Lamps for the ceiling grilyato: LED lamps, installation and fastening, installation by light technologies, round shape

Fixtures for the ceiling grilyato are environmentally safe and noiseless in use Fixtures for the grilyato ceiling are environmentally safe and noiseless in use. . In the modern building materials market, there is a fairly large selection of grillato lamps: LED, fluorescent, downlight. Lamps for the ceiling grilyato are round, square, rectangular, but they are united by one: they are all installed directly into the ceiling of the grilyato itself. Thanks to the technology of fastening the fixtures to the ceiling, the fixtures themselves do not occupy much space in the room, the luminaire is inside the cells, and the wiring is hidden in the ceiling layer.

    • LED lamps for ceiling grilyato
    • Inexpensive and stylish fluorescent lamps grilyato
    • Downlight in the room with the ceiling grilyato
    • Luminaire ceiling grilyato
    • lighting fittings in grilyato ceiling( video)
    • Fixtures for the ceiling grilyato( photo)

LED ceiling light grilyato

One of the most common types of lamps for the ceiling grilyato -One. This is not surprising, since this type of lighting has a huge list of advantages for the grilyato ceiling:

  • LEDs, that is, LED lamps, are very energy efficient, have a low power consumption - from 1 to 7 watts.
  • With LED lights, the light in the room will spread exactly over the entire ceiling area.
  • LED technology does not need to be incandescent or gradually heated for full lighting power, so LED light is often called cold light.
  • Perhaps the most important advantage of LED lamps is their long service life( an average of 70,000 hours).
  • In addition, these lamps do not need constant service throughout their lifetime.

LED lighting fixtures for the grilyato ceiling work both at low temperatures and at high temperatures LED lighting fixtures for the grilyato ceiling work both at low temperatures and at high

To be more precise, the average temperature range for the operation of LED lamps ranges from -40 ° C to +40 ° C,So LED lights are suitable even for a freezer room or for a street in winter.

Inexpensive and stylish fluorescent lamps grilyato

Fluorescent lighting is also popular for grilyato. The reason lies in the low cost and convenience of installation. The light from the fluorescent lamps does not strike the eye, and the variability in the performance of such a lamp will allow you to choose the most suitable option.

At the moment, small demand is used:

  1. Lamps with mirror raster. The reflective element increases the amount of light, which saves money and improves the visual effect of the lamp. This type of fluorescent lamp is the most famous, its design has become the main counter of fluorescent lamps.
  2. Opal diffuser is a more modernized way to transform a fluorescent lamp. The diffuser makes the light as soft as possible, even a direct look at such a lamp will not cause any inconvenience. The appearance of a lamp with an opal diffuser is recognized as an unsurpassed symbol of a drowned business style.
  3. The prismatic diffuser makes the pattern of the scattered light more geometric.
  4. Crushed ice is a style suitable not only for the business atmosphere, but also for entertainment structures.

The main advantage of fluorescent lighting is the convenience and ease of operation The main advantage of fluorescent lighting is the convenience and ease of operation

The diffuser design can play a key role in creating an interior of a commercial or office space. Take the choice of lamps with a proper attention.

Downlight in a room with a grillato ceiling

Downlight lamps are directional lighting of the desired area. Most often, such lighting is used on trading floors to illuminate the goods or booth in the fitting room. The ceiling thus should not be too high: from a great height, the light does not come in its original form.

Among the types of lighting downlight can be identified:

  • Round luminaires. This is a classic for directional lighting.
  • Square light fixtures. This option is an upgrade of round luminaires to improve the ease of installation.
  • Lamps with reduced fluorescent lamps. Can have any form;Differ lighting element.

The light from the downlight illuminator is not dissipated, but is directed along a given vector light from the lighting device downlight is not scattered, and guided along a predetermined vector

Traditionally downlight has a circular shape. However, for the grilyato ceiling, more convenient forms for installation were developed: square lighting fixtures.

Luminaire ceiling grilyato

most convenient mounting are the panels that are designed specifically for ceiling grilyato. Their principle is elementary: in place of one cell of the ceiling, a lamp is inserted and fixed to the bearing ceiling on the suspension. However, not all types of lighting have such an elementary setting.

The seats for round lamps are cut directly into the ceiling with a laser. And already in the cut out places the lamps are placed.

Mounting fixtures in the ceiling of the grilyato is simple - they are inserted into the cell and fixed to additional suspensions mounting fixtures in the ceiling grilyato is simple - they are inserted into the cell and are attached to additional suspensions

When installing the light, consider the following:

  1. cells grilyato should not be loaded: each lamp should be fixed for someEither the surface.
  2. Despite the fact that the built-in light box is very convenient, accent lighting looks much advantageous, especially in the sales area.
  3. At installation it is necessary to pay special attention to a lamp arrangement: on a ceiling the logical drawing, harmonious and symmetric should be formed.

Installation fixtures in the ceiling grilyato( video)

Grilyato - the perfect solution for a trading platform as well as for the office or any utility room. As you can see, a lot of lighting devices have been invented for this type of ceiling. In addition to these options, there are light panels, as well as classic chandeliers. So figure out how much expensive and aesthetic lighting you need and put the light in your room with a ceiling grilyato!

Ceiling Lamps grilyato( photo)