Wooden staircase with their own hands: how to make of wood itself, video and step by step instruction, photos of the backyard

Among the advantages of a wooden staircase is the long service life and excellent aesthetic properties Among the advantages of a wooden staircase is worth noting a long service life and excellent aesthetic properties Stairs often occur in private residential buildings. Despite the fact that these elements look quite decorative, they carry no less load than the floor or walls, as they are a bridge between the floors. Therefore, it is so important that the staircase be made qualitatively, taking into account all the nuances. Can I make a ladder of wood with my own hands?Of course, however, for this you must first carefully study the theory, and only then go on to practice.

    • staircase made of wood with their hands: design elements
    • Options: how to build a wooden staircase
    • master class to prepare: how to calculate the wooden staircase
    • construction technology of wooden stairs
    • Metal and wood:how to make a ladder
    • wooden stairs with his hands: step by step instructions( video)
    • stairs design made of wood with their hands( photo interior)

ladder of his treeukami: design elements

Staircase construction adds luxury and nobility. If you decide to equip such an element is not a porch in the country, but a two-story house, then you need to choose high-quality and solid structures.

There are a lot of materials from which you can make a ladder, but the most popular is still a wooden structure. By the way, it's quite possible to build a ladder from a tree, it's quite possible, but for this it's important to know its device.

A wooden ladder can be painted both before installation and after ladder made of wood can be painted as the pre-installation and post

elements wooden ladder:

  1. stringers - this beam with sawn on one side projections. On the Kosovra there are wooden steps, so this load-bearing element of the stair must have high strength.
  2. The bowstring is an alternative to kosoura. It is installed in the event that one of the sides of the stairs will be adjacent to the wall. On the aunt are fastened wooden blocks, which serve as a support for the steps.
  3. The steps of the are a mandatory part of each ladder. They are attached to aunty or kosour. The steps can have a variety of shapes.
  4. The step is the part that holds the middle of the step. It gives the staircase structure additional strength, therefore, despite the fact that many consider this element optional, it is still necessary to install it.
  5. Balusters support handrails. They can have different shapes, depending on the style of the stairs.
  6. On the pillars lie the handrails. They are massive structures that are located on the site and at the end of the stairs.
  7. handrail or banister - an integral part of the ladder. It is for them that you hold when climbing the stairs. These elements should be perfectly smooth, so as not to leave a splinter in your hands.
  8. spacer sleeves and bars need for mounting areas between flights of stairs.

These elements comprise a ladder. Depending on the type of construction that you want to get, the shape of some parts of the kit may vary, however the basic set will remain the same.

Options: how to assemble a wooden ladder

There are many types of stairs that can be installed in a garage, a wooden or brick house. Each species is good in its own way. However, from the tree most often make a flight or a spiral staircase. Modular and bolted stairs require a frame of metal.

Screw staircases made of wood look luxurious, but hard enough to build. If you do not have carpentry skills, then you better refuse this option. Otherwise, you risk simply to spoil the expensive wood, not achieving the desired result.

Another drawback of spiral staircases is that it is quite difficult for them to climb to the second floor. Therefore, the best option will be a self-made marching staircase.

To assemble a wooden staircase, you should definitely purchase a screwdriver, screws, level and other tools To assemble wooden stairs, be sure to buy a screwdriver, screws, level and other tools

Odnomarshevuyu ladder to do the easiest way, so we offer to those who have not yet mastered the construction, pay attention to this option.

Marching stairs are the easiest to install, and easy-to-use designs. They may have several turns, but for a wooden house the most suitable is a one-or two-march staircase. It is more difficult to assemble such a construction than a portable stepladder, but the result is worth it.


  1. Simple direct odnomarshevaya staircase is the most popular and reliable choice for a wooden house. The main disadvantage of this design is that it takes up a lot of space, but this problem can be solved by using the space below it, for example, as a storage room.
  2. The assembly of a single-curved curvilinear design, although it has its own nuances, is quite accessible to the beginner. Such a ladder is appropriate to look in spacious rooms.
  3. A two-ladder ladder with a swivel platform between the flights is not much more difficult to install in a simple single-march design, but at the same time it saves a maximum of free space.

