Aluminum ladder-stepladder: transformer for 7, 5 and 6stepeney, Alumet professional for 2 and 10 steps

Choosing an aluminum stepladder or ladder, you will be guaranteed to use it for many years Having chosen an aluminum ladder or ladder, you will be guaranteed to use it for many years. Step ladder is a ladder with a stand in its kit. This design is a necessary tool for performing a variety of tasks. Without it, do not hammer a nail, twist the bulb and even collect fruit, so the ladder should be strong, comfortable and reliable. All these requirements are matched by an aluminum ladder-ladder.

        • Such necessary aluminum staircases and step-ladders
        • Differences between industrial and household aluminum staircases of the
        • transformer stairs Nuances of the 7-stage ladder-ladder
        • Aluminum staircases: rules for the use of
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Such necessary aluminum ladders and ladders

Ladders are very simple, but absolutely necessary inventionsHAND.They include at once two elements: a ladder and a support under it. In this case, the stand can serve as a second ladder.

The aluminum ladder is light and easy to operate, no special storage conditions are required for it The aluminum ladder is light and easy to operate with no special storage conditions required.

In order for the staircase transformer to be sturdy, but easy to use, aluminum is used. This plastic material is very pliable in work. In addition, the steps are made hollow inside, due to which even the largest design can be moved from place to place, without putting special effort.

Stairs-transformers can consist of several sections, which are movable elements. Thus, these ladders can take completely different forms. Thanks to such a feature, such lightweight and sturdy structures can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, and also very conveniently stored in a room, because when folded they do not take up much space.

Stairs-transformers can come in handy for a variety of things. They are an indispensable tool in the household, therefore, should be in every home.

Why use aluminum step-ladder-transformer:

  • For carrying out garden work;
  • To get the necessary items from hard-to-reach places;
  • In the repair and maintenance of electrical appliances;
  • When carrying out construction work.

The ladder-transformer, depending on the size, can have a different number of stages, usually this indicator varies within 4-7.This number of steps is enough to get to the ceiling of the average apartment. A professional stepladder can be higher, and, therefore, have more steps, since the ceilings in the production are higher than in the apartment.

Differences between industrial and household aluminum staircase ladders of transformers

Due to its ability to be folded and fixed in the desired position, the ladders are recognized as the most convenient ladder design. Such tools are used by professional electricians and ordinary inhabitants. However, industrial and household stairs-transformers have some differences.

Stepladders can be used in almost any situation, performing various types of work in both the construction and household areas.

Differences between household and industrial stairs-transformers:

  1. In addition to aluminum, some elements of the ladder are usedAnd other material. So, for industrial materials, more durable materials are selected.
  2. Industrial stepladders are less mobile, since the materials chosen for them, before, have the task of maximizing the construction.
  3. Stairs-transformers, used in everyday life, have all the necessary functions and can be fixed in different positions.
  4. As industrial ladder ladders must have greater strength, fastenings of hinges for them are made by forging. At that time, as for lighter household structures, the hinges are made by casting.
  5. Professional stairs have more functions. These ladders are suitable for a variety of jobs.

Professional stairs-transformers must first of all be strong and reliable, therefore they have only 4 sections. However, such a small number of offices is even more convenient in the work.

You may have a question: "Why do we call these stairs transformers?".The fact is that such designs can take a variety of forms. Of these, you can make and a regular stepladder or ladder, and a durable and comfortable goat. The stepladder-transformer can be transformed into other objects, so buying such a device, you get rid of the need to acquire a mass of other tools.

Nuances of ladder-ladder production on 7 steps

Ladder-step-ladder on 7 or more steps are manufactured using special technologies. They have their secrets and standards, some of which we will disclose today.

The steps can be on one or both sides. The stepladder is more stable than the ladder and if necessary folds easily The steps can be on one or both sides. The stepladder is more stable than the ladder and, if necessary, easily folds

Anodized metal is used for the production of these stairs. Aluminum ladders are covered with a special film that protects them from rust and other unfavorable influences of the surrounding world. On the legs of the ladders are attached special rubber nozzles, they make the construction more stable and do not allow it to damage the floor.

To protect you from sliding off the steps, the manufacturers make their surface finned. The steps themselves are securely attached to the base, so that they do not fall off even at the strongest pressure.

Safety and lifespan of ladder ladders directly depend on the correctness of their assembly, as well as on how well the quality material was used for them. Therefore, GOST monitors compliance with all its norms.

What are the qualities of the stepladder-transformer:

  • Strength;
  • Compact;
  • Mobility;
  • Easy installation;
  • Safety in operation.

Ladder-stepladders made according to all requirements of GOST are durable, convenient and safe. They can have from 3 to 25 steps. You can transform them and into the ladder, and into the stepladder and the L-shaped goat.

Aluminum staircases: rules for using

In order to maximize the use of the Alumet ladder, it is necessary to know how to use it steadily. It is also very important to check its quality before purchasing such a design.

These strong and reliable products can be useful for professional construction, assembly, agricultural and other works These robust and reliable products can be used for professional construction, installation, agricultural and other works.

Use of a ladder:

  1. Inspect the structure for damage to dents and chips. It is especially important to pay attention to the attachment points of the elements. Here, any deformation can lead to the most unpleasant consequences.
  2. Determine the shape that will be most convenient for this type of work. This can be a regular stepladder, a ladder or some other configuration.
  3. Put the ladder in the desired position and check the reliability of fixing its sections.

These simple rules will help you keep intact all parts of the body or even life, while working at altitude. Remember that even the slightest damage to the structure can lead to fatal consequences.

Features of aluminum ladder-ladder( video)

Ladder-stepladder transformers are a very convenient thing. They can perform the function of many tools. Buying this design, you get a construction goat, and a ladder and an ordinary stepladder!