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Finished stairs can vary in color, shape, price and material from which they are made During the construction of the desired product as a ladder, you need to take into account the characteristics of all living in the house of the family, because the main site should be the safety and comfort, And on the second - the appearance. Wooden stairs show not only the aesthetic taste of the owners, but also are environmentally friendly and natural.

    • finished wooden staircase: beautiful and practical
    • Convenient ready stairs to the second floor
    • selection of styles ready ladders of wood
    • Selection criteria finished entrance stairs
    • Overview ready ladders( video)
    • Examples of finished stairs( photo in the interior)

finished wooden staircase: beautiful and practical

to result in such a subject in the interior, which will meet all obitateAt home, it is necessary to make certain demands.


  1. Simplicity and ease of use at the time of the stairs - especially this time must be considered, if the house is inhabited by the elderly or small children. After all, there are such types of stairs that look attractive in the interior, but are not very comfortable in everyday life.
  2. Reliability - a similar point needs to be considered when building a ladder. After all, any oversight can lead to a gradual loosening of the structure and, as a result, to its breakdown.
  3. Harmonious combination with other objects in the interior - a ladder made of wood should be created in the style that is the main thing in the house, and not too stand out against the general background.
Such an installation serves as a guarantee of safety and represents a minimal risk of injury for any age.

Convenient finished stairs to the second floor

Often, the stairs are bought ready-made, but you can also independently manufacture them.

And for the first and for the second embodiment must make calculations:

  • consider the height between the first and second floor;
  • Calculates the height and number of steps;
  • The material and the color solution are selected.

Serial stairs are developed by the manufacturer, and the person decides to purchase, based on their preferences and room requirements. The most popular company engaged in such a production is Profi & Hobby, because it has a significant number of excellent reviews, after many years of its activity.

Choose a finished staircase is necessary, based on the design and area of ​​the room Select finished ladder necessary, based on the design and floor space

simplicity lies in the fact that each element is packaged separately and is then folded in parts, as a designer. The price category fluctuates, because not only the height of the structure is taken into account, but also the material from which it is made. The tree of elite breeds will cost much higher and more expensive than usual, and a metal ladder, supplemented by a large number of forged bends, is more expensive than a more simple version.

If a similar product is made to order according to individually selected parameters, it will cost much higher than the finished design, which will need to be assembled on its own.

Selection according to the styles of finished stairs made of wood

Even wooden stairs differ in the color of wood and the type of structures, depending on the chosen style.

For example:

  1. The interior in the Scandinavian style is distinguished by the light color of the product, often to achieve a similar effect, the steps are painted white. Also, there are often combined staircases - metal and wood.
  2. Russian folk style is represented by a massive ladder made of wood, in which carved handmade patterns depicting either floral motifs or various etudes are in the lead. The masters of their craft create true masterpieces, embodying dreams in reality and giving the room warmth and comfort.
  3. The ladder made of metal, decorated with beautiful forging, emphasizes modern and elegant high-tech, and will also be the most durable and durable.

A wooden ladder of brown color perfectly fits into the interior, made in the style of the country A wooden ladder of brown color fits perfectly into the interior, made in country style.

The only minus of metal is slipperiness - to avoid such troubles, it is recommended to purchase rubberized straps on the steps, then walking will be much simpler and easier.

Criteria for selecting a ready-made entrance ladder

An entrance ladder, sold ready-made, must meet certain criteria.


  • It should be convenient for all family members, and made of quality and safe materials;
  • Its location and dimensions must match each other;
  • The financial question is no less important, therefore, before buying, you need to familiarize yourself with the assortment of each company, and take into account the peculiarities of your home.

There are many types of stairs - twisted, with and without rails, classical, stepper. If you need to buy an inexpensive staircase for the suburban area, it is better to stay on the ready version, which must be collected. Such designs do not require special skills, and will help to save money.

For the independent creation of the staircase, you need to buy wood - often taken from oak or ash, prepare tools and make calculations. Then, following the plan, you can make and assemble the structure.

If the house has small children, the staircase must necessarily be equipped with handrails If the house has small children, the staircase must necessarily be equipped with handrails

The most popular are wooden and metal stairs, but modern fashion trends do not stand still, and develop no less spectacular and comfortable products from otherMaterials. The glass staircase seems impractical and fragile, but this is an erroneous view, because it uses high-strength glass, capable of withstanding a significant load and creating an airspace effect.

The only drawback of such a product is the absence of handrails, this may not be a convenient option if there are kids or elderly people.

Prefabricated structures are made by average calculations, so it is roughly possible to assume the height and width of the steps, as well as the size of the entire structure.

Stone stairs are not as common as wood or made of metal, but they also have different color options and types of textures. Such products will complement and emphasize modern style or modern, but are more expensive, and also are much heavier than all previously discussed.

Brick staircases are often used in country houses, where there is a lot of free space, similar structures are massive, but are also durable, like stone. Concrete stairs are quite original, because with this material you can achieve interesting shapes, creating designs for every taste and applying the boldest ideas.

Overview of finished stairs( video)

It is also correct and rational to use space under the stairs. For such purposes, metal or wooden structures are more suitable, under which it is possible to place a small cabinet, setting a table and a computer there. No less interesting idea is to install in this place a wardrobe for seasonal clothing. With a similar arrangement, you can store there and small household appliances.

Examples of finished stairs( photo in interiors)