Painting of stairs with your own hands: how and what to paint steps, paint painted on the second floor, what color

Choose a color for painting stairs should be based on the interior design The choice of color for painting stairs follows from the interior design The stairs occupy a significant place in the interior and exterior of the house. In addition to the fact that they give a twist to the construction, such designs also have a practical purpose, because of which they are subjected to a permanent mechanical action. One of the best options, with which you can improve the technological and aesthetic properties of stairs, is their painting. How to do this work with your own hands - read on.

    • How to paint the steps of the ladder
    • How to paint the steps of the ladder from metal
    • A little about how to paint the steps of the stairs with varnish and stain
    • Secrets of painting the stairs from wood
    • Stair painting by yourself)
    • Ideas for painting stairs in two colors( photo examples)

How to paint the steps of the

Before painting the steps, you need to choose the right coating. It is chosen depending on the material from which the ladder is made. Also, you need to consider where the design is located, which you want to color. So for stairs in the room and on the street you need to choose completely different compositions.

For painting steps of the ladder, you can use an ordinary brush For painting the steps of the ladder, you can use the usual brush

What composition can paint the ladder:

  1. Wooden and metal stairs can be painted. A wooden staircase leading to the second floor inside the house is best painted with alkyd compounds. For the lifting structures located outside the villa is suitable paint on the basis of drying oil. Metal stairs can be beautifully painted with special lacquer-colored products.
  2. Enamel not only adds color to the stairs, but also protects it from the adverse effects of the surrounding world. This means is a mixture of varnish and coloring pigments, so when dried, it forms a colored waterproof film. If you paint the stairs inside the room with enamel, then choose the formulations that do not emit harmful fumes.
  3. Stain allows you to give a wooden staircase a darker shade, while retaining its texture. With it, you can make the structure of larch look like an expensive oak or mahogany. In addition to the decorative effect, the stain has some protective properties.
  4. The lacquer can also decorate the staircase. It can be transparent or have a shade, in any case, such a coating perfectly protects the tree.

You can paint stairs in any of the above formulations. Try to choose only quality coatings that meet all the properties declared on the package and do not emit harmful compounds.

How to paint ladder steps from metal

Metal stairs are often used outdoors, as metal is a durable and durable material that is resistant to most unfavorable environmental factors. However, a lack of such designs is still available, because the metal is prone to corrosion, which makes it brittle and eventually breaks down. Avoid problems of this kind will help high-quality painting.

With the help of a protective coating, it is possible not only to increase the service life of a new metal structure, but also to restore the already laden ladder laden with rust.

In order for the paint to stay on the stairs for a long time, it looked perfect and protected the metal from rust. It is necessary not only to choose a qualitative composition, it is also necessary to carry out the finishing works correctly. Some will say that painting paints for metal staircases needs the help of painters, but you will be able to cope with this task yourself.

Before painting steps of the ladder from the metal, they should be carefully cleaned of debris Before painting the metal ladder steps, they should be carefully cleaned of debris

For painting, you will need paint, degreaser and zinc primer. If you are going to restore the old staircase, you will need to stock up with two more nazhdachkami small and large faction.

3 secrets for painting a metal ladder:

  1. If you want a painted staircase to look perfect, use paint in spray cans or a spray gun. With the help of such devices, you can distribute the composition evenly, avoiding the formation of streaks.
  2. Use zinc-containing products as a primer. They will not only help stop the rusting of metal, but also protect the structure from further corrosion formation.
  3. If you want the paint on the restored staircase to lie flat, be sure to wipe the rust-cleaned metal with a damp cloth.

Given all the nuances and choosing the right equipment, you can beautifully paint the ladder without the help of painters. Also for high-quality carrying out of such works, you need to know the order of actions to be performed when painting.

Sequence of work in painting:

  • Clean the ladder from rust with fine and coarse sandpaper;
  • Degrease the surface of the structure;
  • Shake the bolon with soil and, keeping it at a distance of 25 cm, spray the contents evenly over the entire surface of the ladder;
  • Dye the ladder with paint from a container or spray gun.

Metal stairs can be painted with a brush and roller. However, in this case, it will be more difficult to avoid divorces and smudges. If you are not confident in your abilities, it is better, after all, to get the paint in the cylinders.

A little about how to paint stair steps with lacquer and stain

If you are a supporter of preserving the structure of a tree, the ideal option for your wooden staircase is varnish or stain. They not only protect the construction from all kinds of unfavorable factors, but also give it a pleasant shade.

Before painting the steps of the staircase, it is recommended to varnish them Before painting the steps of the lacquer, it is recommended to varnish them

Wood varnishes can be on different bases. They all have a certain toxicity, because of what they can only be used in well-ventilated areas, putting on protective glasses and gloves.

Types of varnishes that can be used for wooden stairs:

  • Alcohol based paints;
  • Alkyd varnish;
  • Nitrocellulose composition;
  • Formaldehyde varnish.

Lacquers are transparent or with a slight shade. The first are applied in two layers to protect the wood, and the latter are used to hide the defects of the material.

You can also use stains. They also preserve the texture of the tree, but at the same time give it an interesting shade. The most popular are stains of natural colors, but such tools can be absolutely any tone.

You can process a wooden staircase with varnish and stain. In this case, the design will find a pleasant shade, and at the same time it will be protected from the influence of unfavorable factors.

Before coating the wood with varnish or stain, it should be properly processed. This treatment involves grinding fine-grained and coarse-grained emery paper.

Secrets of painting wood stairs

Covering the wooden stairs with paint will hide the texture of natural material, but will give the product a magnificent shade. Painting wooden steps can be a roller, brush or spray gun.

If the staircase is old and has damage, then it can be applied to several layers of paint If the ladder is old and damaged, several layers of paint can be applied to it.

Secrets of painting wooden stairs with paint:

  1. Before painting the ladder, carefully prepare the wood. Get rid of the old coating, pinch and polish the product.
  2. If your plans do not include painting the walls and floor, then covering the color composition of the ladder, cover all surfaces with a film. This procedure can be avoided if you paint the stairs before you finish the rest of the house.
  3. The ladder can be painted with a brush or roller, however using a sponge will allow you to avoid streaks and divorces. Dip the sponge in the paint, squeeze it and carefully cover the steps and rails with neat movements.

You can paint stairs in many different ways. The most interesting option can be considered the effect of antiquity, which can be achieved using brashing. Also very attractive looks a ladder, painted with two shades of paint, for example, risers can be decorated with white color, and steps - in black.

Painting a ladder with your own hands( video)

Painting a ladder with your own hands takes very little time. Use all your imagination, then you like myself painting process, and its result

painting Ideas stairs in two colors( photo examples)