Illumination of steps of a ladder: fixtures and long chandeliers for flights, an LED tape and a photo, automatics

Thanks to the lighting of the steps, it is possible to significantly improve the aesthetic qualities of the staircase Illuminating steps can significantly improve the aesthetic quality of the stairs stairs add to any home majesty and grace. However, such constructions make the premises less safe, because climbing on poorly lit steps it is very easy to stumble and fall. To avoid such trouble, you can use an element such as a backlight of the steps, which should not only be beautiful, but also comply with all safety standards.

    • principle of operation of lamps for illumination of steps of the staircase
    • Types backlight staircase steps
    • illumination stair steps LED ribbon
    • Long chandeliers for stairs and staircases
    • Convenient lights stair step( video)
    • examples of lighting steps of the staircase( photo ideas)

lamps to illuminate the operating principle steps of the staircase

illumination for the stairs - this is the present isKa for any two-story house. It not only adds charm to the room, but also makes moving the stairs safer.

With a backlight with motion sensors, you can walk without fear even on the stairs even at night.

It is possible to install on the stairs fixtures that will turn on when driving on the steps It is possible to install the staircase lighting to be switched on when driving on the stairs

steps Lighting can be customized in many different ways. The best option is automatic lighting, which turns on when driving. Thus, you can save energy sparingly.

How can I adjust the lighting job:

  1. If desired, you can customize lighting fixtures incorporating light speed, and duration of light after a person leaving the stairwells.
  2. You can also make sure that when a person approaches the staircase, the light is switched on at all stages simultaneously, or the lighting is activated as it moves along each step.
  3. Another interesting option is to set the standby mode for only a few steps, thus, as the person moves along the stairs, a few remaining steps behind them will glow for a while.

Such equipment, as lighting fixtures for steps, is not cheap. However, it has several advantages, because of which such an upgrade appears in private homes more often.

advantages of LED lighting for the stairs:

  • installing such lighting, you get rid of the need to look in the dark switch to climb the stairs;
  • Automatic lighting is very economical, because the light in the staircase is switched on only when a person approaches;
  • This lighting gives the staircase an incomparable appearance.

You can use the backlight for stairwells, both indoors and outdoors. However, the second option is less preferable, because of the constant temperature drops, lighting devices can fail.

Kinds of lighting steps ladder

There are several options for lighting the steps of the ladder. All of them are good in their own way. Choose the right one, depending on the style of your home's interior, as well as your financial capabilities.

On the stairs you can set the backlight of any color and shape On the stairs, you can set the backlight of any color and shape.

Types of lighting for lighting stairs:

  1. LED strip is equipped with risers. This type of lighting turns even the most common ladder design into a real podium. This solution is especially interesting in houses with a modern style of interior, for example, high-tech.
  2. LED lamps are placed on the wall along the stairwell. They have in their design a special grid, with its help you can adjust the flow of light. This kind of lighting stairwell perfectly fits into any style of the interior. However, the cost of LED lamps is quite large, and the installation process can not be called easy.
  3. Ceiling long chandeliers is the simplest kind of staircase lighting. Such designs are most appropriate to look in classic interior styles. They do not require the presence of a controller, and their installation is easy enough.

You can also select different lighting schemes. If you want to make the installation yourself, then avoid complex options. However, having called a professional, you can achieve the most amazing effect.

Three circuits for connecting staircase lighting:

  1. The simplest connection option involves the installation of two switches on the top and bottom of the ladder. With their help you can activate the backlight at the right time.
  2. An option of medium complexity is the connection of the sensor, which will include lighting the ladder on command. For such a scheme, you will need a controller and sensor motion sensors.
  3. The most difficult, but very interesting option is to connect a motion sensor to each step. In this case, when you step on one step, the next one will turn on.

Each of the above options is good in its own way. Of course, a complicated connection scheme seems to be the most successful, but it will be difficult to install it without the help of a professional, and it can only be applied to LED ribbons.

Backlighting of steps of a ladder by a light-emitting diode tape

Illumination of steps of a ladder by an LED tape looks most effectively. This option allows you to use absolutely any connection scheme.

LED strip is made of polymers with high flexibility. They are installed LEDs, which have a beautiful bright light.

LED strip looks good on the stairs in the interior, made in the style of Art Nouveau or high-tech LED strip looks good on the staircase in an interior made in modern style or high-tech

For steps it is necessary to choose LED tapes that have high waterproofing, as when washing the floors, moisture can get on the tape.

Such tapes usually have a self-adhesive base. However, sometimes the adhesive layer dries up, in which case you can use two-sided adhesive tape to install them.

There are special LED strips for lighting steps. They have less bright light than devices designed for general lighting. The most suitable option is SDM 3528.

LED strips are located under the steps. There you can install the U-shaped profile or make a groove in the step, and mount the LEDs directly there.

Long chandeliers for stairs and stairwells

A very unusual option for lighting stairs is the use of long chandeliers. This design is often installed in hotels, or in cottages with a large number of floors. Stair chandeliers can only be used in those structures that have several spans. Their price is high enough, therefore their use is justified only in large halls.

Long chandeliers for stairwells are well suited for a classic interior Long chandeliers for stairwells are well suited for classic interior

Advantages of a long flying chandelier:

  1. Long chandeliers can have a variety of designs. It can be both pompous designs with crystal pendants, and long luminous pipes in the style of hi-tech.
  2. These fixtures make the staircase the center of the room in which it is located.
  3. This option may be the only possible lighting for stairs with a large number of marches and steps. After all, installing LED strips on such large-scale structures is a very long and expensive activity.

Long chandeliers look great in the stairwells. They have a high enough price, but they amaze with their luxurious appearance.

Convenient illumination of steps of a ladder( video)

If you own a two-story house with a staircase, then consider the possibility of setting the backlight for steps. With its help, you not only give the house a special charm, but also protect yourself while climbing the stairs at night. Examples

backlight ladder steps( photo ideas)