Construction ladders: GOST for mounting, Garden rocket professional, for scaffolding on the site of universal

Building ladders are a practical device that is used to perform various jobs at height Construction stairs are a practical device, which is used to perform a variety of works on height in the garden area, as well as the professional construction site, in the manufacture, installation and construction work is usually the following types of ladders universal, garden, stairs rocket assembly(Hinged, composite, transformer), professional, for scaffolding. Some types of building ladders will be discussed in this article.

    • Mounting ladder GOST
    • Garden stairs Rocket
    • Ladders, scaffolding
    • Professional universal ladder
    • Stairs on a garden plot: how to choose a stepladder
    • types of professional ladders ruggedized
    • Varietiesbuilding stairs( video)
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Mounting ladder GOST

Species ladder Constrtions in the world there are many. There are popular, exclusive, creative and personal - but about such a better guide tells. Here we will talk about staircases for construction and installation works, because they are used very often, and the functionality of such structures is diverse. A large selection of models is available in building stores or on the market. Stairs are better to choose, relying on the complexity of the work ahead. It takes into account the time that will be spent at altitude.

In everyday life is often applied normal ladder, but it happens:

  • Direct mounting.
  • Compound stepladder.
  • Transformer.
  • Mobile.

The ladder-transformer has a wide functionality, so it is often used by professional workers Ladder-transformer has broad functionality, so it is often used by professional workers

Thus, the mounting structure can be:

  1. from the construction site.
  2. With fencing fastening.
  3. Perilla.
  4. Arc.
  5. Rectangular.

mounting staircase for guests - it is a product which has been tested, and has adjusted the parameters, for the construction and installation work requires utmost care and compliance with safety regulations. The installer must be sure of his safety.

Garden stairs Rocket

The gardener has a lot of work, and without a ladder Rocket can not do. The garden ladder is made of aluminum and has a height of 3 m, and is distinguished by certain operational advantages.


  • Durability.
  • Light weight.
  • Strength.
  • Stability.
  • Fixing the legs to the frame.

Garden ladders are used not only for harvesting, but also for repair work Garden stairs are used not only for the harvest, but also for repairs

compact design and very convenient for the gardener who is going to produce the harvest with their own hands, as well as seasonal pruning.

The size of any staircase must comply with GOST.The documentation must contain all the data. A few decades ago, the mounting ladders were only wooden, but today aluminum and steel are included in the GOST, and with the development of technologies, even glass-fiber alloys are allowed. A few more criteria play a role in choosing a staircase.

Ladders, scaffolding

In order to perform a safe, rapid rise and descent working on the facade of metal woods need an item that would make it without too much effort and maximum comfort. Of course, in this case, an indispensable staircase, a functional product with steps. There are several options for the execution of stairs.

Depending on the complexity of forest plants and on what the nature of the work, use mounted, vertical or diagonal ramps.

to Chomutov and pin forests is possible to use hinged stair construction, the main advantage of which is:

  • Ease of installation;
  • Reliability;
  • Ease of use.

If necessary, stairs for scaffolding can be removed and moved to another location If necessary, ladders, scaffolding can be removed and moved to another location

They are simply transferred from one edge of the forest on the other, because they have special hooks and the supporting elements. The staircase has several steps, their number depends on how it will be arranged - vertically or diagonally, as well as from the depth of the forest. In a word, it is impossible to use construction forests without staircases, since this is dangerous for life.

Professional universal ladder

Repair work in the housing premises, window washing systems, revision and reconstruction of the roof in a country house, picking fruit from the trees - it's not the whole list of jobs that require a professional LMS.Well, if you have a ladder, for example, a ladder with 3 sections, then there will be no problems. If there are no stairs, then it is better to buy it, it will not be superfluous. It is important to choose the staircase correctly.

The main requirements for professional ladder are as follows:

  • Reliability and stability.
  • Light weight and considerable length.
  • The possibility of a stable position at the top of the structure.

Professional universal stairs are equipped with wheels for convenience Professional universal ladders are equipped with wheels for easy

sliding universal ladder always has a footrest and raised stage that provides security when climbing hills and stairs. A good professional ladder is light powerful and reliable.

Stairs to the garden: how to choose a stepladder

On a country plot you need a good stepladder. And a metal ladder is important to choose correctly. The main characteristic of the ladder is its height, in fact, for this reason it is purchased. At low domestic stairs only 3 steps, this option is suitable only for home use, for working at low altitude.

The upper step will be located at a low altitude. A person with medium height will be able to reach a height of about 2.5 m. For a comfortable work at home, you still need a ladder design higher.

rational solution - 5 step-ladder, with a ceiling height of 2.5 m, it can be hung without any problems:

  • Cornice;
  • Fixture;A picture of
  • .

to work in the garden area, the villa area, when you might need and a great height, for example, for coloring residential construction, 5-step ladder will not be enough, then better to choose a 10-step product.

Choose a stepladder for the garden is recommended, based on the height of trees Select ladder Garden is recommended, based on tree height

high altitude is better to buy a ladder. They are much higher than ladders, for example, for installation work, professional, etc. There are also ladder-ladders, they can be transformed from a ladder into a ladder and, conversely, can be 2, 3, 4-sectional. Comfortably, when a ladder with a pad, performing work, you can arrange for it an instrument, the person himself can stand on the penultimate step. This makes it possible not to go down constantly in order to take the necessary instrument.

Stepladders can be made of steel or aluminum. Aluminum product is easy. The steel structure weighs 6 kg. This should be taken into account if women and elderly people use it. The maximum load of the ladders is 150 kg. Judging by the reviews, with frequent use, the product made of steel is stronger, durable. Buy a product of any modification can be without problems, the market is a great choice.

Types of professional ladders of increased strength

Any master has a set of tools that he uses professionally. For a master builder, this is a metal ladder, relevant for professionals who are engaged in interior finishing of apartments, country houses and other premises. Stairs are often used in trade, as they help sellers move products that are at different heights. What else can you really do by applying professional ladders that can be transformed?What are they made of?What are the varieties?The answers are simple.

Ladders for pros can be used for different purposes:

  • Repair;
  • Construction;
  • Wallpaper gluing;
  • Roof device;
  • Ceiling mounting;Painting of walls and other.
  • .

An excellent option is to purchase an aluminum ladder, because it is characterized by a long service life An excellent option is to purchase an aluminum ladder, because it is different long-life

Also, ladders are used in everyday life, when you want to change a light bulb, get, anything from the mezzanine or storage. Naturally, this is not all areas of application, a ladder is needed in any business where it is required to climb to a height.

professionals identify several types of structures:

  • Transformer.
  • Stepladders.
  • Scaffold tour.
  • Extension construction.

models are made of steel, aluminum, and may also be combined. After inspecting the plastic panels in the area where the steps are fastened, you can determine the country of manufacture by the color. For example, elements of green color - delivery from Belarus, red color - the United Kingdom or Germany.

choosing a ladder is required to inspect the structures in the open state, it is necessary to examine each element, because of the stairs depends on the reliability of safety during handling.

Varieties building stairs( video)

better to turn to a professional specialist specialty store or company will tell which version of the ladder is ideal for the implementation of tasks.

Details: Garden stairs( photo examples)