Making stairs: with their own hands stages, on the second floor installation and reviews, construction and installation of doors

You can design a staircase yourself, the main thing is that the structure is practical, comfortable and safe The design of the staircase can be thought up on its own, the main thing is that the structure is practical, comfortable and safe. In the modern world, the staircase is not a luxury, but a necessary part of any house. Its purpose is to connect the premises, which are located at different levels and this connection should be comfortable and safe. In addition, the staircase provides an aesthetic effect. If a person wants to build a ladder himself, he should first of all pay attention to production techniques and safety.

      • Stair steps: order of independent actions
      • What to take into account when manufacturing the ladder
      • Installation and manufacturing of screw-type stairs
      • Professional manufacturing of stairs: reviewsAbout companies affect the choice of
      • Consider building a ladder with our own hands: what are the disadvantages of
      • Making a staircase to the second floor( video)

What is the process of making a ladder with your own hands?

Making stairs with your own hands is a rather complex and stringy process. The first thing you need to decide is which staircase you want to see in your house?

Before you start the installation of the stairs, you must first choose the quality materials for work Before proceeding with the installation of the ladder, it is necessary to select in advance the qualitative materials for the operation of the

The stairs leading to the top are of several types:

  1. Marching staircase: the steps are in one row and endArea on the second floor.
  2. Ladder on metal fasteners, which connect the steps: the most airy kind of stairs, does not require a frame, does not load the interior.
  3. Multi-ladder ladders: those that include more than 2 marches, with 3 pads and more, are very suitable for large rooms.
  4. Console ladder: in it one end of the step is mounted in the wall, and the second one is not fixed. This is a very beautiful and elegant design, but it requires a capital wall and thick arrays at the steps.
  5. There are also spiral staircases, but they play a decorative rather than a practical role.
  6. If there is an intention to save space, you can put a screw or fan ladder: they have wedge-shaped steps, the narrow end is fixed in the supporting beam in the center, and the wide can be a canopy or abut against the near wall.
  7. Spine or modular ladders: practical, convenient and decorate any room.

Installation and self-manufacturing of stairs requires a preliminary selection of material. When you have decided on the type of staircase that you want at home, proceed with choosing the material for it. Stairs are made of metal, concrete, wood. You should pay attention to some of the nuances in choosing a material.

If you want to make a ladder made of metal, you will need the services of a welder if you are not yourself. The master will help you to weld the ladder quickly and qualitatively, while alone, without owning a welded case, this is unlikely to work.

Concrete stairs are installed, as a rule, in houses where there are more than 2 floors made of brick or foam blocks. The concrete staircase in the house looks very cold, so it will have to be lined with wood. Such work will be done much faster with the help of the firm. Fire safety rules require in high-rise buildings( 2 and more floors) to install exclusively metal or concrete staircases, which in case of fire will quickly leave the door of the house on the street.

Stages of the staircase: the order of independent actions

Stages of the staircase consists of 7 parts. At the first stage, an independent builder must choose the desired type of ladder and create a special project. The project reflects the location of the staircase, the design of the room, the location of all doors, window sills and windows, heating systems, sockets, beams, switches and the like. Best of all, if the design is in 3D form, the work will be easier, but you can do without it.

The second stage involves the creation of a drawing for the stairs, where exact data on the size of each element of the staircase, including the platforms, steps, rails, kosour, balusters, will be indicated. To have a better idea of ​​how to properly draw a drawing, take a sample of drawings from professionals.

The third stage requires the selection of material for the ladder. It is best to use materials like ash and oak.

You can install the staircase in the house yourself, having thoroughly read the order of repair work You can install the ladder in the house yourself, having thoroughly read the repair procedure

Please pay attention to such materials as:

  • Spruce;
  • Larch;
  • Pine;
  • Cedar.

They are not suitable for the manufacture of stairs due to the low density of the tree, which will lead to an earlier wear of the structure. At this stage it is important to plan the laying of elements on the boards, the direction of the wood, the category of furniture boards, the shade of the means for toning the wood.

The fourth stage involves the cutting of materials. A step-by-step instruction on this exercise will help to turn an independent manufacture of stairs into a simple and quick action. Use a format-cutting machine for cutting. A circular saw with a movable carriage is also suitable.

Any carpenter and carpenter knows that for the cutting of products of a complex shape curve, a device such as band saw or electric jigsaw is used, you can use a milling cutter to work out a template. Cutting should be done with an accuracy of 0.5 mm. If the indicator is larger, the ladder can turn out to be a curve and unstable.

