Loft hatch with ladder: drawings by one's own hands, Fakro dimensions, insulated in OBI and Facto, installation of Velux

To arrange the climb to the roof is perfect for a loft with a ladder For everything on the roof lifting perfect loft hatch with a ladder Attic hatch with ladder - great as the design simple to use, light weight and does not take a lot of trouble in the regeneration. It is with the help of attic stairs that you can easily open access to the top level, and this is a safe and very convenient way of lifting. Some people save space with the help of hatches and folding stairs, because installing a conventional ladder will take not only a lot of space, but also a lot of material, as well as labor and time for installation.

    • Do we need drawings for loft ladder with hatch their own hands
    • Dimensions attic stairs to the hatch
    • Benefits hatch with a ladder to the attic
    • Choice hatch to loft with ladder
    • Comfortable attic stairs Fakro withhatch
    • Overview: attic hatch with a ladder( video)

Do we need drawings for loft ladder with hatch their own hands

Installing attic stairs with his hands is quite possible, however, to beinimum reserve of skills working with such structures.

Experts recommend before the beginning of construction to prepare a draft of an attic staircase and think through all the smallest details Experts recommend before the construction of the project to prepare the attic stairs and think through every detail

necessary to do the stairs as much as possible:

  • durable;
  • Safe;
  • Convenient;
  • Stable.

Naturally, you can buy ready-made stairs in the OBI, and hire a master assembly, but it will be somewhat more expensive at a cost. It is much better to make the stairs with your own hands, because for this you just need to make the drawings, determine the specific dimensions, and just follow the instructions for assembling such products.

With regards to the material, it is preferable to give preference to wooden staircases, since it is easiest to work with it manually, and such lifting devices look quite aesthetically and attractively. In addition, they have excellent performance properties. If competently to look after the wood, it will last a long time and will not bring problems.

Optimum variant of a tree species is considered to be pine, as it exactly corresponds to such requirements as strength, durability and durability and is relatively inexpensive.

For a private house it is worthwhile to equip a ladder with one march. It is not difficult to make a drawing and the construction itself, and due to the fact that it does not need to create a pad, the task is simplified several times.

Dimensions of attic ladders with a hatch

Ladders leading to the attic are a variety of products that can differ in form, configuration, material, and also in the manner of installation and operation. It does not matter, at the cottage or in the house for permanent residence, the staircase should be in accordance with the dimensions of the opening of the hatch. Only in this case there will be no problems with the operation.

The size of the attic and the hatch, as a rule, depends on the size and features of the room size loft ladders and hatch usually depends on the size and characteristics of premises

very popular ladder of Belarus and Velux models that have good quality and excellent technical characteristics.

There are certain concepts of dimensions of stairs, on which the stiffness and similar parameters, and they should definitely pay attention to the regeneration of the structure:

  1. In height folding ladder, no matter what kind of material used for their manufacture, metalOr wood, should not exceed 3.5 m. The excessive height makes them more unstable, and also less rigid and, accordingly, strong. If the span is large, it is desirable to install a ladder of a stationary type.
  2. It is necessary to take into account the angle of inclination that will be at the stairs. It should range between 60-75 degrees. When the angle of inclination is more than permissible, the ladder becomes unsafe for movement, and also takes up too much space when unfolding.
  3. The steps of the ladder must be parallel to the floor, and each must be provided with an anti-slip groove or an overlay.

With regard to the hatch of the attic staircase, it must be insulated, vertical according to the method of opening. Only in this case it will be possible to avoid drafts and problems during operation.

Advantages of a hatch with a ladder to the attic

Regardless of which attic model will be used, they must be safe.

When choosing a staircase for an attic hatch, it is necessary to take into account its quality, safety and durability When choosing a ladder for the roof, you must take into account its quality, safety and durability.

The most popular companies:

  • Farco;
  • Velux;
  • And the like.

These designs have a lot of advantages. The most important advantage is that they significantly save space in the room. In addition, with their help you can climb and descend without any difficulty. They are compact even in the unfolded state. Due to the fact that there is a large selection of attic stairs for sale, it is not difficult at all to pick up a product that fully meets the preferences, cost and comfort level.

These stairs fit perfectly into any interior, design and house, so do not worry that your house will be damaged by installing such a mechanism.

It is important to note that folding ladders are especially safe, have incisions on the steps that exclude sliding, and some models do come with built-in handrails. Also, folding attic structures have fixators, which hold the product in assembled form until the moment of operation. To make the design as safe as possible, install tips with the effect of anti-skid.

These stairs are very durable, reliable and, most importantly, inexpensive. By weight, they can withstand 250 kg. Open and close them is very simple, just like installing. In order to start operation, one hand movement is enough. Do not need to use special equipment or particularly complex actions.

Choosing a loft for a loft with a ladder

When choosing an attic, it is worth paying attention to the design.

A great role is played by the design of the staircase, so you should approach it carefully and carefully The ladder design plays an important role, so its choice should be approached consciously and carefully

Namely, on:

  • Complete;
  • Dimensions;
  • The presence of insulation.

There are products that are already ready for installation, and they have external and lower straps. Prepare for such a hatch opening is much easier, and therefore, there will be no problems with the arrangement of the attic stairs. Marking is done manually, as well as using tools such as level, preferably laser, and a tape measure. It is worth noting that it is permissible to mount the hatch, in which there is an outer casing. In this case, the thickness of the hatch itself should be slightly less than the thickness of the floors, so that the hatch does not protrude at the upper level and does not create obstacles during movement.

Carrying out the markup as accurately as possible, you can eliminate the nuances of that there will be oversights and problems with the installation.

When cutting the hatch, do not forget about the fact that in the floors there are layers of waterproofing, thermal insulation and noise insulation. In no case can they be pulled out, as this will disrupt the integrity of the coatings and each layer as a whole. They are carefully folded, pruned and fixed. Before installing the hatch, you need to check the correspondence between the dimensions of the hatch and the opening.

Convenient attic ladders Fakro with a hatch

Today, the attic stairs Fakro are very popular. These are designs in which there can be 3-4 sections. Basically, they are made of wood, but there may be metal elements.

Popular and in demand today are attic stairs Fakro, which are characterized by high quality, durability and practicality Fakro attic stairs are popular and in demand today. They are characterized by high quality, durability and practicality.

For natural wood structures, pine used in winter is used, which makes the product more:

  • Durable;
  • Durable;
  • Wear-resistant.

The folded state of the ladder is compact in size. The design is completely fixed under the ceiling, and to be more precise, under the hatch cover. When purchasing a product with a hatch, you need to pay attention to the presence of an especially strong lock that will hold the ladder. Absolutely all sets of ladders Fakro have a heated hatch in the set that excludes additional laying of the layer of thermal insulation, if on the second floor there is an attic, and not a dwelling. On the steps there are anti-slip recesses, which makes them as safe as possible. Steps are fastened like a swallowtail, which simplifies their folding when there is no need to operate. Products have excellent stability, as they are developed by the best specialists. The model range of Fakro staircases is very large, and therefore it is possible to choose the design according to the required dimensions, shapes and models.

Overview: a loft with a ladder( video)

These stairs will be an excellent option for small rooms, both for private and cottage houses, or for ordinary apartments, if they have several levels, which is now particularly fashionable.