Stairs with their own hands: a step-by-step instruction on how to make the necessary construction, how to build yourself, video

You can create a simple wooden staircase yourself, the main thing is to carefully prepare for the manufacturing process You can make a simple wooden stair yourself, the main thing is to carefully prepare for the process of manufacturing . When building houses, especially multi-storey ones, you need to equip staircases with which people will move from floor to floor. Stairs can be ordered during the construction of the house, as well as to produce them independently using different tools and equipment. Even if the Vladimir region does not have a professional specialist who will build a wonderful staircase in a short period, and if finances do not allow, then collect all the imagination and skills, and build it yourself, even outward, even at the right opening, even for the color of grapes from polypropylene pipes. Here everything is feasible.

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StairwayUkami: step by step instruction for the manufacture of

Creating a ladder in the house with your own hands, although not an easy process, but, nevertheless, you can make it, most importantly, when creating a ladder, determine the angle, and how much it should be degrees. Most often, ladders with their own hands are made of wood, since it does not require any specific knowledge and skills, it is sufficient to follow the step-by-step instructions.

Before you start making stairs with your own hands, you must first calculate everything and make an approximate model of the future product Before proceeding to manufacture the ladder with your own hands, you must first calculate and make an approximate model of the future product


  1. The calculation of the entire structure is such that the height of the ladder equals the distance between the floors, Taking into account the thickness of the overlap. The height of the step should be 200 mm, if the children and the elderly live in the house, then 150-180 mm, the step width should be 20-25 cm.
  2. The base of the ladder or supporting structures( kosoura) must be made of a dense and high-qualityWood, since Kosower must not only hold the weight of the whole structure, but also withstand the weight of people. From the dense cardboard a template is cut out, superimposed on the workpiece, and traced along the contour. Make cutouts that match the size of the steps, and the slope is equal to the slope angle of the ladder.
  3. When the marking is ready, with the help of a saw cut out the protrusions, they process them with sandpaper, at this stage it is necessary to try the Kosovra on the place where the ladder will stand.
  4. The next step is the manufacture of steps. For their production boards with a thickness of about 35-40 mm are required, and the length of the steps should be equal to the width of the ladder, usually from 80 cm to 1 m 20 cm.

When all the parts are ready, you can start assembling the ladder:The place is one kosour and is fixed in the upper part of the floor and on the floor. In it with joiner's glue, the steps are inserted into the cut grooves, then they are fixed in the second Kosoura.

For reliability, it is possible to additionally fasten the stages with long self-tapping screws. The shelf under the stairs will save space, it can be put plush toys of a cat, yak, etc.

How to make a ladder made of concrete

If you have instructions, you can easily make a ladder made of concrete, especially such stairs when equipping an outdoor entrance group. The construction of such a ladder should begin with the procurement of necessary materials, such as boards, polyethylene film, reinforcement, binding wire, and, naturally, the concrete mortar itself.

Independently you can make even a concrete staircase, if you first become familiar with the instruction and advice of professionals You can even make a concrete stair yourself if you first become familiar with the instructions and advice of

professionals. You need to do the following:

  1. The beginning of the construction of the ladder is to select the soil, the soil should be selected to a depth of at least 20 cm, the recess can be laid with a broken white brick or stone.
  2. From the fittings, using welding or binding wire, a metal construction is made, which is designed to reinforce concrete. It is better, of course, to weld such a construction, so it will be more durable.
  3. The formwork is made of boards, boards are joined closely to prevent slots from the outside of the board are further strengthened by spacers. On the inside, the boards are covered with a polyethylene film, you do not just have to put it, but straighten it and fix it with small studs. This is to ensure that after the concrete is frozen, the steps are more even, and that it is easier to remove the entire formwork.

When everything is ready, you can start pouring concrete with the whole structure. Fill the entire ladder at once, because if poured in parts, the concrete will lie unevenly.

To prevent cracks in the drying process, especially in hot weather, the surface must be covered with a damp cloth. When everything is ready, you need to continue building, and trim such a staircase with tiles, artificial stones, etc.

How to make a ladder with your metal hands

In order to do this, you need to be able to work with metal, and also handle a welding machine to weld metal structures, and with other tools. Before you start working with metal, you need to draw a drawing on which you should write all the dimensions of the future ladder, as an error in the calculations can lead to a redesign of the entire structure and the consumption of metal.

In order to make a beautiful and high-quality metal ladder, it is better to seek the help of specialists In order to make a beautiful and high-quality metal ladder, it is better to contact the specialists


  1. The base of the ladder is the channel 10 which, according to the drawing, is cut to the necessary parts, And subsequently collect the required structure from it.
  2. The metal corners are welded to the lateral faces of the finished frame, on which the steps will be attached, either wood or sheet metal. The corners should be parallel to each other and at a distance from each other equal to the height of the step, this is usually from 15 cm to 20 cm. They can be fastened after the basic Kosowers are already installed, this will allow them to be welded correctly at the right distance.
  3. After this, you can proceed to install the steps, either from metal or from wood. In the case of installation of wood, they are bolted to the corners.

