Accessories for stairs from stainless steel: from steel, production of accessories, manufacturing, photo steps and racks

Stylish and fashionable look stairs with elements of stainless steel Styles with stainless steel elements are stylish and fashionable. To date, stairs are one of the main elements of architecture. In any building - shopping center, apartment building, school or office, you can find a staircase, completely or partially made of stainless steel. These stairs look quite nice and fashionable.

    • Stainless steel stairs: newfangled direction
    • Manufacture of stainless steel stairs: stylish, modern, fashionable
    • Stainless steel ladders: staircase guard
    • Combination of stairs from stainless steel with other materials
    • How to make a railing, stainless steel railing for stairs( video)
    • Stairs with stainless steel( photo examples)

Stainless steel stairs: newfangledsystematic way

Every day millions of people use the stairs to climb or descend. Any ladder should be as safe as possible to avoid accidents. Increasingly, ladders with metal fencing are manufactured.

Spectacular stairs that combine stainless steel with other materials Staircases combining stainless steel with other materials are spectacular.

Sometimes cold steel of metal looks bulky for room, clutters the overall interior and deprives the room of individuality. For this, steel is combined with other materials. Railings, partitions and bars of stainless steel are well combined with glass, wood or plastic. Therefore, stairs made of stainless steel can be not only safe, but also beautiful.

Manufacturers of internal staircases for the home often make forged spiral staircases leading to the second floor of the house. These stairs are complemented by glass, as a result, the ladder looks stylish and original.

Street staircases are mainly made of stainless steel. This is a material that can withstand all the weather conditions - rain, snow, scorching sun, wind. With frost, steel does not crack, it will not dry out when it's hot. Steel does not need painting or varnishing, it will look great in its natural form.

Stainless steel ladder can decorate any interior from office to private house.

Manufacture of stairs from stainless steel: stylish, modern, fashionable

To date, the choice of materials for the manufacture of stairs, fences and railings is not particularly great - iron and stainless steel. Choosing between them, most consumers tend to favor stainless steel.

Stainless steel ladders are durable and durable Stainless steel ladders are durable and durable

Staircase stainless steel benefits:

  1. All stainless steel products are more durable than plastic or wood.
  2. Stainless steel is not corroded, it is not afraid of temperature changes and any precipitation.
  3. Stainless steel does not require special care, it is easy to clean.
  4. All accessories for stairs are easy to install and do not require special tools.
  5. Externally the stainless steel handrails are quite attractive and look pretty stylish in any room.
  6. The reliability of stainless steel ladders is not inferior to that of iron.
  7. Variety of product shapes - bent, tubular, mesh or solid sheet. When bending, stainless steel does not change color.
  8. It is susceptible to welding, it is possible to create any masterpiece, combining stainless steel with other materials - plastic, glass, granite, concrete.

Stairs made of stainless steel, made in the style of high-tech, look practical and beautiful.

Stainless steel ladders: staircase guard

Stainless steel ladders look not only fashionable and modern, but also inspire safety for those who will walk them on a daily basis. Fences prevent from falling and getting fractures or bruises. That's why all components must be made of good steel and meet all the reliability requirements.

Stainless steel handrails do not require complex care Stainless steel railings do not require complex maintenance

Accessories for stairs include:

  1. Wall railing made of stainless steel. They are a mandatory attribute if the stairs have three or more steps. This fittings not only protects the ascent and descent of the stairs, but also organically fits into any interior.
  2. Railing. These stainless steel ladders are generally horizontal. This element of the ladder acts as a guard of the steps.
  3. Balusters and racks. These elements are also the limits of the stairwell. They connect rails and steps between them. The role of balusters and racks is to provide additional protection when moving people up the stairs.

Stainless steel accessories do not require special care. It is enough to wipe them with a cloth soaked in a special solution to remove fingerprints and give a gloss surface.

Combination of stairs from stainless steel with other materials

Last time it became popular to make stair constructions in combination with other materials. Such structures can often be seen in private houses or offices.

The original solution for stairs is the combination of wood and stainless steel The original solution for the ladder - combining wood and stainless steel

The standard combination of stainless steel with wooden handrails - these stairs look chic and unrepeatable. At desire and financial possibility it is possible to establish a wooden ladder from expensive breeds of a tree - an oak, a nut or a cherry, in a combination to shining stainless handrails.

The second most popular combination is steel and glass. Increasingly, in modern offices, new-fashioned houses and apartments, you can see stair railings made of steel with glass partitions. This fence immediately strikes the eye, it captivates with its originality and unusual appearance. Manufacture of stairs from stainless steel and glass is carried out in two directions - all-glass and combination fences.

The all-glass staircases are a glass guard, which is a bearing support, the steel handrail is attached to the top or side of the glass.

The combined ladder guard looks like an ordinary staircase made of stainless steel, in which the free space is filled with glass.

The combination of the gloss of metal and clear glass gives the stairs a particularly refined look.

How to make a railing, stainless steel railings for stairs ( video)

Stairs made of stainless steel fit well in any interior - modern, high-tech or classic. Thanks to their varied design, they add a touch of personality to the room. It is enough to look at the stairs of steel - and you will see that they are not only strong and reliable, but also beautiful!

Stairs with stainless steel( photo examples)