Elements of the ladder design: components manufacturing, ash assemblies, finishing parts, ready to assemble

Before beginning the assembly of the ladder, you should check the presence of all its elements Before starting the assembly of the stairs should check that all its elements Recently, a large demand for used wooden stairs that perfectly fit in perfectly with any interior, regardless of its stylistic solutions and design. There are many companies that are engaged in installing stairs in the house and selling a kit that includes ready-made components for manufacturing, components, parts and architectural parts of the finish from the manufacturer, however, you can collect the ladder from the wood itself, most importantly, take into account all the basic requirements andRules of arrangement of this design.

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How is the installation kitFor stairs

To assemble a ladder made of wood, it is necessary to choose strong wood.

Particularly, it is perfect for:

  • Oak;
  • Material of beech;
  • Larch;
  • Set of ash.

The installation of the ladder must be carried out strictly according to the instructions, following the sequence of steps stairs installation to be performed strictly according to instructions, adhering to the sequence of steps

Before you install the stairs in the house, it is necessary to make calculations, and perform design in dwg format, as this will help to calculate the amount of material and all requiredexpenses. Installation of wooden stairs in the house begins with the fact that two bowls are assembled, the bracket or channel is fixed to the wall in order to put the carrier hinge mechanism in the pockets in the pommel.

For this, it is necessary to make slices of two boards, and set them vertically, so that the distance between them corresponds to the length of the ladder march.

The support bars to which the steps are attached are then installed and the resulting structure is installed in the intended location. Such elements as a motion sensor, a water-heated floor, a plinth and a fixing unit to the floor, which do not have any constructive names, do not belong to the basic ones and are set by an additional option. A step-by-step instruction will help to make a wooden staircase yourself without much effort.

Correct installation of elements of the ladder

assembly of wooden stairs - quite a time-consuming process, as the wrong calculation and assembly of individual parts, for example, structures bearing on the floor, fixed to the floor plate, greatly reduces the reliability and safety of the finished structure.

Reliability, durability and convenience of use of the prefabricated ladder largely depends on the shape of the ladder, even if the side wall has a hollow structure.

All elements of the ladder must be securely fastened with fasteners All elements of the ladder should be secured using fasteners

That's why you can collect these types of ladders like:

  • Marching;
  • Screw;
  • Combined.

In order to make the staircase quite solid and stable, it is necessary to comply with all the required rules, norms of its arrangement, as well as make design calculations, see the photos of the finished examples. You can order a ready-made staircase, because the brand-name designs are very durable, reliable, high-quality and durable. If a company advertises: "We produce quality high-class designs," in particular, the ladder is of great demand, the constructive names of which are approximately such - LS 01U.

Installation can be done by yourself, or an experienced carpenter can do it, however, first of all, it is necessary to conclude a standard contract with a company that provides similar services and pays tax. Quite interesting are the stairs that Temp produces, where, if necessary, the architect can design the design to your liking. When carrying out the installation of the ladder, estimates must be drawn up, and, if necessary, dismantling of the previously installed ladder can be performed.

Manufacturing of staircase elements: hatch

Each house has an attic, which can become a place for storing things, a workshop or even a living room. If it is necessary to equip the attic and make a full room of it, it is important, for greater convenience, to make a staircase and a hatch. For the staircase to be comfortable, it is necessary that the step width is approximately 760 mm.

You can equip a manhole with a staircase in the house in:

  • Corridor;
  • Entrance hall;
  • Walk-through room.

Sliding ladder allows you to safely and quickly climb to the attic The sliding ladder allows you to safely and quickly climb to the attic.

The ladder to the attic can be stationary and foldable so that you can clean it up if necessary. However, for greater convenience, it is best to use a stationary ladder, since it is more durable and stable.

The most simple and convenient option is a ladder, which consists of two sections, one of which is stacked upward. The staircase can have a completely different design, it all depends on the stylistic decision of the house.

In order for the structure to be stable, a schema is first prepared and compiled. Most importantly, everything is correctly calculated, as this will make the construction of the staircase sound, reliable and safe. Initially, it is necessary to prepare all the required elements of the ladder according to a pre-designed scheme. When all elements are prepared, it is necessary, strictly following the scheme, to collect the ladder. The hatch can be any size and shape, it all depends on your own preferences, needs, and the convenience of using it. When performing the installation of the hatch, it is necessary to think over and process the slopes, as this will save heat. In addition, it is desirable to conduct the insulation of all the walls.

The correct installation of the

ladder The modern country houses have several floors, so for the convenience of moving around the house, it is necessary to equip the ladder.

In order to build a beautiful and functional staircase in the house, it is necessary: ​​

  • Correctly choose materials;
  • Make all the required calculations;
  • Determine the most suitable type of construction.

Before assembling the stairs, you should see the training videos Before assembling the ladder, it is worth to look at the training videos

Modular structures that consist of separate elements have recently become widespread, and the load is evenly distributed. Modules are characterized by the fact that they do not bend, and, if necessary, it is possible to replace one or more steps.

If the ladder is made of wood, then the whole construction is going to be element-by-element. For a concrete ladder, it is necessary to prepare the formwork in advance, in which the grout is poured. Metal structures are made by welding individual elements. The most beautiful can be a metal spiral staircase, however, it requires the presence of certain knowledge and skills in its manufacture.

Important!Before you install a particular type of ladder, you need to perform all the required calculations very accurately, and evaluate your skills and abilities.

How to assemble a ladder from ready-made elements

Recently, cantilevered staircases have become very popular, which are quite comfortable, and also have a beautiful appearance, as the steps seem to float in the air. However, it is worth noting that the manufacture of the cantilever ladder is labor-intensive and requires certain skills of work.

Console ladders differ in that they are:

  • Light;
  • Do not take up much space;
  • Fits into the interior of any home.

Before you begin to assemble the ladder, it is worth checking all of its elements for damage Before assembling the ladder, it is worth checking all of its components for damage

Console ladders are made strictly to order, as their design is quite complex and requires certain installation skills, and complex calculations are also required. When installing a cantilever ladder, it is necessary to know what the wall is made of, to which the steps will then be attached. It is best if it is solid brickwork or other heavy materials are used.

It will be best if the construction is made of reinforced concrete, and reinforce them by using profiled pipes.

It is best if the installation of the cantilever ladder is carried out under the supervision of the architect, or all work must be entrusted to a special construction company.

How to install the staircase parts yourself

The process of building a staircase in the house is not very difficult, however, many nuances must be considered.

To get the design:

  • Robust;
  • Reliable;
  • Durable.

After assembling the ladder, you need to re-check whether all the fasteners are fully twisted After assembling the ladder, it is necessary to re-check whether all fasteners are fully screwed

Start the installation of the ladder from the strings in the location specified in the drawing. Below, the fastening should be carried out by means of retaining bars, and at the top the Kosowers are attached to the beams of the floor. Then it is necessary to make steps and risers, to attach them to the squids with the help of screws and joinery glue. To exclude a scratch, it is necessary to glue the fastening points with glue. To install the railing, you need to put the balusters and attach the handrails to them.

The finished structure must be treated with special compounds that will protect the tree from rotting and fracture. In addition, the finished stairs can be painted in the chosen color or treated with varnish.

Quite interesting are the angular staircases with a special platform. They can be made L-shaped or U-shaped with several areas.

Overview of the elements of the ladder( video)

It is quite easy to make a staircase in a house of any design, it is necessary to calculate and prepare the circuit correctly, and also have the skills to work with materials and tools. Examples

pommel for ladders( photo)