After all is ready, the construction must be processed with a grinder, the roughness and welding places are cleaned, after that the entire structure can be treated with an anticorrosive primer and painted.

This ladder can be used not only indoors, but also on the street, for example, so that you can climb and descend to the terrace.

If it is necessary to make a ladder easy and portable

In summer cottages or in a private house, there is often a need to use a light and comfortable staircase. Many use the purchased ones, which occupy little space and weigh a little, besides, they can easily be transferred to another place if necessary.

Using high quality wooden bars, you can quickly and easily make a simple portable staircase with your own hands Using high-quality wooden blocks, you can quickly and easily make a simple portable ladder

. But if it is not required, it is easier to make a ladder in the suburban area from the handy materials:

  1. Most often, wooden bars are used for this. Two bars are used as carriers, in which half the grooves are cut at an equal distance from each other, into which are inserted shorter bars, which act as steps. They are fixed with the help of nails or self-tapping screws. But, such a ladder for a long time does not serve, if it is stored on the street or serves to descend into a pond.
  2. For a staircase to last longer and have a light weight, you can use an aluminum profile, from which you can build your own hands with an A-shaped ladder-stepladder. Before you begin to work, it is necessary to determine its height, and, in accordance with this, to drill a profile of the required length. The profile is connected in pairs by means of a long metal pin, on which it is fixed from both sides by nuts.
  3. On the connected profile, the places of the steps are marked, and the holes for the bolts are drilled, then the steps are cut from the same profile, the ends of which are bent in a U-shape, and holes are also drilled in them. After all the construction is assembled, and so that the steps when unfolding the ladder-ladder were in a horizontal position.

Thus, you can quickly make yourself an easy good ladder for the garden or for other works anywhere. Such a ladder can be temporary or permanent for work or construction.

Building stairs for decoration and entertainment

In addition to traditional types of ladders that are placed in the house and used on the street, there are products that are decorative in nature and serve to decorate anything, for example, the colors in the clubs, but also for fun homeAnimals, for example, for a hamster or a parrot. To make such a ladder is easy, it is enough to look at the pattern as a sample, so that you can quickly make something of your own on their basis.

Quite unusual and original in the interior will look modular stair light color It is quite unusual and original in the interior will look like a modular staircase of light color

The instruction for manufacturing such stairs is very simple:

  1. Small sticks and wooden sticks are collected in a ladder, it can be of different sizes and even differentForm, also, in order to make it look more effective, you can paint it. Such a garden ladder can be placed almost anywhere.
  2. If a ladder for animals is made, only natural materials should be used, which should be bonded using joinery glue. Avoid metal parts during manufacture.
  3. For flowers, you can also come up with beautiful staircases that can serve as a support for climbing plants, and they will also serve as an additional decor for flowers. You can use this type of staircase for playing in a children's house, for example, as a children's doll.

If required ladder entertainment or sports, in order to increase the reaction and coordination, use special ladder( speed), such a device is a rope ladder, on a floor, and trainees, based on a special algorithm operate movementAllowing to increase the reaction.

How to make a ladder for different needs

There are many types of ladders used by man, it is a variety of portable, suspended, they can be mounted on the wall, can be monolithic or folding, etc. They are used not only to move vertically, for games or decor, but there are those that serve even as a variety of amulets, for example, a witch ladder. Even as a decor, a staircase or a ladder in a bottle can be used.

You can make and install the stairs yourself, the main thing is to think out the design in advance, prepare tools and materials for work manufacture and install stairs can be their own hands, the main thing - to think in advance the construction design, prepare for

tools and materials A homemade ladder is very simple in the presence of minimal construction skills, tools and materials required:

  1. The easiest staircase made of wood. It is enough to make the appropriate marking on the material, using the hand-held router to cut out the necessary details and assemble them.
  2. If the staircase creaks after assembly, first identify the place of the creaking, and then eliminate its cause, it can be the floor deflection from the weight of the ladder, improper assembly, loose installation on the floor and on the second floor. The crease may appear due to the swelling of the wood, for example, if the staircase is operated in a humid environment, for example, in a bath.

Also, due to improper installation of the ladder, the hatch may start to creak if it is provided in the opening between the floors, it can touch the ladder after its installation and creak lightly.

There are other types of ladders of various shapes that you can also make by yourself, for example, there are such varieties as the cantilever ladder, staircase with a stair, a ladder fan, etc. Even there are homemade ladders made of propylene pipes. Such stairs are not very strong, they are used as decor or for the pool. There are absolutely fantastic stairs that lead to nowhere, for example, the Penrose Staircase.

Ladder with your own hands( video)

Using a variety of schemes, drawings, as well as special utilities, for example, Arcadia or 3D max-studio, you can make yourself almost any staircase.

Details: stairs with his hands( photo example)