Installation of PVC panels on the ceiling with your own hands: how to install the latest video, sandwich

PVC panels are becoming more popular due to the availability and ease of installation PVC panels are becoming more popular due to the availability and ease of installation At present, many different materials and methods are used for finishing the ceiling. One of them is the ceiling finish with the help of PVC panels. This material has a number of advantages, which will be discussed below, it is quite practical, and the installation of PVC panels on the ceiling with their own hands can be carried out by everyone. The ease of material and the availability of mounting make PVC panels quite popular for finishing bathrooms and kitchens.

    • Advantages of PVC panels
    • How to install PVC panels on the ceiling
    • Material selection, fabrication and installation of the
    • frame Installation procedure for the PVC ceiling panels
    • Installation of the last PVC panel on the ceiling

Advantages of PVC panels

Certainly, PVC panels have some advantages, which explain such popularity of this material.


  • Affordable price;
  • Lightness of plastic;
  • Waterproof;
  • Unlimited colors;
  • Possibility of performing repair and installation independently;
  • Ease of care;
  • Resistance to temperature changes;
  • Sound insulation;
  • Ability to smooth out unevenness of the ceiling;
  • No sagging joints, an even seamless surface is created.

Thanks to full waterproof installation of PVC panels is most often made in bathrooms. Caring for the ceiling of plastic is also very simple, just wipe it with a rag, you can use any detergent, the main thing is that they are without any abrasive particles that can damage the plastic panels.

PVC panels are of different types and can be selected for any room Panels of PVC can be of different types and can be selected for any room.

Due to all the above advantages, professionals recommend the use of wall plastic panels for self-assembly.

Plastic panels come in 3 types: white, flowers, textured. The first cheapest, do not have any pattern and color, are most often used for finishing bathrooms. Colored and textured are more expensive than whites, they can be installed in the kitchen, in the bathroom, even in the bedroom and living room.

How to install PVC panels on the ceiling yourself

First you need to calculate the amount of material for finishing. To do this, you need to draw a drawing, it is possible that you will need to cut the panels somewhere, rather than attaching them completely. You need to calculate the width of the panels, choose the length, choose the direction of fixing the panels on the ceiling.

At least one day before the panel is installed, it is necessary to remove them from the package and allow them to acclimate.

The installation methods for PVC panels are as follows:

  • If the ceiling is perfectly flat, the PVC panels can be attached with a special glue directly to the ceiling;
  • Otherwise, it is necessary to create a frame that will hide flaws and unevenness of the ceiling. The preparation of the frame is not complicated, profiles are needed( they can be made of wood, metal, plastic or made in the form of sandwich panels.)

During the purchase, attention should be paid to the surface of the panels. It should be smooth, without cracks and scratches, when connecting the two panels together there should be no gaps. The plastic should be the same color, without deformations.

Mounting of PVC panels on the ceiling( video)

Selection of material, fabrication and installation of the

framework There are several materials from which frameworks are made.

This is:

  • Wood;
  • Metal;
  • Plastic.

The simplest installation is a wood frame. It includes slats and wooden beams. However, this skeleton is not suitable for rooms with high humidity.

The metal frame is more durable, it is more often used in large rooms where a significant number of lighting devices are required.

Plastic frame is used in bathrooms and bathrooms, it is easy to make houses on your own.

For a simple framework, you need the simplest material - wood For a simple framework, you need the simplest material - wood

With the application of the level, the lowest point of the base is determined, then further markings are made on all the walls. Stepping back 5-6 cm, another level is marked, it will be the basis for the ceiling. Directly on the ceiling, points are marked for attaching beams or profiles from steps of half a meter. Lines marking pass depending on the direction of fastening panels, beams and profiles should be located perpendicularly. It is necessary that the joints of the panels fall on the middle of the beam.

The installation of the beams is carried out using self-tapping screws, the wood frame must be treated with water-repellent emulsions to prevent rotting of the material.

The first to install load-bearing walls along the marking lines. Then they install ceiling profiles. After installing the frame, you need to conduct wiring for the fixtures. It is worth remembering that the lighting device assumes a ceiling of at least 10 cm ceiling.

The metal frame is used in large rooms and serves many years The metal frame is used in large rooms and is used for many years.

The order of ceiling installation from PVC panels

It is possible to distinguish the main ceiling finishing itemsWith the help of PVC panels.

The order is:

  1. Calculate the number of panels, select the color of the panels, buy the material and allow it to acclimate;
  2. Create a markup, make and install a frame( if necessary);
  3. Install wiring if necessary;
  4. Attach PVC panels with special glue, staples or screws. If they are attached to the frame, then you can also mount with glue, staples, self-tapping screws. Then the corners are attached.

After securing the frame, make sure that it is positioned perpendicular to the panels. To do this, it is necessary to set the profile as close to the wall as possible and fix it.

Installation of PVC panels does not require many costs, and the process itself is not quite complicated and fast Installation of PVC panels does not require many costs, and the process itself is not very complicated and fast

Do not insert the panels to the limit and tighten the screws, otherwise they can deform from temperature fluctuations in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

Installation of the last PVC panel on the ceiling

During the installation of the panels on the ceiling, there may be some difficulty in securing the last panel. On the one hand, you can turn the strip and cut it to the desired length, then tightly attach to the previous panel and secure. If demountable skirting boards are used, it is much easier and more reliable to simply cut the plinth along the width and to fasten it to the previous strip.

If the tile does not fit in size, it can easily be cut off with a knife and brought to the required size.

It is worth remembering that PVC panels and skirting boards are very fragile, even the slightest bend or pressure can spoil the material. Handle with them carefully and gently.

In conclusion, it can be said that PVC panels are an affordable and easy-to-use finishing material that is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, due to their moisture-proof properties. It is also easy to care for the panels, just simply wipe them together with any cleaning agent. Install PVC panels to any person, the main thing - to handle this fragile material carefully.