The fifth stage begins with the assembly of the ladder. To assemble the ladder it is necessary on the base, which is in all planes on the level. Using the level, the elements for the ladder are collected. Ignoring the level, you can collect a ladder with a large number of cracks between its elements.

The sixth stage involves grinding with an eccentric machine. After that, the elements are blown with air. It is absolutely impossible to touch the polished surface without gloves.

Painting and tinting are carried out at stage 7 and is carried out in 3 stages:

  • 1st stage - application of parquet soil with a dry high residue of at least 50%;
  • 2nd stage - knocking down the raised pile;
  • 3rd stage - varnishing steps with parquet varnish, the rest of the elements should be varnished with a wear-resistant thixotropic varnish.

Be prepared that at some stages specialist services may be required.

What to consider in the manufacture of the

Ladder The testimonials of experienced builders say that when building a ladder on, you should pay attention to some things.

When installing a ladder structure, it is important to consider some things, including the steps and the slope of the staircase When installing a ladder structure, it is important to consider some things, including the step height and the slope of the ladder


  • Build the ladder based on the physical capabilities of the occupants in the house, the step height and the overall shape of the ladder must beComfortable for all tenants of the house;
  • When building steps, consider that their width and height should correspond to the length of the human step;
  • The width of the ladder should be 700 mm or more;
  • Note the number of steps: it should be no more than 15, so that the lift is not tedious;
  • The slope of the ladder should be no more than 40 degrees;
  • The ladder must be safe and sturdy, capable of withstanding heavy loads.

Drawing attention to these things, you can build a solid ladder, even in multi-apartment buildings.

Observance of all safety rules and advice of professionals will help you to build a beautiful and sturdy staircase yourself without much difficulty.

Installation and manufacturing of screw-type stairs

Companies that manufacture spiral staircases offer professional work on the installation of this type of staircase. The advantages of installing a spiral staircase with the help of professionals are obvious.

Beautiful and original in the interior of the guest room will look stylish spiral staircase Beautiful and original in the interior of the guest room will look like a stylish spiral staircase

But if you decide to install and manufacture a spiral staircase yourself, consider the following:

  • Do not install the spiral staircase close to the wall, this will affect the assembly;
  • This ladder is not suitable for installation in a house where there are children, elderly people or people with limited mobility;
  • Pay attention to the design of the staircase screw type: there are houses in this design, where the spiral staircase looks ridiculous and strange.

It is quite difficult to manufacture a spiral staircase yourself, its installation is also difficult, so to avoid difficulties, contact the professionals. For manufacturing use only high-quality materials, trying not to save on them. Before the manufacture of the stairs, it is necessary to draw up an exact construction plan and determine its size.

Professional manufacture of stairs: reviews about companies influence the choice of

There are many companies that will make you a ladder quickly and efficiently for reasonable prices.

When choosing a staircase for a house, it is necessary to pay attention to its quality, design and strength of the structure When choosing a staircase for a house, it is necessary to pay attention to its quality, design and strength

For example, the manufacture of stairs of all kinds, including console, is made very well in places such as:

  • Sergiev Posad;
  • In Kirov;
  • Cock;
  • Company Tapap;
  • Company Coloring Industrial;
  • Issa.

When a company enters into a contract with you, you have a guarantee for quality service, which is important for most families.

Draw up a contract agreement - a prerequisite. All companies fulfill the requirements of GOST, which ensures the safe and reliable manufacture of sturdy stairs. If you want a staircase to the attic, make a choice in favor of wood. With the help of a woody array it is very easy to make a ladder, to process it, thus overlapping will not be pressed. It should be noted that in wooden houses of new construction it is necessary to make wooden stairs due to shrinkage after the structure. The height of the ceilings may decrease, which may affect the difference between the stairs and the ceiling.

We are considering the manufacture of the building ladder with our own hands: what are the disadvantages of

The cons of the independent manufacture of the building ladder are obvious.

In order to make a comfortable and safe staircase, it is better to seek professional help In order to make a comfortable and safe staircase, it is better to ask the professionals for assistance

Installing a console ladder and other types requires certain skills:

  • Carpenter's skill;
  • Joiner;
  • Welder.

Minimal knowledge of the finer points of repair is needed. If you do not have at least one of these skills, it is better to seek professional help. You will save your nerves, perhaps money and health. And you need them, do not you?

Making stairs to the second floor( video)

So, before starting work, you need to make all the necessary calculations, otherwise there is the possibility of accidents. To avoid trouble, work should begin with drawing up of the detailed plan of work which should be guided by norms of construction and advice of professionals. What will be the stairs to the top floor - your choice!