good natural clarification of the balcony during the day;
  • Excellent appearance;
  • Save consumption of heaters;
  • Minimum costs for external finishing of the balcony;
  • Huge selection of combinations, options and styles of glazing;
  • Takes less time to repair and insulate;
  • The exterior of the balcony is not required.

All these advantages in favor of French glazing are pushing to abandon the usual repairs, and move on to an alternative, panoramic way of finishing the balcony.

What disadvantages is the French loggia or balcony

The glazing of the balcony in a panoramic French style, of course it's stylish, elegant and beautiful. It will considerably decorate your house, will give it a modern design, and if you decorate the whole apartment in one of the modern styles, your house will become an example of elegance and harmony.

French loggia or balcony can be made in a variety of colors, decorated with any design tricks like fusing or forged gratings. This glazing technique allows you to significantly expand the area of ​​the balcony due to, as the removal of the structure, and save space on the finish.

Although the French glazing is safe, convenient and promising in terms of insulation of the structure, it should be noted that this design has a number of significant drawbacks, which can not be ignored when choosing a glazing option for a loggia or balcony.

Panoramic French glazing is a very expensive process Panoramic French glazing is a very costly process

The cons of the panoramic French version of the balcony glazing are:

  • High cost glazing;
  • Excludes the ability to perform work independently;
  • It is necessary to ensure good ventilation of the balcony;
  • In summer, most likely, you need an air conditioner that will cool the air temperature on the balcony;
  • The care for the balcony becomes more complicated, the area of ​​the glass is increased, which is inconvenient to wash outside;
  • There is a weighting of the balcony structure, because of which the French glazing can not be put on old, worn balcony slabs.

If you are not afraid of all these nuances of French glazing, then you can safely start making a real masterpiece from your balcony or loggia.

How to install French windows on the balcony: the requirements for the installation of double-glazed windows

If you are not so much a bold and desperate person that at once, headlong to equip your balcony in a panoramic style, you can try the simpler option - to install a French window or doors on the space, Leading to the balcony from the apartment. It differs in that the panoramic view will not open from the balcony to the street, but from the apartment to the balcony.

French windows on the balcony or doors - it's also beautiful and stylish. In your apartment, as if the area increases, and you can extend the function of the hall or bedroom, which will be separated from the rest only by a panoramic window.

The installation of such windows and doors involves the fulfillment of several requirements, without which your idea will not be of the proper kind, or even doomed to failure.

French glazing on the balcony looks very stylish French glazing on the balcony looks very stylish

Rules for installing French windows and doors on the balcony:

  • In case the house did not initially provide for French windows or doors, Perform dismantling of the window space. To do this, you need the consent of the architectural and construction department of the city, which will say whether you can make changes to the integrity of the outer wall, or your idea is absurd, and doomed to failure.
  • To install French windows on the balcony, it is necessary to first insulate it qualitatively. Otherwise, there will be no meaning in your window - you will not be able to use it functionally.
  • Your balcony should have blinds, or curtains that will hide your life from prying eyes.
  • Double-glazed windows, which you choose for installation, must meet the requirements of GOSTs and standards.

Only in this way you will be able to provide security and comfort to yourself and your loved ones living in your home.

Beautiful French doors to the balcony: types and types of construction

I want to talk about French doors to the balcony separately. These building elements can significantly decorate and reformat the space of your apartment. Having equipped such a type of doors, you can be in the summer like on the terrace of a private house, and in winter you can watch from the sofa or beds, snow falls and falls asleep on the roofs of neighboring houses.

French doors to the balcony, equipped with panoramic balcony glazing, give absolutely no effect, when you sit in a room you have the opportunity to view all the street space.

The most willingly French doors are equipped in private houses, in a wall with a balcony. The aesthetics and magnificence of this kind of decoration of the premises are undeniable. The French door is much more than usual. In addition, it is transparent, which creates an open appearance, and gives an opportunity to get more light into the room.

French doors to the balcony give an absolutely inexpressible effect French doors to the balcony give an absolutely non-transferable effect

Types of French doors:

  • Sliding doors;
  • Swing doors;
  • Door accordion;
  • Single leaf doors.

For the equipment of French doors, glass is used not less than 7-8 mm. Thick. In addition, it must be hardened. If your house has small children, then for their safety, it is better to stick bright, noticeable stickers down on such doors.

Stylish French balcony glazing( video)

French, or a panoramic style in the design of the interior of the houses of balconies and apartments are eagerly picked up by designers of the whole planet, and now you can see the most daring designs of designs designed in the French style. It is not necessary to undertake such design independently. This is dangerous, and for the implementation of this idea, a fair amount of skill is needed.