Beautiful stairs: the best and the best in the house, photo with a comfortable lift and dimensions, from the tree to the second floor, solutions

It is not recommended to use narrow steps that lead to injury. In addition, it is best to ensure that this part of the structure is not very wide. Unconventional steps include unusual staircases, in which the dimensions of the steps are characterized by an unusual shape. Often non-standard designs are used if the opening under the stairs is small and it is impossible to install a standard model.

How to make a comfortable climbing of the ladder: choosing the angle of the

Before you start making the favorite version of the ladder, you should consider some of the requirements for the product. Narrow construction is established if the opening under the construction is small and there is no possibility to choose another option, but such a ladder will be uncomfortable. As for the staircase, standard models use a slope of 45 °.When calculating the angle, you need to know the ceiling height in the room and have an idea of ​​the length of the base of the structure.

Choose the angle of inclination for the stairs, depending on its height and the personal preferences of the owners of the house The choice of the angle of inclination for the ladder follows, depending on its height and the personal preferences of the owners of the house.

Advisors of masters with which it is possible to make slope calculations:

  1. Maximum angle of inclination. For household structures, the norm is the angle of inclination from 30 ° to 45 °, for acclimatized - up to 75 °.
  2. Comfortable tilt angle. If the angle of inclination of 45 ° is the most convenient ladders, but it is worthwhile to be prepared for the fact that these products are bulky. Some owners prefer to make a tilt angle of 36 °, but at least this option is considered compact, but such a ladder is uncomfortable.
  3. Ideal angle of inclination. The most ideal inclination angle is 30-45 °, but such a comfortable slope can not be used if there is not enough room in the room.

The smaller the value of the slope of the structure, the more it will be dangerous to move around it, and the more the angle of inclination, the staircase will be cumbersome.

The best ladders made of wood: the

characteristic With the help of a properly selected wooden staircase, it is possible to successfully close the opening under it. This material has many positive characteristics, so whether it is an input structure or a structure located inside a building, it will not be difficult to find beautiful and interesting solutions.

Wooden stairs leading to the second floor are recommended to be built using two-march structures.

Stairs from natural wood look good in the classical interior Stairs from natural wood look good in the classic interior

There are differences in the type of fastening steps of stairs made of wood in the house:

  • One-legged, where the end of the stage is attached to the wall, and its opposite part is attached to theKosovra;
  • Two-legged, here both ends of the stage are attached to strings or to the string;
  • Bezkosoure, only one end of the stage is attached to the wall, and the second one is left without support.

The best wooden stairs should not be less than 80 cm wide.

Good stairs: features of metal structures

The beautiful and original metal ladders are considered to be a perfect solution for decorating modern apartments. These structures are able to withstand heavy loads and have many positive properties.

Therefore, in addition to the use of such products in apartments, metal stairs are installed in private houses.

The metal frame of the staircase is perfectly combined with the wooden steps The metal frame of the ladder is perfectly combined with the wooden steps

The advantages of using this structure in your house should be separately highlighted:

  • Thanks to good strength, the ladder will last a long time;
  • You can realize original and unusual ideas by combining straight and curved lines;
  • There will be no problems with the choice of the most suitable form of construction;
  • Metal products are available.

To prevent corrosion, it is necessary to treat the ladder with special anti-corrosion coatings.

Create beautiful stairs( video)

Many owners prefer to build stairs on their own. To do this, you need to take care of creating an original project, carefully study the sequence of works and be patient. The result will be a beautiful staircase, favorably emphasizing the interior of any house.

Design beautiful stairs( photo in the interior)