Fire stairs GOST 53254 2009: metal height from the ground, safety requirements, specifications

In the production of fire stairs strictly adhere to GOST In the production of fire ladders strictly adhere STATE structure according to GOST 53251 - this evacuation stairs with rigidly interconnected by transverse supporting stages consisting of flights and sites rigidly fastened together.

    • Constructions fire ladders according to GOST R 53254 2009
    • Description fire escapes GOST
    • Specifications and description fire metal stairs GOST 53254-2009
    • Requirements height from the ground to the fire escape
    • basic requirements for the fire escape
    • Forms and requirements for fire escapes
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Constructions fire ladders according to GOST R 53254 2009 in accordance

OST 53254-2009 for fire ladders adopted certain classification.


  1. Metal fire vertical ladder, such ladders often installed on the outside of buildings and represent a metal structure consisting of two vertical withs interconnected stages. Such stairs often lead to the roof of the building. Different joints and mounting elements can not be with sharp corners and any protrusions.
  2. All parts must be firmly connected( labor protection), and attached to the building wall, the structures must be primed and painted with a special paint.
  3. Evacuation fire ladders( sample LCS) consist of reinforced concrete structures, which consist of 2 parallel strings connected by supporting steps. This design is installed at a certain angle. It is fixed with the help of beams to the supporting walls.

Stairs made in accordance with GOST R 53254 2009, meet all modern standards of quality Stairs made according to GOST R 53254 2009 meet all modern quality standards

Also, according to the GOST, fire escapes must withstand the statistical burden for a long time, and it should not cause accelerated deformation of all the elements.

Such structures include metal fences, which must also withstand a certain load. Inspection of stairs for damage in accordance with GOST 53254 2009 should be done once a year, if damage is detected, repairs must be carried out, and after testing for the strength of the entire structure. The responsibility for carrying out the tests should be assigned to a certain organization that has everything necessary for this.

Description of fire stairs according to GOST

GOST is a state standard developed by different organizations that specialize in certain types of activities. So, according to a certain GOST, special fire stairs are manufactured by enterprises, which include metal vertical and march stairs, platforms and fences to them.

These staircases are installed permanently on buildings or inside them, and serve to evacuate people and work for firefighters and rescuers.

The GOST describes all the features of the design of fire escape stairs The visitors' describes all the features of the design of fire escapes

Key Features:

  1. requirement of GOST are applied on the stairs design stage, and it regulates the rules of acceptance and commissioning of such structures, regulates methodsInspection and necessary tests of structures, rules and procedures for assessing the quality of assembly of fire and emergency ladders.
  2. GOST regulates the dimensions of the stairs, so for the evacuation stairs the width of the steps should be equal to 0.25 m, the width of the stairs is at least 0.9 m, the height of the fences is 1.2 m. If the vertical height is up to 20 m, then theVertical fire ladders, if the height is more than 20 m, march stairs with fencing are installed.

There are many more nuances that regulate this GOST, for example, it is allowed to make the lower part of the fire escape staircase, while the sliding part in the extended state must be securely fixed, and the mechanism itself should facilitate the fastest stepping of the ladder.

Characteristics and description of fire metal stairs in accordance with GOST 53254-2009

State Standard 53254-2009 extends to fire escape stairs, including flight and vertical ladders, as well as evacuation ladders, emergency platforms and their enclosures. These stairs are installed outside the buildings and inside.

In GOST all the characteristics of fire stairs are described in detail In GOST all the characteristics of fire stairs are described in detail
  • The angle of inclination of the flight fire ladder is on average 45 degrees, the interval from the stage to the stageAbout 20 cm, the width of the steps themselves is necessary within 20 cm, the width of the ladder is not less than 50 cm, the height of the enclosure must be at least 1 m.
  • Vertical fire-prevention lThe staircase is also designed and manufactured according to the same GOST, the distance between the steps should be not less than 350 mm, the height from the ground level should not be more than 1.5 m, and the width of the stair itself should be not less than 0.8 m. To establish a semi-circular fence with a radius of no more than 40 cm, and rounding in degrees should be 45-60 degrees.
  • Also, according to GOST, staircases are provided for the installation of sites, the width of which should be at least 0.5 m, and the height of the guardrail - 1 m. The deck area is made of metal.

