Panels for the ceiling on the balcony: on the loggia made of PVC, how to make, finishing yourself

Plastic panels are the best material for finishing the ceiling on the balcony Plastic panels are the best material for finishing the ceiling in the balcony In our time, more and more balconies in multi-storey buildings made closed, but close the balcony from external influences( wind, rain, direct sunlight, street noise, dust and so on. Etc.) want so that it looks attractive and does not disfigure the appearance of the whole house. It is quite acceptable materials for finishing balconies are plastic panels, including panels for the ceiling on the balcony.

    • consequences of the use of unsuitable materials for finishing balconies
    • ceiling on the balcony of the panels PVC
    • ceiling of the loggia of plastic panels: the pros and cons
    • ceiling panels in the loggia or a balcony with his hands
    • The sequence of the ceiling decoration in the balcony with plastic panels
    • finishing balcony plastic panels( video)
    • ceiling panels on the balcony( photo)

Consequences of UseInadequate materials for finishing balconies

Not so long ago, just a few decades ago, balconies also closed, but they often looked like hanging "chicken coops".

was mainly used as materials:

  • Wood paneling;
  • Sheets of aluminum;
  • Corrugated iron sheets.

This method of decoration was forced, due to the lack of light and beautiful materials with good heat and sound insulation, but now scarce aluminum sheet "get" it was incomparably easier.

Previously, for finishing the ceilings on the balconies used wood Previously,

was used for finishing the ceilings on the balconies

After a short time, the paint from the lining and aluminum sheets, under the influence of weather conditions, slipped, and the corrugated iron was covered with dark brown rust.

The view of such a balcony was depressing, but not everything was solved from the outside by fear of heights. Here, and such a building hung in a non-representative way. Loggia, in contrast to the balcony, because of the lack of end open sides, looks much better, so they are easier to trim now, even now, although they are larger in size.

But these times have passed, in the open sale, if you are looking for materials for finishing, you can find anything you want for all tastes and wallets.

Ceiling on the balcony of PVC panels

Plastic panels designed for ceiling finish differ from wall panels. The ceiling is a purely decorative element, so the ceiling panels are thinner, and, in this regard, it is easier. Plastic panels are available in 3 basic versions, and on which of these options to stay depends on the individual case and personal preferences, but one must take into account the peculiarities of each of these options.

Ceiling panels of PVC for the balcony are light, thin and inexpensive, so they are now in fashion Ceiling panels of PVC for the balcony are light, thin and inexpensive, so they are now in fashion

So, the plastic panels are :

  1. Assorted , imitating a lining, with dimensions 300 x 30 cm, The articulation of the spike-groove, the fastening - the trims and staples.
  2. Under the tile , one can make geometric ornaments from them. These panels are glued( on bustilat, liquid nails, etc.), but they repeat the topography of the ceiling, and therefore require a preliminary leveling of the "underlying" surface.
  3. Sheet , most appropriate for labor costs, they vary on color and type of the front surface - embossed, glossy, etc.

In addition, it is necessary to avoid temperature differences exceeding 20oC, i.e. Inside the loggia the air temperature should be kept not very low.

The ceiling of the loggia plastic panels: the pros and cons

The main advantages of plastic trim ceilings of balconies and loggias include a few facts.

For example :

  • With a noticeable durability( up to ten years), the surface of the panel remains smooth, and for the cleanliness of the ceiling, it is enough to wipe with a damp sponge on the mop;
  • Aesthetically looks and does not require any additional trim during installation;
  • When installing panels on a frame with a gap, the gap will be an additional barrier to sound and heat leakage;
  • The moisture resistance of plastic panels makes it impossible to warp and form stains and other color defects in decorative surfaces.

Plastic panels look aesthetically pleasing over the years Plastic panels look aesthetically pleasing for years

The drawbacks of plastic panels include what particularly hypochondriacs are very worried about their polymer origin, despite the fact that PVC plastic is absolutely safe. Still it must be borne in mind that the variegated plastic loses vitality under the influence of direct sunlight.

Ceiling from the panels on the loggia or the balcony with your own hands

The ceiling from the panels on the loggia is worth trying to make by yourself. To do this, you need to make careful measurements to first make a sketch on which all the nuances of the future ceiling sheathing are thought through: its attachment to the upper balcony plate, the tracing of the light conductors, which does not allow short circuits and closures on the frame, joints of the shell with vertical panels and other moments, And then you will need to draw a drawing, which will be the main document.

This approach will save you a lot of misunderstandings while working and save time and money.

Before finishing the ceiling on the balcony with plastic panels, you need to make the necessary measurements Before finishing the ceiling on the balcony with plastic panels, it is necessary to make the necessary measurements

. In order for the ceiling paneling to be of high quality, the ceiling surface must be leveled for future plating. Plastic should be purchased about 10-15% more and you can stock up with heat insulation in rolls, and preferably a heat insulating panel;In addition, you will need a ceiling skirting board and other plastic parts to fix and decorate the panels and dock them to each other.

Panels and ancillary plastic parts must be purchased from good manufacturers, not tied up, from imaginary economy, with doubtful firms, so that it does not turn out that after a short while the plastic began to crack and pour, then you can regret a thousand times about your inappropriate "savings".

If the plastic is tight, without air cavities, then it should not shine through.

The instrument must also be taken seriously, it must be absolutely sound.

This requirement applies primarily to the power tool:

  • To the drills;
  • Hammers;
  • Screwdrivers;
  • Electric grinders, etc.

Before working on the balcony with plastic panels you need to prepare a tool and check its serviceability Before working on a balcony with plastic panels, it is necessary to prepare a tool and check its serviceability

The condition of the ladder should be good, since it is not permissible to work on a balcony with a bad ladder. If there is a risk, when falling from a ladder, to be outside the balcony from the outside, it is necessary to use the mounting belt and fix the carabiner at least for the corner of the barrier.

Sequence of ceiling finish on the balcony with plastic panels

When finishing, you need to follow a certain sequence.

The approximate sequence of the work is :

  1. Before you make a framework for attaching plastic panels to the ceiling, you need to properly cover the ceiling with a primer for concrete, to avoid shedding.
  2. Next to the ceiling is mounted a box of wooden beams, the horizontal is first determined, for which all the angles are measured and from which the lowest is selected, it is laid 40-50 mm downward to fit the built-in lamp into the frame. From this point, the level is marked with a level, and along this line the holes for the dowel are drilled in the profile, then dowels are inserted and the bar is fixed throughout the contour.
  3. The string from the fishing line determines the position of the future surface of the plastic ceiling, and when the wooden beam is attached under it, pads of different thickness are placed to match the surface of the string.
  4. On the installed frame are fastened plastic panels cut to the size of the ceiling, or, if the preliminary cutting is not applicable, the panels are adjusted in place and fastened to the bar with self-tapping screws.
  5. Ceilings from plastic panels are very well suited for installation of built-in lighting. After marking the location of the luminaire, an opening is made, in accordance with the connecting dimensions of the luminaire.
  6. Two additional reinforcing bars are added at the location of the fixture.
  7. The conductor is protected by a corrugated plastic cover.
  8. After the installation of suspended plastic ceiling panels, along the contour of the ceiling, a decorative skirting board is installed, designed to hide the inevitable flaws along the perimeter of the ceiling.

Decorating the balcony with plastic panels( video)

As can be seen from the description, it is not so difficult to make a ceiling finish on the balcony. But even if there is no experience in such cases, it is worth trying, as plastic finishing materials are not very expensive, and in case of mistakes and failures, they can be easily and simply corrected.

ceiling panels on the balcony( photo)