Staircase made of pine: lacquer, how to make of solid wood, reviews about wood, what to cover and what it consists of, steps to the second floor for cottages, oil by own hands, installation of the site

Staircase made of pine has good strength and attractive appearance Ladder pine has good strength and attractive appearance Stairs serve as a convenient subject in the interior of suburban high-rise building. With it you can move from one floor to another. But, the ladder should be comfortable in its construction. Pine is suitable for making this attribute. This material is endowed with beautiful texture and color, durability and long service life.

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These stairs are used in classical interiors. The original pine ladder can be made in any style. You can install a ladder in the cottage, attic or cottage. Stairs are used in summer cottages for pumping stations.

We select a varnish for a ladder from a pine

Than to cover a ladder from a pine?This question is relevant for those who decided to independently make a ladder and make a cover. A protective coating is necessary to ensure that all elements of the ladder have a long service life. The appearance of the structure depends on the quality of the coating. Therefore, this process needs to be given due attention.

For exterior trim elements made of pine ladder using the following coating:

  • transparent;
  • Translucent.

Wood has a hygroscopic structure, so it absorbs water, oil, varnishes, solvents. To prevent the ladder from swelling from the humidity in the house, its elements are covered with special material

It is worth considering the fact that the resininess of the pine surface is uneven. If the layer of resin is not completely removed, the coating will lie unevenly and spots will appear.

When buying lacquer for stairs, you should ask the seller for a certificate of quality, confirming the absence of hazardous substances in its composition purchasing nail stairs should ask the seller a certificate of quality, confirming the absence of hazardous substances in its composition

one stain will not be enough to cover the stairs of pine. Stain can not become a barrier to water, dust and pests.

Impregnation is able to protect the pine surface from many unfavorable factors, but not from mechanical damage. Walking on such a ladder will have only barefoot, in socks or slippers - without shoes.

Enamel is able to protect the surface of the ladder from pine. This coating will hide all unevenness, putty, cracks. A thick layer of enamel will protect the ladder from rapid wear. The enamel layer is not fond of external factors, it is easy to wash and wipe from dust.

If your ladder has no visible defects and has a flat surface, you can use a varnish to protect the structure. This coating can accentuate the beautiful structure and color of the pine.

If you are not satisfied with the color, you can apply a stain to the varnish layer or add a color shade to the varnish.

How to make a ladder made of pine by yourself

A pine ladder can be made to order in a workshop. You can save money and make it yourself, if you have all the necessary skills, skills and like to make furniture and decorative designs yourself.

In order to make a ladder of pine with your own hands, you must make a sketch, and then a drawing with dimensions.

For the manufacture of stairs made of pine by their own hands, you need to purchase the raw material and varnish for surface treatment need to purchase raw material and nail treatment

surface to manufacture a ladder made of pine with their hands in the process of designing the staircase is worth considering the following:

  • Its design must withstand heavy loads;
  • Fences must be made for safe use;
  • Fences should be equipped with balusters and handrails;
  • Height is calculated by floor height between floors without coverings;
  • The height of the riser should not exceed 0.5 m;
  • ideal distance between the handrail and the wall -. 0.91 m

After measuring the stairs and development plan, buy all the necessary materials and tools.

We remove all the furniture from the room or we cover it with a film. We do kosoury by templates. They are beams with symmetrical teeth. The treads and risings are secured with screws and nails to the Kosovars. These elements are made from a solid array of wood, and then sawed to the desired size. At the next stage we install balusters and railings.

Before you start, it's worth watching the video with the most common mistakes that occur during the installation and avoid them, making a ladder.

The installation of the ladder is the most important process, so all must be done correctly, following the installation instructions.

Pine ladder: reviews and benefits of

Pine is a good and suitable material for the manufacture of stairs. But, like any other building material, it has its advantages and disadvantages. The production of stairs from this material is widespread. And the stairs of the pine received positive reviews.

Among the advantages of the pine ladder is worth noting the long service life and a small price Among the advantages of the staircase made of pine is worth noting a long service life and low price

Pros stairs pine:

  • has beautiful color and texture;
  • The material is resistant to temperature changes;
  • Low cost of the product.

The only minus of pine is that the wood has a low density and hardness. This tree species requires additional protective coating. But, these disadvantages do not interfere with producing stairs from this material.

Therefore, you can make steps from more solid wood, and decorative elements made of pine.

How to cover a pine ladder

What should be the coating?It should, first of all, protect the product from mechanical damages and negative environmental factors. The coating should look nice and fit into the overall interior of the house.

To keep the steps of the ladder slippery, they must be covered with matt varnish To ladder not slippery, they must cover the matte varnish

steps for coating use alkyd enamel. Perfectly suitable PF-226 or polyurethane parquet varnish. For stairs, matte varnish is more suitable than glossy varnish. It is less visible various defects that occur on the surface during the operation of the ladder.

The stairs leading to the second floor will often be used. Therefore, an additional coating that will prolong its service life.

What the wooden ladder consists of

Wooden ladder can be any model. Some people set up stairs with turn of steps and other elements 180 degrees. These stairs are called screwed. They look original and unusual. To entrust the manufacture of such a design is for professionals. And the ready-made elements should be installed independently, following the installation instructions.

wooden stairs are composed of several elements:

  • Steps;
  • Access;
  • Kosour;
  • Railings;
  • Balusters.

All the components of the stairs can be bought in any specialized store All components of the ladder can be purchased at any specialized shop

railings and balusters may not be available in some designs of stairs, if the lifting height is small and does not need additional insurance.

ladder design on the second floor of pine

ladder, which will be located between two floors, can be custom made. To do this, you should decide in advance the design of the design itself and decorative trim balusters and handrails.

Services for individuals are made in Bronnitsy by many companies. You can call a specialist at home to make measurements, and then you will make a ladder and install it.

If you have a problem, to install a ladder in a limited area, you can order a two-marsh building with a landing. The staircase will be small, but comfortable.

It will be nice to look at a small space staircase with running steps.

What can be steps for pine stairs

Stairs for stairs can be of any shape and size, depending on the design. They are made of pine, as well as the whole basic construction. Steps should be located at a certain and convenient distance relative to each other.

Steps for stairs made of pine can differ in shape, color and thickness Steps for ladder from pine can differ in shape, color and thickness.

The most common forms of stairs:

  • Rectangular;
  • Square;
  • With rounded edges.

The steps are covered with varnish. It is not advisable to walk on pine steps in shoes with thin heels. They are able to scratch the lacquer and wood.

How to make a ladder made of pine with your own hands( video)

Stairs in suburban high-rise buildings are a demanded element of the interior. You can move around with her around the house. Original staircases from pine decorate the interior and bring a highlight to the design of the room. They can be made to order or make a modern and stylish staircase with their own hands.

Examples ladders from pine in the building( interior photo)