    Requirements for height from the ground for fire escape

    When building a multi-storey building or other building, the mandatory requirement during design and construction is to ensure the evacuation of people in the event of a fire. Most often, these stairs are installed outside the building, and they are divided into vertical and march, marching stairs, in turn, equipped with sites and fences.

    In addition, certain requirements are imposed on fire ladders:

    1. An ordinary vertical fire ladder should be installed on a building at a height of not more than 1.5 m from the ground.
    2. But if the ladder plays a role not only in fire, but also in evacuation, and it is installed in a child care institution, in this case, in accordance with safety standards, the distance from the lower step to the ground should not be more than a step in stepsAll the ladder march.
    Often the distance from the ground to the stairs is one and a half meters Often the distance from the ground to the ladder is one and a half meters

    The step of the steps, depending on the design of the ladder, depends on the angle of inclination, and also on the step height and the width of the step, according to the accepted SNiP - the step of the ladder should be60-65 cm. Thus, the height of the fire-evacuation ladder in children's institutions from the ground level is attached to this value.

    In some cases, ladders are set deliberately above these parameters in order to prevent unauthorized access.

    In this case, fire trucks are used for access to the fire escape ladder-stairways, folding ladder stairs, three-section( 3-knee or triple) stairs or used sliding three-spiral staircase, all these stairs must comply with GOST 8556.

    Basic requirements for fireStairs

    Many buildings have stationary fire escape ladders, which are subdivided, in turn, into marching and vertical ones. A vertical ladder in a public building serves primarily for the work of firefighters, and a march can serve both to extinguish a fire and to evacuate.

    There are certain standards for fire escapes:

    1. In the manufacture of stairs, incombustible material is used, wooden fire escape ladders are not permissible. If the staircase reaches a height of more than 6 m, then these stairs are required to provide a fence. Exit to the roof from the stairs should be equipped with a platform, the length of which is not less than 0.8 m. The roof fences should not prevent the exit from the stairs. Weight and weight are not regulated.
    2. The flight ladder consists of rigidly fixed platforms or marches, the purpose of such stairs is slightly different. They can be evacuation open type or fire stairs, the slope of which can reach up to 80 degrees. Evacuation ladders are installed no closer than 1 m from the windows, and near the deaf walls.

    All fire ladders are tested before testing with a special device All fire ladders are tested with the

    before starting their operation. In addition to the above, there are other standards for fire stairs, the height and width of the steps, the width of the stairs themselves, the height of the enclosures, the width and length of the platforms, whatThe number of storeys of a building( up to what level it gets), which is reached by such a ladder.

    Install stairs, based on the calculation, one staircase for every 150-200 m. Based on this, they calculate their number on the building.

    There should be no obstacle in the evacuation routes. All external elements should be kept in proper condition, and once a year to inspect the structure, after which an act is prepared about their suitability or unfitness for further operation.

    Types and requirements for fire escape ladders

    Fire ladders, based on their name, must ensure the work of firefighters.

    Fire stairs may differ in size, type of construction and material from which they are made Fire safety ladders may vary in size, type of construction and material from which they are manufactured.

    There are several types of fire ladders, divided into the following types:

    1. The vertical fire ladder without fencing has a width0,6 m, if there is a platform, then its size is not less than 1.2 m, the height of the climb along such a ladder should not exceed 6 m. If the ladder with a guard, then it is allowed to rise to a height of up to 20 m, the width of this object -0,8 meters.
    2. The fire ladder ladder, 0.9 m wide, has a slope of 40-45 degrees, the lifting of the steps is 200 mm, and the width is 250 mm. The fencing on such a ladder must be at least 1.2 m.

    Each fire ladder should be inspected once a year, as well as its testing, if the ladder is damaged and does not withstand the load during testing, dismantling is carried out. After the project is done, in accordance with fire requirements, and the drawing, and, after drawing up the estimate, a new ladder is being built.

    Overview: fire escape stairs 53254 2009( video)

    During the construction site must be fenced, and a corresponding sign or sign is placed - the designation of the building. After the construction, the ladder is tested and, if everything is in order, and it meets all the requirements, TTX is allowed to be used.