Program for designing stairs in a private house: an online designer for drawing and calculation, 3d construction

From the correct design of the ladder depends the level of safety and comfort in its operation The proper design of the ladder depends on the level of safety and comfort in its operation. Designing a ladder in a private house is a complex process that involves determining the length and width of the ladder, the angle of rotation and tilt of the structure, the size characteristics and the number of stages. Sometimes, without knowledge in the field of mathematics, geometry and architecture, it can be difficult to calculate independently. To help, in this case, online and offline design programs can come. What services should be used to obtain accurate, visual results - read the article.

              • Calculation of the ladder structure with the help of programs: advantages
              • Popular programs for the design of stairs
              • Ladder designer Sema
              • Calculation of the ladder online 3d
              • AutoCAD- the ladder( video)

What should include the drawing and calculation of the ladder

In order to create a ladder project on a sheet of paper or in a graphics editor, you must first, To calculate the basic values ​​of the structure: the width and length of the march, the height and angle of slope of the ladder, the dimensional characteristics of the steps. This can be done both with the help of formulas and independent calculations, and with automatic programs for calculating ladders.

Scheme ladder of any type should include the designation of all parameters of the ladder march, which are responsible for a comfortable and safe climb and descent The ladder diagram of any type must include the designation of all the ladder parameters that are responsible for the comfortable and safe ascent and descent.

The main components of the structure leading to the second floor that must contain the ladder drawing:

  • Layout of the structure in the plan;
  • Type of construction( angular, march, screw, etc.);
  • Height and angle of inclination of the ladder;
  • Number of stages( main and securing, if the availability of such assumes the design);
  • The width of the tread and the height of the riser of each individual step;
  • The dimensions of the intake above the stage.

In some drawings, designate supports and poles, a kosour and string, the type of riser( straight, radial, etc.).

All values ​​must be on the same scale( 1: 100, 1:50).

Calculation of ladder design with the help of programs: advantages of

To make the structure comfortable, reliable and safe, and to assemble it was not difficult, all calculations should be accurate. Even small deviations from the norm or not taking into account any parameters( for example, not making a stripe width in the circuit) can complicate the installation of the structure, cause the costs of funds and material for rework. As for professional construction programs, the probability of error in the calculations here is reduced to zero: the program takes into account everything, even the smallest details, and flawlessly adheres to the building codes and standards.

Calculations with the help of automatic computational mechanisms are realized much faster than calculations performed by a person Calculations using automatic computational mechanisms are implemented much faster than human calculations.

At the same time, calculation with the help of programs makes it possible to obtain a three-dimensional model of the design, which can be viewed from different angles;Provides ample opportunities for instant changes in the parameters of the ladder and allows you to move away from standard schemes and drawings.

Popular programs for the design of stairs

Today, there is a huge variety of both online and offline programs for designing stairs of various types. All of them differ by the principle of work, the way of presenting results, the language of the interface. The most popular and convenient are programs that have been developed for specific purposes. For example, in AutoCAD you can draw an excellent three-dimensional model of the ladder, but for this you will have to make preliminary calculations of the parameters yourself. While specialized programs perform all calculations automatically and only require input of the original data of the room.

A computer program for designing stairs allows you to recreate a design of any type A computer program for designing stairs allows you to recreate a design of any type

To date, the most convenient are the following programs:

  1. Stairdesigner. This is a universal program for creating designs of various types( angular, screw, marching, etc.) from various materials( marble, wood, stone, reinforced concrete, etc.).Calculations in the program are based on the Blondeyl formulas, architectural norms and principles. The obtained 2 and 3D models contain all the necessary constituent elements( rails, poles, steps, etc.) and their dimensional parameters. The scheme can be easily printed or converted to AutoCAD and modified there.
  2. Consultec Staircon is a program designed for 3D visualization, automatic costing, monitoring of installation and manufacturing of stairs. Consultec, although it belongs to the category of professional, but requires minimal system resources, and its interface is not only intuitive, but also executed in Russian, which is a tangible plus. The results obtained during the design process can be adjusted depending on your own wishes.
  3. Staircase Compass is an effective tool that has a wide library of mechanisms for constructing and assembling stairs( SNIP system, welding, etc.).And the presence of several variants of models makes it possible to choose exactly the design that fits into the interior in the best way.

All calculations in the programs are made taking into account international and state safety standards, building codes and engineering recommendations.

Download programs can be quickly and free of charge, using Torrent's Internet protocol.

Ladder designer Sema

Sema is a comfortable, multifunctional construction program that has been specially modified for the design of stairs and the creation of three-dimensional models of future designs.

Sema is a professional designer, which opens up wide opportunities for designing stairs that meet all the standards of quality and safety and your individual wishes Sema is a professional designer that opens up a wide range of possibilities for designing ladders that meet all quality and safety standards and your individual requirements.

The main differences of Sema from other similar programs are:

  • WideLibrary( Sema can offer not only wooden connections for the installation of stairs, but also plastic fasteners, piles, joints-staples);
  • Ability to introduce external images and room plans into projects;
  • Ability to combine different types of structures;
  • Preview function;
  • Integration of the program with the equipment for processing and assembling the elements of stairs( templates for creating stairs can be automatically transferred from the program to CNC machines).

Calculation of stairs online 3d

It is possible to design a ladder and create its three-dimensional model without installation of programs, having only a connection on the Internet. To do this, use online modeling software.

Services for calculating the 3D stairs allow you to quickly recreate the design of a comfortable and safe staircase and calculate its cost Services for calculating the 3D staircases allow you to quickly recreate the design of a comfortable and safe ladder and calculate its cost

Often, you need to specify the following for the construction:

  • Type of ladder( straight or curved);
  • Dimensional characteristics of the opening( length, width);
  • The width and length of the structure;
  • The desired number of steps( if the design assumes, then the number of bottom and bottom steps).In addition to the visual result, some online designers display text recommendations( for example, "the ladder LS-225m is suitable for lifting to a height of 2.7 to 2.8 meters") and construction drawings of the structure with all the dimensional quantities in the metric system, The total number of stages, the name of the material of manufacture.

    Auto-ladder - ladder( video)

    Today, everyone has the opportunity to build an accurate, volumetric ladder model with their own hands simply, quickly and effectively. This is realized thanks to the building online and offline programs that not only provide a visual design of the future staircase, but also perform complex calculations taking into account the optimal values ​​for the comfortable and safe operation of the structure. Programs do not limit imagination and do not frame the frames, allow combining different types of structures to achieve maximum comfort and spectacular staircase. All that remains is to decide on your own preferences!