Stairs Krause: Krause universal, Stabilo articulated, Korda and reviews, Tribilo 3x12, Corda and Multimatic 4х4

Ladder "Krause" is a multifunctional product made of high-quality materials The ladder "Krause" is a multifunctional product made from high-quality materials The products of the German manufacturer Krause have long received the title of highly reliable and highly functional. The company made mandatory the inspection of products to meet international quality and safety standards, constantly engaged in developments designed to improve the characteristics of stairs and ladders, make the process of using the product easier and more convenient. Krause has a wide range of products with different parameters. How to choose a ladder "Krause" - read in the article.

        • Krause staircases: differences and additional equipment
        • What you need to consider when purchasing universal staircases Krause
        • Staircase Krause Stabilo: types and recommendations for choosing
        • How to choose articulated ladders Krause
        • Step-steerKrause Korda staircases: advice on choosing
        • Stairs Krause: customer reviews
        • Overview of Krause stairs( video)

Krause stairs: differences and additional equipment

ModernKrause ladders are made of aluminum alloy with the addition of silicon, which makes them incredibly durable. At the same time, the weight of products remains small, and the design is mobile, which allows them to be easily transported and stored. At the same time, aluminum ladders are not subject to corrosive deformation.

Krause manufactures stairs and fiberglass. Such products do not pass current and can be used for installation works of electrical equipment.

For each ladder of the company "Krause" you can choose additional equipment for a more comfortable and safe operation For each Krause ladder, additional equipment can be selected for a more comfortable and safe operation.

All products of the German holding are divided into household and professional. For today, Krause has the following product names: ladders, side and side-sliding staircases, convertible-hinged devices, collapsible towers, scaffolds, universal staircases.

  • Suspended blocks-tables for tools and equipment;
  • Rollers for legs for transporting stairs;
  • Rod-tips for working on soft soil;
  • Devices for increasing the length of the sidewalls;
  • Spacers for secure installation of stairs in the corners of the wall.

What you need to consider when purchasing universal staircases Krause

Universal staircases Krause are high-quality, multifunctional products that are ideal for solving various household and economic issues. Stairs are simple in operation and are able to provide a high level of security, they are easy to use and convenient to store. The design of universal staircases allows using them as attachments and as a stepladder with an additional, retractable security unit.

When purchasing the ladder "Krause", choose steps with corrugations, which will contribute to a safer rise and fall When purchasing the ladder "Krause", select the steps with corrugations that will help you to safely climb and lower the

. In order for the ladder to last more than one year and become your reliable support, you should choose:

  • Pay attention to the profile and the support beam: at the high ladder the profile and support should be as wide as possible;
  • Check the hook anchors: they must be made of strong metals and securely fixed to the sidewalls;
  • Check the presence of plastic tips on the legs of the ladder, which will prevent the product from slipping.

The universal ladders of the company have the following product line: Stabilo, Monto and Corda.

Staircase Krause Stabilo: types and recommendations when choosing

Stabilo series are professional stairs that are available in a two-section( 2х9 and 2х12) and three-section( from 3х8 to 3х14 steps) versions.

If you need a reliable ladder for both indoor and outdoor work, you should give preference to the three-section "Tribilo" design of 3x10 steps, which can be used as a ladder with a retractable mechanism and an independent ladder.

The main advantages of the staircase "Krause Stabilo" - mobility and stability The main advantages of the ladder "Krause Stabilo" - mobility and stability

The 3x12 ladder is ideal for high-altitude work. Has a working height of 9.5 meters and a relatively light weight( 27 kg).The ladder can be used as a retractable and attachable, double-sided or stepladder with a retractable block.

Mobile staircases or platforms can be selected for work in shops. Such designs can be either one-sided or two-sided, with a height of two to five meters.

How to choose the articulated ladders Krause

Hinged ladders - ideal for carrying out both domestic and production work. Thanks to the hinge design, the transformer systems can easily be folded and folded, can be used as retractable ladders and step-ladders. Such structures are conveniently stored and, if necessary, transported. The stepladder can be used for work inside and outside the room, does not take up much storage space and is easily transported.

When choosing a ladder "Krause" it is necessary to check the strength and mobility of the hinges When selecting a ladder "Krause" it is necessary to check the strength and mobility of the hinges

In order to select a swivel ladder that will be reliable and safe, you need to check:

  • Locking rivets to prevent slipping of sections;
  • Special tips on the supporting beam: they must be made of soft, rough material to securely fix the ladder on the floor;
  • Corrugation on steps for safe lifting and lowering.

To check the convenience and reliability of the ladder, when buying, it is worth taking the opportunity to expand and fold the structure, climb and descend the steps.

Step ladder "Krause Korda": advice on choosing

Korda step ladder is a ladder on four legs connected by a cross-cornice, thanks to which you can climb to a height of one to several meters.

When selecting the Krause Korda ladder, consider the maximum work load on the product When selecting the Krause Korda ladder, consider the maximum work load on the product

When selecting the ladder, it is necessary to take into account:

  • The way of connecting the stages with the profile: the fixation of the components by expanding is more durable and reliable;
  • The width of the steps: the wider the step, the easier it is to use the ladder;
  • The presence of the safety arc - the element above the upper surface of the ladder, for which you can hold in the performance of work.

Stairs Krause: customer reviews

Krause - this is German quality and a wide range of choices. In addition to the above advantages, the stairs also have positive feedback from customers, which is important for a well-established firm.

Stairs «Krause» can be used both for lifting people, and for moving objects to a height of several meters Krause ladders can be used both for lifting people and for moving objects to a height of several meters.

Krause ladders received the following positive reviews:

  1. I have been using the Krause multimatic 4x4 hinged ladder for a long timeSteps. Impressions: very stable construction, easy to fold and during transportation does not take up much space in the trunk of the car. I'm pleased with the choice. Sergey, Moscow.
  2. We use on production a three-section variant on six steps( 010360).The staircase is comfortable and multifunctional: you can use the product as a ladder and a retractable ladder and as a stepladder. The profile is durable and reliable, for construction work - the very thing!Denis, Belgorod
  3. I work in a pet store. I use the stepladder Krause to arrange products on the shelves. The ladder is convenient due to the presence of a hand-rail, wide steps. And light weight allows you to independently move the stepladder even to me - a fragile girl. Tatiana, Taganrog

Overview of Krause stairs( video)

Buying German stairs and ladders, you can be assured of their high functionality, excellent quality, reliability and safety. A wide range of products Krause will give you the opportunity to choose the product that you need!