The height of the ladder step is GOST: the standard in your home, the width is optimal according to SNiP, comfortable standards and comfort

When choosing a staircase for the house, you should always pay attention to the height of the steps When choosing a staircase for a house, it is necessary to pay attention to the height of the steps. This topic is interesting, and it is worth a little more to know what the optimal height should be for the steps of the ladder design of this or that plan. Therefore, before proceeding to the specifics, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the types of steps that can be used for the installation of the staircase. The height of the steps of the ladder or, in other words, the height under the step is one important parameter, based on which the whole project of the school, home or any other staircase is drawn up.

    • The optimum height of the ladder steps in your house and the types of structures
    • The height of the steps in your house: correct calculation
    • Width and height of the ladder steps: other standards
    • Suitable step height, standard andCalculation methods
    • High step: stairs for interiors
    • Standard height of the ladder step( video)

The optimum height of the steps of the staircase in your house and the types ofFor instructions

While designing it is important to take into account the requirements.

As a rule, the height of steps for stairs is calculated taking into account the principles of GOST As a rule, the step height for the ladder is calculated taking into account the principles of GOST


  • GOST;
  • Compliance with the norms of SNiP
  • Other project characteristics.

The following types of stairs are used in trend building:

  1. Ordinary .Standard direct steps, which are the main element of any ladder design.
  2. Stealing .Design with an unsharp turn when lifting. The width and shape of steps is not standard.
  3. Platform .Intermediate standard design for rotary stairs. Recommended height for them, as for ordinary steps.
  4. Open .There is no riser. The flight is open, which creates the feeling of a ladder floating in the air.
  5. Closed .Between the steps is attached the step, which makes it possible to hide the space, and improve the visual perception when climbing to the second floor.
  6. Mounted .Part of the design protrudes above the riser, which creates a positive effect, makes the steps wider.

The parameters for the steps are calculated according to general principles, but in some cases, some deviations from the standards of SNiP and GOST are possible.

The height of the steps in the house: correct calculation

In accordance with GOST, the standard height for steps of the ladder structure is set, it varies from 12 cm, the maximum figure is 25 cm. The optimal, comfortable height for the steps is determined by calculations and mustCorrelate with the tampering.

The step height should be comfortable and safe for all family members The step height must be comfortable and safe for all family members.

The most suitable relationships are:

  1. 2: 1.5;
  2. 2: 1;
  3. 1,2: 1 and 1: 1( basement and attic march).

Based on this, the maximum step height limit is set at 25 cm, the depth of the entrance is 25 cm. To be more convenient, usually take 15 or 17 cm for marches in the street. For a staircase in your house, the area under construction must be reduced, therefore, a slightly larger value, from 17 to 22 cm, is required.

If the standard is distorted, it will be very difficult and uncomfortable to move around such a ladder. By the way, the correct location and installation depends on both safety and energy consumption.

Each next step must be clearly visible when descending, otherwise the risk of stumbling and injury will increase. As for the ascent, a large amount of time and effort will be spent on the low steps. Very high energy will be spent even more. If this is the case, then you need to arrange intermediate sites, where you can relax.

Width and height of ladder steps: other standards

It is understood that for the calculation of the step height, it is not enough to know the standard. In each individual case, this figure can be specific, and calculated on the basis of the relationship with other basic parameters. The height of the steps of the ladder is determined by the parameters corresponding to the SNiP.

In addition, the height of the steps is influenced by the features and interior of the room where the staircase is installed In addition to the height of the steps, the features and interior of the room are affected by the staircase

It is important to consider the following data:

  1. The average slope is 30 to 45 degrees.
  2. The standard step depth is equal to the width of the step. This is the number that determines the calculation.
  3. The number of steps is a very important indicator, depending on this number, the number of segments will be divided by the height of the span.

Comfortable width and properly calculated height will give you the opportunity to get a functional, comfortable design that will be easy to climb and safely descend.

Suitable step ladder height, standard and calculation methods for

In order to calculate the step height, special formulas and rules should be used. Such methods make it possible to perform calculations, taking into account the parameters of the standards in accordance with GOST.This at times facilitates the process of creating a project, and allows you to immediately derive the most acceptable figures.

It is worth noting that in some cases the height of the steps depends on their number It should be noted that in some cases the height of the steps depends on their number

So, the ideal height for each ladder step can be calculated in one of the following ways:

  1. Number of steps. This is the easiest method. It is basically taken as a starting point for design, and the figures obtained are applied in subsequent calculations and can change during the calculation. In this case, 2 indicators are taken: the height of the march, that is, the distance from the floor surface of the 1st floor to 2, and the desired number of steps. The first is divided into the second, and the orienting parameters come out. They are checked against GOST, and then you can proceed to the next step in the development of the project.
  2. Step width. The standard method for the most accurate calculation of the height of the riser. For this, the calculated figure of the width of the tread is taken as a basis, and is inserted into the equation based on the formula for calculating the step of the person. The formula looks like this: 2a( step width) + in( step height) = 60. .. 65.Calculates the most convenient distance that a person overcomes in 1 step. Usually take an average figure of 63 cm. Based on this, the appropriate height for the step is calculated. If required, the data can be adjusted until the ideal total is achieved, taking into account the number of steps.
  3. Security. In this case, the approximate width of the tread must be known. The ideal sum is - 46. From this figure it is necessary to take away the width of the step and as a result its height will be known.
  4. Comfortability. In this case, you need to calculate the values ​​in the formula. The optimal difference is 12. Based on the indicators, you can easily find the second component.

In order not to recalculate the data at each subsequent stage, you can refer to online programs that calculate the acceptable version of the ladder project, taking into account the requirements of GOST and SNiP.But, you can not trust such programs 100%, because they can not take into account the most important moments.

If you know exactly the height and width of the first and every step of the future ladder, it will be easy enough to build it. Difficulties are usually associated with fitting the calculated results to the required standards.

High step: stairs for interiors

Exclusive staircase designs for presentable interiors can be ordered according to individual sizes. Elite individual projects can only be created by professionals.

To date, popular are beautiful wooden staircases with forged rails and high stairs Today beautiful wooden staircases with forged handrails and high steps

are popular Today ready-made metal-based stairs are used, using materials such as:

  • Wood;
  • Glass;
  • Marble;
  • Granite;
  • Forging;
  • Laminated plastic;
  • Concrete.

The "High Stage" manufacturer has proven itself in the market. Finished staircase, finished with leather, fur decorative elements, as well as mosaic and brass. Combined ladder designs are the trend of the season, and if there are no skills of design and construction, it is better to choose the ready option.

Standard height of the ladder step( video)

Of course, the owner of the house decides what kind of staircase to have in his house, the main thing is that it should be beautiful, comfortable, functional and safe. On the stairs should be easy to climb and descend, the effort should be minimal.