Stairs for a summer residence: the hands of a photo, a design in the house how to make most a horizontal bar, ready economy class

The staircase at the dacha not only allows you to climb to the second floor, but also significantly improves the appearance of the interior The staircase at the dacha not only allows you to climb to the second floor, but also significantly improves the appearance of the interior. Holiday homes can have 1, 2 or 3 floors, it all depends on the financial situation of the owners. If funds are available, a two-story house is being built-the area is increasing, and the place on the site is still the same. Any two-storey house can not be built without a ladder. Usually stairs for dachas are made of wood, as the most suitable material for its manufacture. Such a ladder will fit into any interior and even decorate it.

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      • Design: how to make a staircase at the dacha itself
      • Staircase in the country house with your own hands( video)
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Finished stairs for wooden houses

The finished staircase meets all high quality standards. A huge number of modifications in the market allows you to choose an option for each house, even having a non-standard layout.

Advantage of ready-made ladders:

  1. Low price. A large-scale output allows to significantly reduce the cost of models.
  2. Quality directly from the factory. Qualitative types of raw materials are processed, and the entire production process does not involve human participation. This is the guarantee of the highest quality of all products.
  3. Suitable for anyone. There are a huge number of types of stairs made of wood, among which you can choose the right one.
  4. Always available in stock. In branded stores you can always see live samples, get professional advice, which will help you choose the right model.
  5. Convenient transportation. The finished products are packed in carton boxes, due to this transportation is possible on your car.
  6. Easy installation. You can collect the ladder yourself, without the help of specialists. All designs are designed according to a special principle, which makes it easy to assemble.

It is recommended to cover a wooden staircase in the dacha with a layer of varnish It is recommended to cover a wooden ladder in the country house with a layer of varnish

When choosing a ladder, you need to look at the free space in the house. It will require simple measurements: the determination of height from floor to ceiling, the size of the opening on the second floor.

The spiral staircase will look more original than the staircase. It itself will be the central part of the entire interior.

When calculating the ladder layout, it is necessary to choose the average "parameters" of the person, the basis will be the step height. The most convenient step for descent and ascent into the depth step should be about 24-26 cm.

Ladder Ladder Designs The market of modern staircases is full of abundance and huge possibilities for choice. Depending on the desire, you can buy a ladder made of metal, wood, stone or glass. The main element of the ladder design is the base, the main load is on it.

By the design features of the ladder can be divided into:

  • Screw;
  • Direct( marching);
  • Swivel;
  • At the Kosowores;
  • On the mountains;
  • On the strings.

The design of the stairs should be chosen depending on the shape of the room in which it will be located The ladder structure must be selected according to the shape of the room in which it will be located.

The stairs for the second floor are open and closed. At open stairs there are no podstupenniki, they look airy, and the lighting passes through the steps unhindered.

Safe and convenient operation is in the first place with any kind of ladder. If there is an elderly person or child in the house, the step size should not be very high.

In the closed staircase there are podstenniki, they are installed in the grooves;This allows the design to be reliable and comfortable.

Exact calculation: a ladder to the dacha with their own hands

Usually, homeowners order a ladder from various companies, private craftsmen. Another option may be to purchase a workpiece for a ladder made of wood, which already has ready-made, marked elements. But if you have time, desire, skills, you can make a ladder yourself.

Before the construction of the ladder you will need a careful calculation, design and implementation of a detailed design drawing.

The width of the ladder should be such that it can be freely missed by 2 people The width of the ladder must be such that 2 people can freely pass through it

How is the calculation:

  1. You need to determine the required number of steps and the height of the riser. For this, the height of the staircase to be erected is determined. Measures the distance of the lower point of the first floor to the upper point of the second floor.
  2. Next, the width of the march is determined. Strict criteria are not available, but the number of spans will depend on the place where the staircase will be located. The width of the comfortable minimum will be 80 cm.
  3. The length of the ladder is calculated using the formula: the number of steps * the width of the tread = the length of the ladder. The last step is not taken into account, otherwise it will merge with the floor on the second floor.
  4. The height of the lumen above the steps is calculated. During calculations it is necessary to adhere to the important rule: between each step and ceiling should be at least 195 cm.

One march should have no more than 15 steps. If there is more, climbing will become tedious. Long marches are divided into 2 parts by installing in the middle of a small platform, which is equal to two steps.