There are other types of flight stairs, but they are more cumbersome, and therefore are considered less suitable for wooden houses. Choosing an option suitable for your home, consider the size of the room where the staircase will be installed, and try to soberly assess your possibilities.

Master class on preparation: how to calculate a wooden ladder

When you have decided on the shape of the ladder and chose the location of its installation, you need to calculate its dimensions and build a drawing. If you are not sure that you can do everything right, then the construction company will help you, which will not only make a competent project, but also calculate the necessary amount of materials.

If you already have a ladder that creaks, then take a closer look, perhaps it will be saved by restoration. Then you will only need to trim the old base, which is much easier than redoing the entire structure.

To build a wooden staircase correctly, it is worthwhile to perform its drawing To build a wooden staircase correctly, it is necessary to fulfill its pre-drawing

From the correctness of the calculations will depend on the extent to which you can determine the right size and number of the required materials. We will give you the basic calculations that you will have to make.

Step guide determination ladder sizes:

  • ladder height equal to the sum of the first floor ceiling height and thickness floor slabs;
  • The height of the riser can vary between 15-20 cm;
  • The number of steps is equal to the height of the ladder divided by the height of the riser;
  • The step width is equal to the retail of the average step length( 60-64 cm) and the height of the riser multiplied by 2;
  • The width of the staircase is chosen depending on the size of the room in which it will be installed, it can vary between 0.8-1.5 m;
  • In order to calculate the length of the ladder, multiply the number of steps by their width;
  • The optimum inclination of the ladder is 23-36 degrees;
  • To determine the length of the Kosower, you need to add the square of the length of the ladder with the square of its height.

After you have found all the required values, you need to draw a plan for the ladder to scale. Without the presence of a visual image, it will be difficult for you to properly attach the lifting structure.

wooden stairs construction technology Once you make sure that the ladder plan is right, and will get all the necessary tools and materials, you can proceed directly to the manufacture thereof. Such ladders are usually made of a bar.

For the construction of wooden stairs will need 2 people for the construction of wooden stairs will need 2 people

stairs Technology:

  1. First of all, the board for the Kosovra is trimmed in length. It notches with a view of the height and width of the steps, as well as the slope of the stairs.
  2. Where a ladder will be installed, it is necessary to attach the beams with the cuts for Kosovra. In these bars, wall-mounted skews are mounted. In this case, in the ceiling aperture, the strips are also fixed with a bar.
  3. The risers are attached to the scoops, which should be equal to the width of the ladder, and the steps, which should be 1 cm longer than the distance between the oblongs.
  4. Further on glued wooden chopiki installed balusters two on each step( they should be at the edges of each step).The latter are mounted upper and lower support posts.
  5. Wooden balusters are attached to the balusters and pillars.

When the glue dries you need to refine the ladder. Its finish includes processing with antiseptic primer and varnish.

Metal and wood: how to make a ladder

What type of stairs you would not choose, you need to consider where they will be installed. The securing constructions on the second floor, which will be at home, can be made of wood, but here the entrance ladder should be arranged more thoroughly.

Wooden staircases fit well in both classical and modern interiors Wooden staircases fit well in both the classic and modern interior of the

You may think that even decorating the street structures with wood will not lead to anything good. However, these days there are tools that improve the technological characteristics of wood.

It is better if the stairs located on the street will have a frame made of metal. You can finish the metal structure with wood, in this case you will get an excellent appearance of the facade of the house, and reliable and durable steps.

Wooden ladder with their own hands: step by step instruction( video)

It's quite possible to make a ladder with your own hands. The main thing is to take measurements and draw a plan, and directly assembling the structure will not take you much time.

stairs design made of wood with their hands( interior photos)