Tiles for stairs: ceramic steps in the house, facing inside, photo of finishing of the risers of clinker and sidewalk

Stylishly decorate the staircase and make it original you can with the help of beautiful tiles stylishly decorate the staircase and make it original, you can use the beautiful tiles Particularly stylized tree tiles will look in places with high humidity, where to put a real wood floor is fraught with damage of the sexes. For example, in the waiting room. In addition, the modern market offers the buyer a variety of designs, colors and even plate shapes: from standard rectangular to newfangled oval. Another plus of the tile coating - they can cover the steps themselves, without resorting to the services of repair teams.

    • Ceramic stair treads in the house: different options
    • Self lined staircase tile: the necessary tools
    • Ladders for tile house: setting their own hands
    • tile stair step inside the house and on the street
    • ladder frame underneath the tiles in a private home
    • Ceramic tile for ladders: a good option
    • ladder of sidewalk tile - durable material
    • ceramic tiles for stairs - a subspeciesramicheskoy
    • correct tile choice for stairs( video)
    • beautiful staircase tiles( photo examples)

Ceramic stair treads in the house: different options

If you want to lay the highest quality tile, and has the appropriate budget, Then you can look at the Italian company Kerama Marazzi. The company was opened in 1935, and today it is the leader in the market of ceramic plates.

In addition to the leading company, there are dozens of other less known, but not less quality manufacturers.

If you decide to trim the stairs with tiles, then you should get acquainted with the quality and the manufacturer of the material that you decided to purchase If you decide to decorate the staircase with tiles, then kindly get acquainted with the quality and the manufacturer of the material that you have decided to buy

When choosing tiles guided by:

  1. Reviews of manufacturing companies and occupied itPlace in the market;
  2. Tile design. It often happens that in the catalog of well-known companies it is not possible to find the model that would fit the design to the room or just like you. In this case, look at the assortment of lesser known companies.
  3. Combination of selected tiles with the interior of the room. Agree, the cover, stylized under the gothic ornament in the child's room will look, at least, ridiculous.

If you find it difficult to choose, you can always resort to the help of a professional designer. With him, you will always choose the best possible option, and every detail in the room will look aesthetically pleasing.

Self-tiling of stairs with tiles: the necessary tools

If you have already found a tile model, you need to find tools to put it on the floor.

You can put the tiles with your own hands, the main thing is to purchase everything necessary for work in advance, including a hammer, a spatula and other tools Put the tiles can be their own hands, the main thing - in advance to buy everything you need for work, including a hammer, a trowel and other tools

List of necessary tools:

  • Tile;
  • Adhesive PVA;
  • Glass Cutter;
  • Roulette or ruler;
  • Hammer;
  • Trowel;
  • Spatula;
  • Drill;
  • Cement;
  • Sand;

Please note that when working with tiles, you must use cement grade M200 and above.

We also recommend you to buy two spatulas: classic and rubber, as in different places it will be more convenient to use its different variations. Rubber will help you get into hard-to-reach niches, and in other cases it's better to use the classic one.

Home stair tiles: self-installing

After you have prepared all the necessary tools, you can start preparing the stairs.

Stages of preparing the porch for finishing works:

  1. Level the steps with a screed. Remember that the optimal slope for the ladder is 2-3 degrees.
  2. Look at the ladder for cracks, and if any, repair them. The technology must be fully complied with.

After the preparatory work, you can proceed to laying the tiles.

Before laying the tile, you must first do the preparatory work that is associated with aligning and cleaning the steps Before laying the tile, the preliminary work must first be done which is related to the alignment and cleaning of the steps

Steps for finishing the stairs with tiles:

  1. Clean the porch from debris and dust;Prime the porch.
  2. .To do this, you can use a primer mix or make a solution based on water and PVA.Lay the tiles on the stairs.
  3. Try to make drawings and patterns, if any, on the tile, dock with each other. Otherwise, the final work will look unpresentable.

Please note that starting to lay the tile is most convenient on the door side. In no case should not rush in this matter - the ladder should be trimmed correctly, without saving material. The lined staircase looks richer and hides all the defects of the steps.

Tile for stair steps inside and outside the house

As a rule, tiles for stairs are divided into exterior and interior models. The first is used for finishing the fenders and entrance stairs, and the latter - for the decoration of stairs inside the house.

To choose a tile for a ladder it is necessary taking into account not only quality, but also its appearance The selection of the stair tiles is based on not only the quality, but also the appearance of the

. The main differences are:

  1. Design and appearance;
  2. Wear resistance;

Talk about the price difference is not necessary, because in both categories there are both cheap and expensive options.

In many modern cottages the option of full lining with tiles of stairs in the house is popular. This means that the staircase will be all trimmed with a tiled coating. Sheathing is also used for external staircases.

Staircase frame for tiles in a private house

If you do not want to do it yourself, then you can buy finished staircases from special manufacturers. To do this, the brigade comes to your home, makes the necessary measurements, specifies the details with you, and then you only have to pick up the finished frame and risers. It can already be installed, and then finish with the tiles you like.

The most popular and in demand today is ceramic tile The most popular and in demand today is the ceramic tile

The most popular types of tiles for stairs:

  1. Metal tiles;
  2. Ceramic tiles;
  3. Clinker tiles;
  4. Sidewalk tiles.

Metal tiles were once the leader in the market of exterior tiles, but now it is gradually replaced by newfangled pavement and clinker models. However, if you think that the staircase with metal trim is most suitable for your site, then boldly buy the corresponding model.

Before choosing a construction team to create a frame, installation or tile device, check out their price list, reviews about the company, and compare the information with other companies. So you can choose the most competent company, while saving a little money.

Ceramic tiles for stairs: a good version of

Ceramic models are considered classic and the most versatile option, suitable for almost any interior.

However, remember that ceramic tiles for interior and exterior differ from each other.

Specialists recommend paying attention to the durability and strength of the tile that is intended for finishing the

. First of all, it is the indices of wear resistance, according to which the interior tiles are not suitable for external work. Especially since the staircase is a particularly passable place.

Stair tile staircase - strong material

Decorating street staircases with paving slabs is a good option for those who do not like classic ceramic tiles.

With the help of shot blasting, you can provide the slab with an anti-slip effect, which is especially important in the winter season.

Beautiful and stylish look staircase of paving slabs A staircase made of paving slab

looks beautiful and stylish

Many people note that at the moment paving slab is the most solid of all possible. Perhaps this is so, but it does not suit every site.

Clinker tiles for stairs - subspecies of ceramic

Clinker tiles are a kind of ceramic model.

Stairs on the street can be made original and beautiful with clinker tiles The stairway in the street can be made original and beautiful with clinker tiles.

Clinker cleaning is simpler than other materials, it is resistant to light and the erasing of the facing layer. There are disadvantages in clinker tiles, the main of which is price. As a rule, it is higher than for conventional ceramics.

Clinker tiles, like any other, have one minus. In the winter, carring it from the ice, it is necessary to do it carefully and without exerting unnecessary efforts. Otherwise, besides ice, you can easily destroy the tile itself.

The right choice of tiles for stairs( video)

The current market offers a wide variety of tiles for stairs, allowing each buyer to choose the right model. Perhaps your ladder is best laid out with paving slabs, or maybe the best option is standard ceramics. Come from personal tastes and, if necessary, resort to the help of a professional designer.

beautiful staircase tiles( photo examples)