When choosing a turnstile, it is necessary to make a turn to the other side from the supporting leg.

Two-marched structures are installed at an angle, this saves space. All the fabric of the staircase is desirable to withstand at an inclination of 40-45 degrees.

Ladder ladders: types

Ladders are a serious engineering design that should ensure comfortable and safe movement of each resident and guest of the room to the second floor. There are various options for stairs( simple and complex), different sizes and price category( from economy class to premium).

Summer staircases can differ in shape, type and material from which they are made Ladder ladder can differ in shape, type and material from which they are made.

There are three types:

  1. Marching. The most common and easy to manufacture look. Usually consists of one or more marches, each of which is a rectilinear fragment with steps. A single-march staircase will perfectly fit into a small cottage.
  2. Screw. A small area of ​​the premises means a spiral staircase, which is the supporting rod. Around him up the spiral stairs. The area of ​​the classic spiral staircase is only occasionally more than 1 square kilometer. M
  3. Combined. It is a curvilinear architectural structure in the form of an arc. It carries in itself elements of the march and screw type.

Combined options are usually built because of the ambitions of the designer or homeowner.

It should be remembered that the screw construction is not suitable for a house where there are people aged or children. It can be dangerous for them.

Single-laden options for staircases made of pine are the most affordable solution for small cottages, and the complex is suitable for complex structures containing more than one kind of wood.

Children's summer cottages and stairs

Summer sports complexes containing stairs and a horizontal bar are an excellent opportunity to interest a child in sports. They are easy to place in small areas: a yard near the house, or a holiday plot.

Children Children's summer staircases and horizontal bars can be installed both outdoors and in the house

Advantages of such a complex:

  1. You can teach the child to pull up and study various exercises with a bar;
  2. Developing strength and dexterity, shaping the figure;
  3. Easy and fast installation of the complex;
  4. Occupational safety thanks to a robust and reliable frame made of tubular profiles.

The first time the child does not master the complex and will not get stronger to do it on his own, parents should watch his training.

The best coating for the complex will be powder paint. It will prevent fading and reduce the negative effects on the structure itself.

The construction of the complex can be carried out independently in the summer residence, it is only necessary to draw up the drawings. Such kits may contain trampolines with a net, pears with ropes and even swings.

A suitable staircase in the country house

Summer houses in winter are usually empty. There the raised humidity, it is cold, the house costs without heating. To build a ladder, you need to consider these factors, thinking through the design and finish.

For country houses, ventilation is not so important, so the owners usually choose a closed staircase that has a staircase.

To make the staircase harmoniously fit in the interior, it must be made in the same style as the room In order for the staircase to blend harmoniously with the interior, it must be made in the same style as the room

To make the ventilation of the staircase better, it is made open, the riser is missing. The design itself is installed slightly away from the wall.

When choosing the type of wood for the structure, it should be considered:

  1. Pine;
  2. Larch;
  3. Oak.

Do not choose ash or beech: they will absorb abundant moisture. It is worth refraining from the stairs of these materials at your dacha.

Design: how to make a ladder at the dacha itself

It does not matter if there is a construction experience or not, the beginning of the work contains calculations and design. The project should focus on being safe and creating the best conditions for movement.

If you do not have the experience of building stairs, then it If you do not have the experience of building stairs, it is best to contact the professionals

There are several general project requirements:

  1. The design is required to withstand weight greater than the average person weight;
  2. The ladder must have fences, their location is taken into account at the stage of project design;
  3. The fences must have handrails and balusters;
  4. The construction in height should be calculated on the finished floors of two floors;
  5. Pass through the height should be 1.9-2 m;
  6. Internal stairways should be 0.9-1 m wide.

If there are children in the house, the staircase is not protected by balusters, but with a solid "cloth", the material of which is plexiglass or mesh.

For a three-story cottage you need to install a ladder made of concrete or metal. This will ensure evacuation in the event of a fire.

If you allow mistakes in the design process, the entire construction process will be an unnecessary waste of money and time.

Staircase in the country with your own hands( video)

Stairs are an integral part of any multi-storey house, as well as interior decoration. Entrance stairs - this is an element of the building, and a decorative object. Stair constructions are placed in houses and in cottages, on the slope and in the courtyard of a country house, and now the kitchen-living room with a staircase is very popular. Everyone can choose the best option for themselves.

Details: staircase to the cottage( photo examples)