Manufacture of metal stairs: with their own hands make an iron, in a house of metal, how to weld from a corner

Metal stairs are quite popular, because they are not only beautiful, but also durable Metal stairs are quite popular because they are not only beautiful, but also durable Metal staircases are a practical and solid construction. At present, they are very popular due to their strength, long life and pleasant appearance. Manufacturing of metal stairs can be both an independent process, and with the help of professionals, but always remember that to get a good final product, you need to seriously prepare.

        • Design and manufacture of metal stairs
        • External welded ladders
        • Metal ladder to the house with our own hands: step by step instruction
        • How to weld a ladder from the metal corner
        • Profile structure: metal ladder with your own hands
        • Convenient lift or how to make an iron ladder for a roof
        • Iron ladder with your own hands: step by step instruction( video)
        • Examples of welded stairs( photo)

Design and manufacture of metal stairs

In the manufacture of stairs, metal as a building material, in comparison with other options, is distinguished by its optimal bearing capacity and long-term operation. With the help of it, you can make small and lightweight designs that have absolutely any configuration, and fit the resulting result into any interior composition.

To make or choose a metal ladder is necessary in view of the room where it will be installed It is necessary to make or choose a metal ladder with regard to the location where it will be installed.

When designing, it is worth considering:

  1. The room in which the ladder will be installed;
  2. What is the purpose of the ladder( it can be input, internal, spare, level, external);
  3. Filling the structure with safety elements( may be the presence of handrails, fences, ramps and handrails);
  4. Space inside and outside the room on which the staircase will be erected;
  5. Application of design possibilities for a premise in which the object will be erected, the possibility to fit in the interior.

When choosing a ladder design, you should pay attention to the area that is allocated for it. The most popular is the flight of stairs. It has a simple installation and it is convenient for lifting.

The closed frame for the flight ladder is the easiest to manufacture. It is not visible, therefore, there are practically no requirements for its appearance.

An important element of the whole construction is steps that can be made of wood, marble, artificial or natural stone, glass and other various materials. Their shape can also be different: rectangular or triangular.

External welded ladders

The simplest metal welded ladder is not that difficult for self-manufacturing, and having some experience and skill, you can make a truly exclusive model.

In order to make the outer staircase of metal comfortable and practical, experts recommend that you plan its design in advance and correctly pick up the handrails In order to make the outer staircase of metal comfortable and practical, experts recommend to think in advance of its design and correctly pick up the handrails

Before choosing a model, you need to determine the type of the future ladder:

  1. Structures that do not have a canopy and handrails consist of two beams. They are welded frameworks, which are inserted stairs, and there are rectangular or square platforms. The advantages of these staircases are in their cost: only a few corners are used in the manufacture of the frame, steps are made of any materials.
  2. Having a canopy. Quite large structures, for which exact calculations and drawings are needed. Usually welding is done from profile pipes, this allows the construction to be cheap. The canopy performs a protective function, covering the porch with steps in summer from moisture, and in winter from ice.
  3. Open, with handrails. In such external structures, a metal channel is used as a support, in which steps for steps are cut out under the scoop. Beams are welded to each end of the bowstring, then they need to be joined together by a pipe or a corner - this is the handrails.
  4. Closed. Such constructions are voluminous, they need a special sketch or diagram, since they are more small verandas. Inside this porch you can easily find a corner where you can relax.

The list can be supplemented with bolted stair constructions, or screwed. At boltsevyh steps are heated with an end face in a wall.

Screw constructions are suitable for a house with a high ground floor. A specialist can easily cope with this task, but a layman should start with a porch with a rail and a visor.

The self-construction of welded entrance stairs assumes that the base will be chosen heavy, like the structure itself, from concrete, brick or paving slab.

Metal ladder to the house with their own hands: step-by-step instruction

Due to its strength, durability and attractiveness, iron stairs are in demand. If you have experience with metal, you can try to make your first design independently.

Metal stairs are very popular, because they are characterized by a beautiful appearance and reliability Metal staircases are very popular because they have a beautiful appearance and reliability

The product must:

  1. To be durable and reliable;
  2. Convenient and meet all safety requirements;
  3. Be able to serve for many years;
  4. Have an attractive appearance.

