Staircases: what is the base of the house, photo on the second floor, prefabricated foundation, how to make without supports, how to weld

The frame is the main part of the ladder, so its installation should be approached correctly and competently The skeleton is the main part of the ladder, therefore it must be correctly and correctly installed to install it Starting to build the second floor, besides the main tasks, the question arises of the correct location of the stairs and the frame for them, at the moment the market is full of various materials, Wooden and finishing with metal. At the moment, wireframes made of metal are the most profitable, in comparison with the wooden frame. First, the metal frame does not rot, and it does not start living creatures. Secondly, it is stronger, durable and withstands a great load.

    • Manufacture of frame stairs with their own hands
    • Assembly of a metal frame for stairs
    • Foundation for stairs with an open frame: is
    • necessary? Material and base for a ladder: how to choose
    • Wooden and glass prefabricated frameFor stairs
    • Assembling of staircase( video)
    • Detail: frame stairs to the second floor( photo examples)

Manufacturing of frame stairs with their own hands

There are several types of stairs.


  • Direct;
  • Screw;
  • Swiveling.

A straight ladder is the easiest to manufacture and install. Such a ladder consists of one or several spans, it is convenient to climb and descend on such a staircase, but there is a small drawback - for such a ladder you need a large space. The optimum number of steps is 8-11, but not more than 15.

The most straightforward is a direct staircase, which you can install yourself without the help of specialists The most straightforward is a straight ladder that can be installed independently without the assistance of

. The spiral staircase is more difficult to install, since it is necessary to follow the exact perpendicular directionIt's easy to set the right angle, but the main plus is that it takes up little space, it can be put anywhere, at the same time, it's stylish and will decorate the interior of any room.

The swivel ladder as well as the spiral staircase will save space in the room, it is possible to put such a ladder both in the center of the room and near the wall, but the main disadvantage of such a ladder is that it is inconvenient to descend on it, since there is a big chance of slipping.

After determining the shape of the ladder, you can begin to make a frame.

Assembling a metal framework for a ladder

In order to make a metal framework with your own hands, you will need at least minimal skills in welding and working with metal.

Metal staircases are of two types:

  • Closed;
  • Open.

Closed frames are famous for their simplicity, because they do not need to be "ennobled", since the construction will be hidden under the cladding material.

In order to weld the metal frame, you must prepare in advance all the necessary materials and tools for work In order to weld the metal frame, it is necessary to prepare in advance all the necessary materials and tools for the work of

To weld this prefabricated frame, you will need a channel with corners and tools such as:

  • Welding machineSemiautomatic or electrode welding);
  • Bulgarian;
  • Drill;
  • Level;
  • Roulette;
  • File.

For the manufacture of such a frame, you need corners and a profile pipe of great rigidity. On the side edges of the frame, corners are welded, then the steps are welded to them.

All irregularities can be removed with a file and do not forget to primed with a special anti-corrosion solution.

Foundation for stairs with an open frame: is the

necessary? The open frame sometimes requires a foundation for the supports and is more complicated in execution, since in the assembled state it will be in view, so it is worth more effort, care and accuracy when installing it.

In its turn, the open frames are divided:

  • Open with one skosur;
  • Open form with two strings.

Make the staircase more stable and reliable with a concrete foundation It is possible to make the staircase more stable and reliable with a concrete foundation

Open-frame frames with one skewer are a carrier beam to which the platforms are directly attached, this structure looks airy and weightless, and can be welded to the structureAn additional bracket, so that the steps do not bend under the influence of high loads.

Open skeleton with two oblique sleeves is a metal profile with rectangular sections and covered with enamel.

Their appearance resembles a ladder. After installation on the skeletons of steps and fences, the staircase finally takes a complete view.

Material and base for the ladder: how to choose

Despite the ease of installing the ladder, in this case there are certain nuances. The cost of an open frame significantly exceeds the price of a closed frame. At the same time, it must be remembered that the quality of the construction is most responsive to the quality of the welds and the foundation under the supports.

It is not necessary to make a ladder entirely of metal, at the moment there are many design moves that will decorate the ladder.

A beautiful staircase with forged rails will not only decorate the interior, but also make it elegant and elegant A beautiful ladder with forged handrails will not only decorate the interior, but will also make it elegant and elegant.

Metal is combined with any materials, such as:

  • Concrete;
  • Tree;
  • Stone;
  • Glass, etc.

The metal ladder can be equipped with any kind of fencing, because the fence plays not the least role in the staircase itself, it is responsible for the safety of the structure and, of course, for the completed view of the staircase and the room itself. The minimum height of the perillum according to the standard should be 90 cm.

The most popular types are forged handrails, they look elegant and refined, without loading the structure. Forged elements are usually used in classical style, rococo and baroque.

Stainless steel constructions are also not lagging behind forged handrails, as they are distinguished by their reliability and durability and durability. Handrails made of stainless steel will perfectly fit in modern interior, minimalism or hi-tech.

Wooden and glass prefabricated frame for stairs

. No matter how hard, and wood remains the most popular and affordable material in the house for construction.

Wooden railings and frame:

  • Pleasant to the touch;
  • With minimal processing, they look nice and neat;
  • Whatever the design would not be chosen, it is well combined with the tree.

It is interesting in the modern interior will look like a frame glass staircase Interesting in the modern interior will look like a wireframe glass ladder

Despite its fragility, a very reliable and attractive railings and frame are obtained from glass. Given the fact that glass can pass light through itself, this design can visually enlarge the room.

Also, radial staircases look pretty impressive.

Assembling the staircase( video)

Summarizing, it can be concluded that the frame for the ladder can be made with your own hands, if there is little knowledge of welding, it is necessary to perform accurate calculations and drawings, so that the staircase is safe and convenientIn operation. If any condition or reason alone does not allow the ladder to be made, it is necessary to turn to competent specialists who, for an affordable fee, will offer the most common and time-tested variations of metal frames.

Details: Element stairs to the second floor( photo examples)