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Larch stairs - beauty and durability embodied in a tree Larch stairs - beauty and durability, embodied in the wood. The stairs are different in their design and exterior finish. They are able to bring a twist to the interior of the house. Stairs are usually made to order. Wooden structures from larch have a long service life, therefore they are installed for a long period of operation. A beautiful staircase can be made in any style, so it perfectly fits into the interior of any cottage. The staircase is a worthy decoration of the house, which can make it cozy and functional, suitable for living.

    • Basic elements of ladders from larch
    • Manufacture of ladders from larch: notes
    • Sturdy steps for larch stairs
    • Larch stairs: reviews of real people
    • Larch staircase: pros and consMaterial
    • Wood-lined larch( video)
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Basic elements of ladders from larch

Larch belongs toYat to building materials more often than to finishing materials. The price itself depends on the quality of wooden products from larch. Now many manufacturers make different elements from this tree.

Handrails make ladders from larch safe Handrails make ladders of larch safer

The ladder consists of several elements:

  • Steps:
  • Access;
  • Handheld;
  • Reek;
  • Balusters.

All these elements are the main and main components of any model of the ladder.

The ladder can consist of one steps and do not have handrails - a classic and profitable solution that is used for arranging interior in homes.

Handrails can perform not only a decorative function, but also be "insurance" if the distance between floors is large. On these stairs, it is not terrible to go down and climb, as the construction is safe.

Manufacturing of ladders from larch: notes

Larch ladders can be ordered from a specialized store or workshop. Or make it yourself. Larch is the optimal material for manufacturing. It produces not only the basic elements of the design, but also decorative( carved railings).

Larch stairs look luxurious due to their natural color Larch ladders look luxurious due to their natural color.

When designing a sketch and making stairs, consider:

  • Dimensions;
  • Material;
  • Construction;
  • Style.

Stairs made from larch look luxurious and beautiful, as this material has a noble and natural color.

Manufacturing of stairs takes place in several stages. First, a sketch of the future design is developed. Then the measurements and necessary calculations of the material are made. The tree passes through the processing step. To do this, the surface of the tree is treated, made smooth and use a coating varnish. From it, future elements of the ladder are made. At the very end, there is a staircase in the room.

Sturdy stairs for larch ladders

Larch is a suitable tree species for the manufacture of steps for stairs. Such steps have a beautiful appearance, excellent quality and are inexpensive. You can purchase steps from larch for installation in your home from any manufacturer.

Larch steps can be combined with other elements that can be made from pine.

The larch steps are extremely durable and do not rot Larch steps are extremely durable and do not rot.

Larch and pine have a similar structure and color. But, you can use tinting to achieve the same color for these two breeds.

The larch steps offer the following advantages:

  • Have a long service life;
  • They are not prone to rot;
  • High strength;
  • The tree structure has a high density.

The steps themselves can have any shape and thickness. But the main thing is that they are durable, practical in use and fit to the overall design of the staircase and interior design.

Larch ladder: reviews of real people

Larch ladders are widely used and received good reviews. This material has excellent characteristics. From this tree species, different components for stairs are produced. Even the ordinary larch board looks beautiful and noble, and the stairs even more so.

The ladders of their larch perfectly fit into the luxurious interior The ladders of their larch perfectly fit into the luxurious interior

Many manufacturers of ladders recommend the use of a structure from larch to their customers. Despite the fact that this material is a building material, these stairs look good.

Even wealthy people choose this material for the manufacture of a future staircase, which is then installed in their luxurious cottage.

Larch staircase: pros and cons of the material

Larch ladders have their pros and cons, just like any wood item. But this kind of tree has more advantages than disadvantages. Therefore, many people choose larch for ladders, not expensive wood.

Advantages of the larch staircase far exceed its disadvantages Advantages of larch stairs greatly exceed its disadvantages

The advantages of ladders made from larch:

  • Robust;
  • We use environmentally friendly material for manufacturing;
  • Long-lived;
  • The material used is fire resistant;
  • Beautiful structure and color;
  • The design is capable of withstanding heavy loads.

Stairs are expensive, if they are made to order in a specialized workshop "turnkey".But, you can save, make and install such a ladder yourself. The problem arises with the transportation of raw materials, so the volume of its production is small.

These minuses of ladders from larch are not significant. You will manage a ladder made of larch much cheaper than from oak or other expensive species of wood.

Ladders lined with wood, larch ( video)

If you decide to install a larch staircase in your house or cottage, then you have come to the right decision. This tree has excellent characteristics. The larch staircase is suitable for any interior. A beautiful light shade of wood will create a cozy atmosphere in your home. The staircase will have a golden hue when illuminated by sunlight.

Staircase larch( photo examples)