Aluminum stairs: Krause and Alumet steps, plant and profile, garden manufacturer, best collapsible Eifel

Aluminum ladder can be used practically in any sphere of human labor activity Aluminum ladder can be used in almost any field of human activity It is quite easy to buy aluminum stairs if you take into account the range and variety of options. Different heights and configurations allow you to choose from a sliding version to a telescopic version, there would be possibilities. Aluminum ladder is attractive for customers due to its strength, lightness, reliability and pleasant appearance.

    • plant aluminum ladders Stairs
    • Multifunctional ladder aluminum 3x12, 3x10, 3x7
    • Bilateral ladder-ladder aluminum: 2 steps
    • ladders aluminum ladder 4m
    • sliding aluminum ladder 6 stages
    • Alumet presents: aluminum staircase with 9 steps
    • Overview of aluminum stairs( video)

Aluminum staircase plant Stairs

You can not imagine a single enterpriseWithout aluminum stairs. They are convenient, and with their help you can produce a variety of work. The plants produce both professional and household models.

The production portfolio of the Stairs plant contains:

  • Aluminum ladders;
  • Stepladders made of steel;
  • Stepladders made of aluminum, double-sided;
  • Stairs made of aluminum with one section;
  • Stairs made of aluminum with two sections;
  • Stairs made of aluminum with three sections;
  • Ladder-transformer.

Stair Stairs aluminum stepladder is very easy to use due to its lightness and strength

The Stairs plant has clear advantages over its competitors: they have their own production lines and stocks that help keepAn extensive range and to minimize the production time of each order, which is extremely convenient for customers.

There are many manufacturers of stairs. This is the famous Eiffel, and Krause, and Alumet, and Vira, and Kroft, and ITOSS.

Manufacturers are trying to meet all customer requirements in lifting equipment. For example, Krause's products even have plastic versions of lifting units.

Multifunctional aluminum ladder 3х12, 3х10, 3х7

Aluminum ladders can be used both at home and at work. They can have a small height of 3 meters or impress with their size( 21 m in height).At 3 sectional models in presence there can be from 6 up to 12 steps. Two sections are fastened together by means of special connections and belts, the third section is removable. It can be used separately as a ladder.

Any aluminum ladder:

  • Absolutely reliable and capable of supporting a weight of up to 150 kg;
  • It is convenient to work at the required height;
  • It is light and modern, it can be quickly mounted and dismantled.

Aluminum 3-sectional staircases have many advantages over stepladders from another material. At anodized aluminum on the surface there is a thin oxide film, it protects the product from aggressive external environment.

Folded multifunctional ladder takes up a minimum of space and is convenient for transportation folded multipurpose ladder takes up little space and is convenient for transportation

aluminum ladder made of durable profile, the thickness of which is greater, the greater the height of the stairs.

3-section ladder - is a unique and versatile design, it is actively used in everyday life and can be used in production. Without it, do not work in a construction crew, it is suitable for assembly work and will be a great helper for DIY.

Excellent stability of the aluminum ladder provides a fulcrum, it can be a wall room. The 3-section ladder can be in the form of an L-shaped ladder, which has an upper additional element. This is the main type of position, the stability of the whole unit is ensured by an anti-slip support. The 3-section ladder is a multi-variant device, it is convenient to use due to the fact that the owner can change its height( for example, garden work involves activities at different heights).

Double-sided ladder-ladder aluminum: 2 steps

Stepladder is an independently standing structure, having an A-shape. The ladder has a wider step than the ladder, the steps have a fluted surface.

Such ladders can be:

  1. One-sided climbing - on one side of the stage, the second is the supporting one;
  2. Two-sided climbing - steps are available on both sides.

With a double-sided aluminum ladders, the steps on both sides increase the stiffness of the unit, which helps to work in pairs The two-sided aluminum ladders take stairs on both sides to increase the rigidity of the unit, which helps to work in the

. The upper stage of the double-sided ladders is a certain platform, and above it is the crossbar fence.

Light weight, aluminum profile in the base of the structure, high strength, no susceptibility to corrosion - these kinds of ladders have many undeniable advantages. It is a household and at the same time professional model, with the help of which it is possible to carry out both repair by one's own hands, and perform work in the production.

Attachable aluminum ladder 4 m

Foldable aluminum ladder is lighter than steel, and stronger than wood. The variety of shapes, as well as the size of such structures, helps to reach a variety of heights. Now you can find mobile, portable, construction, demountable models. The manufacturer every year offers all the new and better options, so among such a variety you can choose any sizes and types that will suit every specific buyer.

For any aluminum ladder, it is typical:

  • Corrugated surface of steps;
  • Presence of supports;
  • Restraining belts or metal stabilizers;
  • Durable mounting of steps.

The ladder version has a maximum length of 4 m.

During use, the ladder is supported by stub posts that remain stable even on slippery surfaces During use, the ladder is supported by stub stubs that remain stable even on slippery surfaces.

The portable attachment model is not extendible. It has a simple design with a pair of guides, which are connected by crossbeams. The fastening of the steps takes place by expanding into racks: the profile of the bars of a rectangular shape passes through the guides, and each edge of the guide is bent outwards.

Very popular are 2-section hinged models of stairs. The new height is 2х8, which are widely used in various spheres of life. Suitable options can be searched in shops or on the Flagma Crimea.

The high quality of production guarantees the aluminum ladders a long service life, and customer testimonials indicate that these models are very popular.

Sliding aluminum ladder: 6 steps

Aluminum ladder has become popular due to its high strength. The 3-section type of the model is a stepladder with one section that extends. Three segments can be stacked one after the other, resulting in a long ladder, but it is also possible to leave one or a pair of segments.

Types of ladders:

  1. Household - working height up to 7 m. Suitable for garden, at home. The production of such models involves flaring stages.
  2. Professional - working height from 7 m and above.

In order to avoid unpredictable folding of the ladder, the aluminum sliding doors are equipped with special tools that add extra rigidity To avoid unpredictable folding of the ladder, the aluminum sliding tools are equipped with special tools that add extra rigidity

All models are manufactured in accordance with GOST and have a long period of use.

The most important condition of operation of the staircase along the Okaf is the conformity of the load, which the unit can withstand, and which is indicated in the documents of the manufacturer.

The working height is the maximum parameter. It is the length of all sections that are collected in the ladder itself, while you need to take three steps and add two meters.

Alumet presents: aluminum staircase on 9 steps

This model is used as a ladder or ladder, it can withstand up to 150 kg at maximum due to transverse stretches between the legs of the structure and a high-strength aluminum profile.

Advantages of the model:

  1. Lightness and strength;
  2. Not exposed to corrosion.

The main advantage of the aluminum ladder is the design load of more than 100 kg The main advantage of the aluminum ladder is the design load of more than 100 kg

When working at a height of more than 6 m, you can maximize the unit, for this the third section joins and plays the role of a retractable one.

Having bought such a model, you can forget for ever the inconveniences associated with changing a lamp in a chandelier or the process of changing curtains.

Household and professional products necessarily contain elements that prevent unwanted unfolding of the structure. Safety harness, staples, restraint straps - everything is designed for maximum comfort and safety.

Overview of aluminum ladders( video)

It is impossible to perform work at a height that is inaccessible to human growth without the use of special constructions. At household needs it is possible to take and a table, however it is more reasonable and safe to use a ladder. In the market of similar products, there is a huge selection of models: welded, composite, with a platform, station wagon, scaffolding. Long folding stairs are suitable for work at a height of several meters. For each model, you can select the necessary parts and accessories, then the new purchase will please doubly.