Before carrying out the work, it is necessary to study the literature, stock up the instrument and the necessary materials. To make a frame, you need a corner with a channel. The initial stage involves the manufacture of the frame and the welding of corners.

It should be taken into account that the strength of the steps will be higher if sheet metal is used for their preparation.

When the work is completed, the joints need to be treated with a file. This will help remove the burrs formed on the metal. After the priming of the construction occurs with the help of a special solution, which will protect it from rust. The final stage is the coloring of the surface. Then follows the process of making rails. The resulting product is planted on the frame.

How to weld a ladder from a metal corner

In almost every private house you need a ladder. If there is experience of welding work, it will be quite easy to build a ladder of metal with your own hands. For such a ladder, you will need corners and a welded metal plate between each of them.

In the initial calculations it is important to pay attention to the fact that the steps are the same in height. Also, the more shallow the product, the more materials will have to be purchased.

If you decide to make a ladder yourself, then you need a metal corner If you decide to make a ladder yourself, then you will need a metal corner

As a piece you will need several corners 45x45 mm, as well as several channels 150x200 mm, their thickness should be 8 mm. If stainless steel or aluminum is the basis of some details, they will need to be painted.

Further work will proceed as follows:

  1. All corners are involved in making the corners of the desired size. Next, you need to weld them to get a shape in the form of a letter G, which has the right and left options. Each sharp corner needs to be ground.
  2. A filly is prepared for each bracket, which is cut from the armature.
  3. Both markers are marked with markings. Then, the channel channels of the steps will be installed on steel structures.
  4. The beam is being installed.
  5. Steps are welded: first the fillets, then the support units.
  6. Following the leveling and verticality, the welding process takes place.
  7. Kosowers are connected to each other by corners, they must be the same size as the step width.
  8. The running gear of the steps and risers is welded.
  9. Each handrail is installed. The corners are welded along the outer side of the Kosovars.
  10. The ladder is covered with a primer, it dries. All elements of the structure are painted.

A self-made ladder is not the easiest example of creativity, but it's a great way to test your skills. Competent calculation and compliance with all the rules in the end will please owners of the cottage or house a new useful subject.

Profile structure: metal ladder with their own hands

Self-construction of metal structures can provide honor and respect among relatives. Pride for his work in the house for many years will please the master and his whole family.

An excellent option for the arrangement of a country house is a practical ladder made of metal profile An excellent option for a country house is a practical ladder made of metal profile

Metal structures have their important advantages:

  1. They are very robust and reliable;
  2. Have sufficiently good performance and long life;
  3. Use of proven technologies that reduce time and labor;
  4. The configuration of the stairways can vary;
  5. Pleasant price.

The technology used to create a profile allows you to paint it in any color with the help of powder coating. You can choose the paint yourself, which will suit the interior of the room.

Now according to customers the most popular are silver, gold and black colors.

This type of construction is built not only as a flight of stairs in a house with several floors, but also the base of the porch of the building. It should be noted that for self-operation, welding equipment and the ability to handle it will be required.

Convenient lift or how to make an iron staircase for a roof

Metal stairs are not a luxury, but a necessity in a 2-storey house. But often it is needed not only inside, but also outside, for example, for a roof made of metal.

A good option for climbing the roof can be a metal ladder A metal ladder

is a good option for lifting to the roof. For a roof, you can choose:

  1. Wall-mounted portable version of the ladder;
  2. Wall mounted stationary;
  3. Ramp stationary.

The roof made of metal tiles accepts only a ready-made kit, which includes a ladder made of metal and fasteners. The height of the roof affects the number of sets that can be easily connected to each other.

For wood, wood is not suitable as a material for making stairs. If such a construction is placed permanently on a slope, this will prevent the roof from looking good.

It is possible to extend the structure downwards by purchasing an additional kit, since the fastenings are fixed when mounted on tiles made of metal, as well as on brick, wood or concrete.

Iron ladder with their own hands: step by step instruction( video)

Of course, you can conclude an agreement with the master, turn to the drawing up of estimates and get the finished product. Such services are provided by craftsmen in any city: at least in Moscow, at least in Cherepovets. And you can organize your own "production", having pleased all the household with a new staircase and own ability to create beautiful things. The finished result will remain for decades and will be able to please more than one generation.


welded ladders( photo)