Attic stairs own drawings: how to install, video and montage, wood ceiling finish

It is not difficult to make an attic with your own hands, if you think in advance of its design and choose the right materials for work It's easy to make an attic with your own hands if you think in advance of its design and choose the right materials for the operation. The optimum option to climb to the attic without risk to health is a special ladder that can be built with your own hands. The attic staircase is appropriate, both in the room itself and outside it, that is, from the street. It is more convenient to use a staircase inside the house, because in this case it does not matter what the weather is outside the window. There are stairs for not very high houses. Buying a ladder, it is necessary to specify the maximum load that it will be able to withstand during operation, as well as its dimensions and the length of the room from ceiling to floor.

      • How to make an attic with your own hands
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      • How to make an attic ladder
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How to make an attic with your own hands

Before you start to equip a room in the attic, To think about the location of the staircase. It assumes the presence of an entrance to the attic, that is, the hatch, and hence the doors in the ceiling. The best way would be to equip the hatch and staircase in the hallway or corridor because these rooms are not residential at home.

Selecting a place to install a ladder, it is better to choose non-residential premises, including the corridor Selecting a place to install the ladder, it is better to choose non-residential premises, including the corridor

The company "Oman" provides a wide choice of attic stairs. The product is durable and reliable, withstand high loads. Earlier the attic entrance was formed outside the house, but this has its drawbacks - weather conditions. There is an opportunity, of course, to climb into the attic with furniture, but this is not safe, therefore, you can not do without a sturdy ladder that can be stationary and folding. It can be wooden and metal.

The folding ladder is more compact, so it is more in demand than stationary.

Folding stairs are placed on top after use. Due to this, the space of the room is saved. The hatch can be made more attractive by the look, if it is finished.

Types of folding ladders:

  1. Multisection - they fold like a doll.
  2. Telescopic - consists of a pair of sliding sections. Disadvantage - take up a lot of space when folded.
  3. Scissors - made of metal. The sections are compressed when the ladder is folded.
  4. Stationary - to strengths, you can attribute strength, affordability, long life.

Disadvantages of the latter variety - too cumbersome, do not save space.

Assembly drawings for the ladder to the attic

Wooden stairs do not withstand too high loads. But the ladder made of metal is more durable, and withstand heavy loads during operation. Folding stairs for the attic can be done by yourself.

There are several options for stairs, made by hand - from simple designs to more complex ones. Finding drawings for building stairs at home is not a problem.

In advance, you should determine the purpose for which the ladder is intended, since the wooden structure can not withstand heavy loads In advance, determine the purpose for which the ladder is intended, since the wooden structure can not withstand the heavy loads.

There are ladders that have 2 sections, the first of which is compactly laid on the ceiling. Depending on the style of the home, the attic is located, anywhere - in the garage, for example.

This ladder can be built in just a couple of hours if you have the materials you need:

  1. Roulette;
  2. Ladder;
  3. Hacksaw;
  4. Hinges;
  5. Several bars;
  6. Self-tapping screw and anchor thread.

How to make an attic ladder with your own hands

The length of the staircase leading to the attic is needed more length from ceiling to floor. It in fact consists of sections, the size of which is important to determine correctly. One section of the size should match the size of the hatch, the other a little shorter than the first, so as not to touch the ceiling during the tilting process. Section number 3 is made, according to the length of the residual segment. One bar must be connected to the end of the ladder at the top by means of loops. The next bar should be firmly fixed at the bottom of the stairs.

To create a more reliable and safe design, you need to mount - two slats on the other side of the march.

When arranging the attic stairs, do not forget about the fasteners, which will help securely fix the structure When adjusting the attic, do not forget the fasteners that will help securely fix the

Make everything neat, so as not to obstruct the movement on the steps of the ladder. To fix the card loops, you should measure the bottom of the ladder 2/3 of its length, and then make a saw in this place. The sawn parts must be fastened with loops, which must be located from the rear of the ladder to be able to fold correctly. The necessary items for the construction of the attic stairs are the boards of the planned size and width.

Manufacturing process:

  1. One of the boards must be marked with the slope of the hatch.
  2. Next, mark the location of the steps of the ladder. For this board it is important to tighten the adhesive tape tightly - then the markup will turn out to be correct.
  3. The sections themselves are connected by hinges. To do this, make holes for the bolts.
  4. Special adaptation, called a router, you need to give all faces a finished look.
  5. On the marking boards are sawn.
  6. The crossbeams of the ladder must be cut, taking into account the necessary width and sand.
  7. Then fasten all parts with screws, using glue.

Attachment of the attic

It is better to install the attic ladder to the master if you are not confident in your abilities and abilities. When buying a finished staircase, it is not unreasonable to ask about the availability of a free installation service, this will save time and nerves.

If the decision is made to install a self-supporting structure yourself, then you need to assemble the prepared elements and install them in the right places. If the entire mechanism is working properly, then you need to disassemble it and wood elements themselves handle varnish, and metal - to cover with soil and paint.

The upper part of the ladder is fixed by means of corners to the door of the hatch. Elements of metal, just like wood, can be made with your own hands.

Before installing a ladder, it is necessary to make the right measurements like an attic, a door, and a ladder structure Before installing the ladder, it is necessary to make correct measurements of both the attic, the door and the ladder structure.

Hooks with hooks are necessary when installing the ladder to avoid any opening. The hook is fixed to the wall, the loop to the bar.

You can install the construction as follows:

  1. It is necessary to check the compliance of the loft opening and the door dimensions.
  2. On the door to fix additional boards, through which the ladder will rest when it is laid out.
  3. Next, raise the ladder and lean on the supporting boards.
  4. In the process of securing the staircase, it is important that the corners are straight. To comply with this condition, insert the spacers.
  5. Screw the ladder box with screws.
  6. Then remove the supporting boards, and the ladder is pushed.
  7. The gap between the opening and the box is filled with a special foam.
  8. The bottom of the ladder is sawed off, making sure that its length is equal to the height of the room.
  9. If necessary, you can adjust the slope of the structure.

The attic folding ladders are conveniently and compactly folded into the unit located on the roof of the attic space and are securely secured with a lock integrated in the hatch door. In such constructions the hatch is made warmed and does not let noise.

How to install an attic ladder( video)

In the models of stairs there are several sections, and elements made of wood are covered with a special lacquer, which protects the material from external influences. Details of the ladder, made of metal, have anticorrosion properties. Installation of such structures is simple and does not require special equipment.

Details: staircase to the attic with his own hands( photo example)