Foldable aluminum staircase-transformer: folding 6 and 8 meters, Centaure and LMS

Indispensable when carrying out construction or repair work is a practical folding ladder made of aluminum A practical folding ladder made of aluminum is indispensable for building or repair work. The ladder-transformer is used during the repair. It has a convenient and reliable design. The staircase has a strong frame, which is made of aluminum. Aluminum is less susceptible to corrosion and mechanical damage. It is a suitable material for the manufacture of stairs. The construction is a transformer. Such a thing is convenient to store, because in the folded state the ladder occupies a small amount of space. Folding structure can be placed in the pantry, and if necessary, reach, quickly decompose and use.

    • Practical folding ladders: aluminum structures
    • Folding aluminum ladder: 6 meters in height
    • Aluminum folding ladder: 8 meters in height
    • Convenient folding ladder model LMS
    • How to choose a foldable aluminum ladder-transformer( video)
    • Types of folding aluminum stairs-transformers( photo examples)

Practical folding ladders: aluminum structures

Folding woodNica made of different materials. But, the most sturdy ladders are made of aluminum. Aluminum structures replaced wooden. Now, in the market, metal stairs are more in demand. They can be of different designs. The most convenient are the stairs, which have the design of the transformer.

Many people prefer to use a folding ladder in operation, because it has a light weight and is easy to transport Many people prefer to use the folding ladder because it is light in weight and easy to transport.

Aluminum folding ladders have several advantages:

  • Have a light weight;
  • They are made of durable material;
  • The design is reliable and safe;
  • Have a long service life;
  • The material is corrosion-resistant;
  • They are resistant to temperature changes.

There are different models of folding ladders. They differ in their design, height and number of sections.

There are two types of stairs according to the type of transformer - attachable and folding. Both stairs are used for repair, construction and finishing works.

The folding ladder is reliable and safe than the ladder. It can stand motionless on any horizontal surface.

The aluminum design of the folding ladder can withstand heavy loads. The steps do not bend under the influence of gravity. The steps are securely fastened

Aluminum is cheaper than wood. Therefore, it is used more often than other materials for the manufacture of folding ladders. It has increased strength than wood. Metal stairs have a large load capacity. Withstand weight up to 250 kg.

Folding aluminum ladder: 6 meters in height

Aluminum staircase-transformer can be any height. Stairs have standard dimensions, established by GOST.The folding models consist of several parts. These parts are fastened together by hinges.

Folding stairs, having a height of 6 meters, consist of sections. Their number can be from two or more.

Apply stairs at a height of 6 meters for different purposes. They are used in high buildings for finishing premises: when the high ceilings are washed in public establishments.

To date, popular and sought-after are aluminum staircases-transformers from the company "Centaure" To date, aluminum staircases-transformers from Centaure

are popular and in demand. Centaure folding ladders are reliable and quality products. They will serve you for a long time. There is a large selection of models from this brand.

Aluminum ladder model VT 3x10 from the manufacturer "Centaure"( France) is a compact product. A ladder is used in household and professional activities.

This ladder has the following characteristics:

  • The total length is 6.5 m;
  • Length in the folded form - 2,85 m;
  • Number of stages - 3х10;
  • Weight - 19 kg;
  • It is made of aluminum.

The RT 3X7 model is compact than the previous ladder. It is convenient to store at home( in the pantry or on the balcony).

You can work indoors if the ceiling height is up to 6 meters. With her help, you can wash the chandelier at home, paint wallpaper, change the lamp.

The ladder has a height in the folded state of only two meters, and in working condition 3 - 5,25 m. The number of steps is 3Х7.There are only three sections, in each section there are seven steps. Such a ladder can withstand a load of 150 kg, with its weight of 11.8 kg.

Aluminum folding ladder: 8 meters in height

High stairs, usually used for outdoor use. There are aluminum stairs, whose height is 8 meters or more. There are several such models of folding ladders.

Aluminum folding ladder, which has a length of 8 meters, is excellent for installation work at height Aluminum folding ladder, which is 8 meters long, perfectly suited for mounting work at the height of

The ladder of the RT 3X14 "Centaure" model is a handy device made of aluminum.

This ladder has the following parameters:

  • Weight - 30.2 kg;
  • Number of stages 3x14;
  • The height of the product in the folded form is 4 m.

The folding ladder of this model consists of 3 sections. Each section has 14 steps.

The ladder can have a height of 8 meters( height in working condition is from five to nine meters).

Convenient folding ladder of model LMS

Stairs of model lsm are used as the adaptation with which help it is possible to rise on an attic. The attic folding ladder consists of a solid construction. It includes a march and a heat insulation cover. Covers are made of fiberboard, chipboard or wood. Hinge hinges have great strength and endurance. With their help, the ladder can easily be brought into working condition. The ladder of the lsm model can be purchased from the company "Fakro".

Folding ladder-transformer made of aluminum is perfect for lifting to the attic Folding ladder-transformer made of aluminum is perfect for lifting to the attic

The following parameters are taken into account when manufacturing attic stairs:

  • Ceiling height;
  • Height of the attic;
  • Dimensions of the box;
  • The size of the ladder in the folded and working condition.

The steps of these stairs are made with recesses. They resist the sliding of the foot during the operation of the ladder.

How to choose a folding aluminum staircase transformer( video)

Metal stairs-transformer - an indispensable thing in construction, repair and during the work on the house. Use the stairs to work at height. Folding structures are convenient to store, transport if necessary to the object. Such stairs can consist of a different number of sections and steps. Choose a ladder is worth carefully, based on the purpose for which you will use it. For household purposes staircases with a small working height will do. In professional work a higher ladder is useful.

Types collapsible aluminum ladders-transformers( photo examples)