Wooden staircase for the house: for the dacha from the wood, what to cover, the photo of the entrance from the timber, which varnish, simple and beautiful in the cottage

Wooden stairs are very easy to make, and yet it is practical in use Wooden staircase is very simple to make, and yet it is practical in operation Today, most people have dachas or live in private houses and cottages. As a rule, building their own dwelling on a private plot, people are not limited to one floor. Most often, a modern private house consists of two floors, as well as a garage and an attic. This means that to move between floors a ladder is needed, and many choose wooden stairs, meaning all its pluses and minuses.

    • Wooden stairs for dacha and private house
    • Wooden stairs for wooden houses: how to cover and how to decorate
    • Entrance wooden stairs to the house: what kind of wood to choose
    • Wooden staircase in a house made of lumber
    • How to varnish the wooden stairs in the house: the best options
    • Inexpensive and simple wooden stairs for the house
    • How is the wooden staircase for the house( video)
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Wooden stairs for cottages and private homes

Why wooden staircase is still so popular?Moreover, if there is a more reliable alternative - metal?

Indeed, metal ladders take some of the demand from wooden models. Mainly because metal is more durable than wood. However, the wooden staircase also has advantages over metallic stairs.

Advantages of the ladder made of wood:

  1. A simpler creation process;
  2. Does not rust;
  3. If you have a wooden house - then the ladder made of wood will best fit in the interior;
  4. If in a few years you get tired of the appearance of the ladder, it can easily be disassembled, painted in a new color, and then reassembled.

A wooden staircase for a dacha and a private house has a number of advantages A wooden staircase for a dacha and a private house has a number of advantages

This staircase is always useful for a holiday plot.

Note that the process of tree drilling is not an easy task, as it may first seem. Therefore, it is better to entrust this business to a professional, otherwise the end result may not be the best.

Stairs for a house made of wood: how to cover and how to decorate

After the staircase is almost ready, you should make an artistic decoration.

How to decorate a ladder:

  1. Color it;
  2. Coat varnish;
  3. Cut out patterns;
  4. Make art burning out.

You can also provide a ladder with a lighting or heating system so that at night it is safe and warm to walk on it.

Lacquer, as a rule, the stairs are always covered, for without it the surface of the stairs will be rough and rough. You can impregnate the device with your own hands, buying beautiful outdoor varnishes in any construction shop.

A staircase for a house made of wood can be varnished, carved patterns or artificially burned A wooden staircase for a house can be varnished, cut out patterns or artificially burned

Whether to paint a ladder in any color or leave it in a natural look is a matter of tastes and interior design. In any case, remember that you can always paint a ladder, but you can not return it to its original form.

Cutting patterns is most often done on the stair railings or steps. This is already a completely artistic process, which will give the ladder extra grace. Whether it's worth doing - it's up to you.

Artistic burning is akin to carving, as it also brings an extra flavor to the staircase. With the help of it, for example, you can make the ends of the rails of a special shape: a cone, a dragon's head, a flower bud. In general, everything that prompts fantasy.

Entrance wooden staircase to the house: which tree species to choose

The choice of wood for the ladder is an important task. After all, not only the appearance, but also the physical properties of the future ladder depend on the chosen wood.

The most popular tree species for stairs:

  1. Oak. Practical rock for stairs: durable, wear-resistant, not afraid of humidity and temperature changes, does not rot and is not susceptible to pests. The latter is especially important to take into account, if you install a ladder in a suburban area, where you will not live permanently. It would be unpleasant to come and see the staircase damaged by insects, right?
  2. Beech. On the parameters of durability is not inferior to the oak tree, but it will cost you much cheaper. However, there is a minus in this breed: a high hygroscopicity index. This means that changes in humidity for beech are contraindicated. However, if the house has a ventilation system and you are sure that the humidity and temperature are always stable, you can safely choose beech.
  3. Ash. Many interior designers prefer in the design of rooms to use ash stairs. The fact is that, like oak, ash has solid wood, and neither physical influence nor instability in temperature and humidity will affect the condition of the staircase in any way. Moreover, ash wood costs a little less than oak wood.

For the entrance wooden stairs, wood of oak, beech or ash is most often used For an entrance wooden ladder, wood of an oak, a beech or ash

is most often used. If in doubt, you can consult the master who was chosen for work. He will suggest the best option, based on your budget and house characteristics.

Wooden staircase in the house of the timber

The house made of timber differs from the classic wooden house in that it is made not from logs, but from processed beams.

However, as with the log house, the wooden staircase will best complement the interior of the house from the beams.

Wooden staircase in the house of the timber perfectly complement the interior of the room Wooden staircase in a house made of timber perfectly complements the interior of the room

By the way, if you need an inconspicuous staircase to the attic - you can also make it out of the bars!You will get a classical staircase, an inconspicuous, not replaceable lot of space and perfectly merging into the design of the room.

How to varnish cover the wooden staircase in the house: the best options for

As we already mentioned above, the lacquer is always covered with a varnish. Otherwise, its surface will be rough, and splinters will become your frequent companion.

Total varnishes are divided into two types:

  1. Glossy;
  2. Matte.

Wooden stairs in the house can be covered with glossy or matte varnish Wooden staircase in the house can be covered with glossy or matt varnish

However, there is also an intermediate, semi-matt type of varnish, which we recommend you use when finishing the stairs. It will hide all the shortcomings of wood, but it will not make it too shiny.

Remember that the gloss may be too much, and on the matte surface, every crack and flaw will be seen even with the naked eye.

Inexpensive and simple wooden staircases for the house

If you are not a fan of excess and elegance, prefer cozy and home decoration artistic carving and wood burning, then take a closer look at simple staircase options.

Simple and inexpensive wooden staircases for the house look very dignified Simple and inexpensive wooden staircases for the house look very dignified

Especially if you are not ready to give large sums for the work of the master, you'd better install the usual marching staircase in the house.

Also remember that screw( spiral) stairs due to the complexity of manufacturing are more expensive than standard marching ones.

How to build a wooden staircase for a house( video)

Today, masters make stairs from any material and for every taste: from the simplest to the most complex, with many bends and bends. You just need to choose the design you like and make an order. And if you are familiar with carpentry, then you yourself can make a wooden staircase and install it in your house.

Practical entrance wooden staircase to the house( photo examples)