Stairs 2 sections: two-section and four, aluminum single-section sliding, step-ladder and retractable

The ladder in the 2nd section is quite popular, since it is used almost everywhere The ladder in 2 sections is quite popular, because it is used almost everywhere Who among us at least once in your life did not climb on the old good stepladder?Almost every lean owner in the barn or in the garage has such an object. And not in vain. Stepladders are the best to help their owners in all unforeseen cases: the bulb over the porch is burned out, or the apples can not be reached from the branch. And if the repairs are started, then the best helper and wish is not necessary. But if the ladder is also modern, transformer, and equipped with all the necessary elements, then without it at all, as without hands. Consider what are the options for two-section ladders.

    • Sliding two-section ladder: the device and the appearance
    • Where can be used a two-section aluminum ladder
    • What consists of 2-section aluminum stairs
    • Convenient option - ladder transformer 4-section
    • Aluminum single-piece ladder: pros and cons of the product
    • Overview of the ladder 2 sections( video)

Sliding two-section ladder: device and appearance

NamesE - two-section ladder speaks for itself. This is a design that has two separate sections, one way or another connected together. There are certain differences in how they unite. From these differences depend on the functions that this ladder can perform, and in its appearance.

Two-section ladder is a ladder with two equally functional sections, which individually or together, contribute to the work of a person at altitude.

Modern design developments in the field of stairs allow, with the purchase of one staircase, to have several essential in the home of the lifts.

There are several types of two-section ladder, which should be chosen in accordance with their own preferences There are several types of two-section ladder, which should be chosen according to your own preferences.

Two-section ladders can be:

  • Sliding 2-section ladders - step-ladders with steps on one section;
  • Sliding 2-section stairs - step-ladders with steps on both sections;
  • Two-part sliding ladders;
  • Two-section folding ladder;

Each of these designs has its own range of useful functions that it is designed to perform.

The staircase is labeled as follows:

  • 2 x 4;
  • 2 x 5;
  • 2 x 6;
  • 2 x 7;
  • 2 x 8;
  • 2 x 9;
  • 2 x 10;
  • 2 x 11.

Where 2 is the number of sections at the stairs, and 4, etc. Up to 10 - the number of bars in them, or steps. The minimum height of a two-section ladder is 1.5 meters, the maximum reaches 8 meters.

Where can a two-section aluminum ladder be used?

Due to its own vital functions, a person has to rise to a certain height from time to time. The main assistant in this is the staircase.

Ladder 2-section aluminum - this is mostly a staircase, a household, universal, which is able to come to the rescue of a person in almost all cases.

Modern aluminum stairs have a successful transformer design, where several useful items can be cut from one ladder. For example, a staircase - the ladder is successfully converted into a ladder, and the ladder to the march.

Most often a two-section ladder is used in repair and construction work The most commonly used two-section ladder is used for repair and construction work.

Application area for two-piece aluminum stairs:

  • Repair of premises,
  • Pruning trees on private plots;
  • Harvesting from trees, bushes;
  • In libraries;
  • In warehouses;
  • Electrical work at height;
  • Repair of bridges, overlappings.

Two-piece aluminum stairs occupy the first place in use among all aluminum stairs.

What consists of 2-section aluminum stairs

All bona fide manufacturers of aluminum ladders try to equip the structure so as to protect the person working on it from falling and slipping. For this, a number of techniques have been developed with the use of accompanying elements.

Aluminum two-section aluminum ladders are safe in their use in that they are made of a durable aluminum profile, and steel products can be used in places of fastening.

Also, the ladder has protective rubberized lining on the steps and on the lower support elements, which prevent slipping both the stairs on the surface on which it stands and the legs of the person along the steps of the stairs.

When choosing a sectional ladder, it is necessary to take into account its structure and strength of materials, of which it is made When choosing a section ladder, it is absolutely necessary to take into account its structure and the strength of the materials from which it is made.

Elements of a folding two-section aluminum ladder:

  • Stair sections;
  • Crossbeams, or steps;
  • Cross beam, providing safety of the ladder;
  • Stabilizer of balance:
  • Fixing hooks;
  • Joints;
  • Tips on supports;
  • Lining on the steps.

When buying a ladder, pay attention to what the ladder itself is made of, its fasteners and lining. Remember, the cheaper the staircase, the less security it will provide you. It is desirable, when choosing stairs, to give preference to well-known manufacturing companies, such as "Alumet", Fit. Vira. Rus.

Convenient option - a staircase transformer 4-section

Using that one and then other items in order to reach the high ceiling or up to the top of the wall, we constantly complained that there is no such structure that could, Magic, turn into one, then into another tool. As it always happens - demand creates supply, and the market has a very convenient design - a four-section ladder transformer.

The four-section transformer ladder is designed for long work at low altitude. It transforms into structures that are different in function and appearance, contributing to a comfortable position when working on it.

Practical staircase-transformer, which consists of 4 sections, will quickly reach the desired height or object Practical staircase transformer, which consists of 4 sections, will help you quickly reach the required height or object.

Thanks to its construction, the 4-section ladder can be transformed into a platform, an attached single-piece ladder, a two-section ladder. It can be decomposed in the likeness of the letter G or M. Moreover, when folded, the ladder transformer does not occupy much space at all, it is convenient for transportation and storage at home. Most often there are four-step ladders - 4x4, and five-stage 4x5.

When can a four-section ladder-transformer be used:

  • When performing repair work in the house, when it takes a long time to be at the height: whitewashing or painting the ceiling, walls, facades;
  • For electrical work;
  • When harvesting from tall trees this staircase is simply an indispensable assistant;
  • If the house has furniture with high shelves, it will help you reach the topmost one;
  • Standing on such a ladder it is convenient to wash windows or screw in a light bulb.

Four-section ladder is mainly used in everyday life, but sometimes even construction crews enjoy using it.

Aluminum single-piece ladder: pluses and minuses of the product

In addition to the two-section and four-section ladders, there are also three-section ladders, telescopic, retractable and single-section. One-section ladder has limited possibilities, because it is a ladder, and requires a support in use.

One-section aluminum ladder can exist as an independent ladder, and can be a part of a two-section or three-section ladder.

Advantages of aluminum stairs are in its quality, strength and durability Advantages of aluminum stairs are in its quality, strength and durability.

For everyday work, it is not necessary to purchase a single-section ladder. Practice shows that a two-section ladder is much more profitable than a single-piece ladder, because it can be used both as a ladder and stairs of a ladder.

One-section ladders are made of the following materials:

  • Aluminum profile;
  • Steel;
  • Tree;
  • Fiberglass.

The steel ladder is the most reliable and durable, but also the heaviest. They are used mainly permanently, wherever work is carried out at a constant height. Wooden stairs are our very old kind friends, which are in almost every house, but now they are successfully replaced by aluminum stairs.

Overview of the ladder 2 sections( video)

No matter which staircase you choose for yourself, first of all, pay attention not to the price, but to the degree of safety that it can provide for you in works at height. Do not pursue cheapness when buying a ladder, and you will have a comfortable, reliable friend for years to come.