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It is not difficult to make a ladder-ladder and it is possible to do it yourself, the main thing is to competently approach this process and become acquainted with all the nuances It's easy to make a ladder-ladder and you can do it yourself, the main thing is to competently approach this process and get acquainted with all the nuances of . In each family, sooner or later there comes a time when you need to unscrew a light bulb, nail a new picture or resume the ceiling. To solve each of the indicated problems, in any case you will need a ladder. However, in order to safely stand on such a construction, it is necessary to have a support, which is not always possible to find, so a stepladder is considered a more functional variant of a portable ladder. This simple, but ingenious structure, already has in its bundle that very support. Today, we will tell you how to do this by yourself.

      • Homemade ladder-ladder: use cases
      • Select materials to make a ladder-ladder
      • DIY ladder-ladder: draw a drawing
      • How to make your own ladder a ladder made of wood
      • How to make a ladder-ladder with your own hands( video)

Homemade ladder-ladder: use cases

Step-ladder is a very useful tool in the household that becomes a prois indispensable if you have a garden. Indeed, in the garden very often there is a need to prune branches, or harvest from fruit trees.

Manufacturers offer a variety of ladders, but their price is high enough. Also there is no guarantee that in the store you can find a product with a sufficient height and with all the functions you need.

It's quite easy to make a stepladder with your own hands. Such garden crafts will not take long, but they will please the eye for a long time.

Homemade ladder-ladder with ease can be used in everyday life Homemade ladder ladder can easily be used in everyday life

Another advantage of creating such designs yourself is the fact that you can realize the most original ideas.

If you need a stepladder not permanently, but only at a certain time, for example, at the time of harvesting, then there is no need to store it without a case in the pantry. You can assemble a model that can perform other functions on the farm. The most popular option is a ladder-chair, such a product is quickly transformed from a very attractive stool to a practical and comfortable staircase. Also, you can make your own with a ladder-stand for flowers, a ladder-ironing board, a ladder-stand for trays with paint, etc. Use your boldest ideas, and you will fill your house with practical and useful things.

We choose materials to make ladder-ladder

Often, metal stairways are sold in the markets, however it is more interesting to work with wooden structures at home, as this material is more pliable and able to take any forms.

When choosing a tree for a ladder-ladder it is necessary to pay attention to its quality, degree of drying and strength When choosing a tree for a ladder, it is necessary to pay attention to its quality, degree of drying and strength.

Parameters to be taken into consideration when choosing a timber for the construction of a ladder:

  1. Breed. For the manufacture of the ladder, almost any rock can be used. However, it is worth considering the functions that the product should perform. For stairs, ladders, which will also be a chair or an ironing board, you need to select expensive wood, suitable in color to the main interior. If you are planning to use a stepladder for garden work, it is better to stop on a pine tree, which is inexpensive and has resistance to decay.
  2. Quality of the material. Stepladders should safely withstand the weight of any person, so the quality of wood, which will be used for their manufacture, should be given special attention. So for the ladders the boards having cracks and chips, traces from insects and knots do not approach.
  3. Degree of drying. From an undried tree you can not do any designs. The fact is that in time such a product "will lead".Therefore, the maximum humidity of the boards suitable for the ladder is 12%.

In addition to wood, you will need knitting needles and so-called "shoes".Spokes are used to strengthen the structure, and "shoes" are worn on the legs of the ladder so that they do not scratch the floor.

Boots are a kind of heel. They are attached to the ends of the legs and prevent the appearance of scratches on the floor. These elements can be made of different materials, but it is best to use rubber "shoes".They are soft enough not to scratch the floor, but they are strong enough not to be worn.

DIY ladder-ladder: draw the drawing

Before, buy the necessary materials and proceed with the assembly of the ladder, you need to draw a drawing correctly. This stage is even more important than the process of making a ladder. After all, the accuracy and correctness of the project depends on how comfortable your product will be.

Before you start to make a ladder-ladder, you must first draw a drawing correctly Before proceeding with the manufacture of the ladder, first draw the drawing correctly

The dimensions of the ladder depend on the purpose for which you intend to use it. So, if you need a homemade ladder to collect fruit or whiten the ceiling, then it should be high, but in order to fasten a light bulb or take it off the shelf, the book is enough for a small-sized design.

What parameters need to be defined to draw a drawing:

  1. The height of the ladder is the first parameter with which you need to be defined. Here everything depends on the purpose of this product. For the ladders that will be used indoors or in the garden, the optimal height is between 150-170 cm. The fact is that with a ladder of this size you can safely reach the ceiling without even climbing the last step, this height is enough forComfortable pruning of fruit trees. Stepladders of a larger size are inconvenient to carry and set.
  2. The width of the steps is also very important. A person should be easy to climb and descend the stairs, so this parameter is so important. In addition, a ladder is needed not to move, but to work on it. Therefore, the ideal width of the steps can be considered a size from 30 to 45 cm.
  3. The number of steps on the ladder is determined by your desire. However, do not forget that the structure should be easy to move, so the spread between the steps should not exceed 25 cm. The number of steps can vary depending on the height of the ladders and the width of the expansion of its legs.
  4. The length of all steps on one ladder is different. Since, this design has the form of a truncated pyramid, the last lower step will always be higher than the upper one. For example, the bottom step can be 54 cm, and the top 34, all the steps located between them will decrease from the bottom up.

Having determined the dimensions of the ladder, you only need to draw up its drawing. After a little practice, you can easily cope with this task yourself.

How to make your own ladder a ladder from a tree

Wooden stepladder is done quite simply. We will give you a general description of the assembly of the most simple stepladder, according to which you can make the construction according to your plan.

Making a ladder-stepladder from a tree, in addition it is possible to familiarize with a detailed and interesting master class As a step ladder from wood, you can learn more about the detailed and interesting master class

How to assemble a stepladder:

  1. Saw four strings from the bar. They should be the same size, because they will be attached to the steps.
  2. In the bars are made holes for the steps. It is also necessary to round the upper ends of the beams, and on the bottom put on "shoes".
  3. Next, the steps are cut and mounted. They are bolted and fastened with knitting needles.
  4. Then, with the help of hinges with hinges and brackets, the parts of the ladder are assembled together.

When the ladder is ready, you can also attach a restraining chain. This element will prevent too wide a spreading of the legs.

How to make a ladder-ladder with your own hands( video)

Ladder-ladder is a thing that is absolutely necessary for any farm. Of course, you can buy it in a specialized store, but it's best done by yourself!