Closet to the loggia: with your own hands corner balcony, photo of the lining built-in, drawings to make and divide into two parts

Cabinet on the loggia will be needed in any case cabinet to the loggia need anyway Once, so long ago it happened that the balcony was no place for storing things in the flat store or nowhere, or why, or do not want, or can not. Since that time, we've been pulling on our balcony everything, from things that have long ago been thrown away, to what might be useful to our grandchildren in about forty years. About the decoration and appearance of the balcony, few people cared, most importantly, to place in it more objects, so much so that they accidentally did not fail. To date, the situation has changed slightly, and the appearance of the balcony began to pay more attention. The situation on it, too, undergoes all kinds of changes.

    • cabinet to the loggia with his own hands: types and structure types
    • handy closet on the balcony of the lining and other materials: Equipment and tools
    • corner cupboard on the balcony: the design purpose
    • Built-in wardrobe to the loggia: features
    • How to choose a cabinet to the loggia( video)
    • Design closet on the balcony( photo in the interior)

cabinet to the loggia with his own hands: types and structure types

depending on their area the most loggiaOr a balcony, and we place in it objects and furniture elements. If it is a balcony of a small Khrushchev apartment, then it will not be great. At present, builders, however, manage to make balconies with the introduction of the entire structure, but also in this case the area increases by no more than 0.5-1 m2.Therefore, for those who have a small apartment with a small balcony, the closet is necessary.

Cabinet on the loggia yourself made, can be completely different designs and models. In addition, you can make it the way you need it, in your particular case.

There are designs of loggias or balconies, on which it is easy to place a cupboard. But there are also those where for this purpose it is necessary, to tell the truth, to contrive. That's why there are several types of cabinets for a balcony or a loggia.

Cabinets for the loggia are of several types cabinets lodge are several types

Types cabinets loggia:

  • Open cabinet-bookcase;
  • Compact sliding door wardrobe;
  • Conventional cabinet with swing doors;
  • Corner cabinet;
  • Built-in niche cabinet;
  • Open shelves.

If you have the appropriate materials and tools, you can make all these types of cabinets yourself, the main thing is to draw drawings correctly.

handy closet on the balcony of the lining and other materials: Equipment and tools

Those who are going to build a wardrobe at the balcony immediately want to give some advice: do not make too big closets. Balcony, not the design that can withstand unlimited gravity. And if you consider that the large cabinet itself will weigh a lot, then you can put in it a proportionally smaller amount of severity.

Cabinet on the balcony of the lining is still not a bad option, in terms of design weight and appearance. Having a modern appearance, lining, or siding will provide a neat design for your balcony.

Moreover, the clapboard can be used to trim the whole balcony, and then the cabinet will not stand out from the balcony interior at all. You just have to decide on the model of your cabinet and the dimensions, prepare the necessary inventory and materials, and start working.

A neat wardrobe for the loggia can be made by own hands Trim cabinet loggia can be done by hand

to manufacture the cabinet on the balcony or a loggia, you will need:

  • Building a pencil;
  • Roulette;
  • Bulgarian;
  • Self-tapping screws;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Knife;
  • Level;
  • Screwdriver.

From the materials you will have to store what kind of closet you want to see on your balcony. If it is a metal rack, then for the frame you will need a profile pipe and boards, if your cabinet is made of wood, then prepare the necessary length of the bar 50x50mm. You can buy a sheet of siding or lining for the cabinet paneling.

Corner cabinet on the balcony: the design of the

design Contrary to the established stereotype, there are owners who do not like to clutter up their balcony with various trash, and with great pleasure place on it a couple of useful areas for a kind of place for smoking or tea drinking in nature. In such cases, if the balcony is not used as a warehouse for outdated things and storage of conservation, it is possible not to encumber the space of the loggia or balcony with the overall design.

Corner cabinet on the balcony is suitable for those who only need to put a few pots of flowers, or put a notebook for notes and several books. Such a cabinet combines, together with a useful function, the function of decor. For non-standard layouts of balconies or loggias, you can also install a corner cabinet. It can be either open or closed type.

The corner cabinet on the balcony can be made of various materials Corner cabinet on the balcony can be made of different materials

It is unlikely that you will find a suitable corner cabinet for your parameters on the balcony. Sometimes it works, but not always. Therefore corner cabinets on the balcony are custom made by hand. The material for such a cabinet can be any solid, easy-to-assemble construction sheet.

Materials suitable for the manufacture of corner cabinets on the balcony:

  • Wooden lining;
  • Plastic lining;
  • Drywall;
  • Plywood;
  • OSB and chipboard plates.

The most qualitative, and the most beautiful is considered the option of manufacturing cabinets on the balcony of a wooden lining.

Built-in wardrobe on the loggia:

features Speaking of cabinets for balconies and loggias one should not forget one thing: you can not put a cabinet made by yourself on any balcony. Most materials are destroyed or deformed under the influence of moisture and temperature changes. To prevent this from happening, the balcony can be placed only on a well insulated and hermetically secure balcony or loggia. The floor is also very important for the cabinet. If the floor is not insulated and is able to absorb the dampness, then you can not put a cabinet on it, first you need to solve the problem of floor insulation.

The built-in wardrobe on the balcony or balcony does not apply to such because it is executed on the basis of an already existing niche or space between the walls of the balcony. The floor and walls of such a balcony, too, would be nice to be insulated, just as almost any material from which you can make a built-in closet comes out of order under the influence of moisture and dampness.

The distinctive feature of the built-in cabinet is that here you can not influence the design of the cabinet inside, and the shape of its design. Your field of activity is limited only to the doors of your closet. They can be made in different shapes, give them a different modification and finish. Such a cabinet can be divided into two parts, the doors for which will be opened separately.

Built-in wardrobe for the loggia is highly functional Built-in wardrobe for the loggia is highly functional

What are the doors for the built-in cabinet on the balcony:

  • Conventional swing doors .In the modern world, they are rarely used, but still look solid.
  • Sliding doors .These doors are made by the type of doors on the sliding-door wardrobes, but for a beginner master their installation is complicated.
  • Roller blinds .The appearance of doors or curtains, which are pulled out from the cassettes, and then return there again.
  • Door accordion .The option is practical, but rarely used. This design is able to hide items from your closet, but it is not strong and durable for the balcony door.

Sometimes for built-in closets use the option of an open cabinet, but this happens rather rarely, and is not very popular.

How to choose a wardrobe for a loggia( video)

Cabinets on a balcony or loggia have always been very popular. Recently, when the functional duties of the balcony began to change, the cabinets on it are also undergoing a change. They become more stylish and elegant, in harmony with the general background of the balcony, and sometimes even serve as its decoration.

Cabinet design on the loggia( photos in the interior)