Turning stairs: 90 degrees to the second floor, 180 steps, design and drawing, photo of the wooden platform

Turning stairs can decorate any house and make it more functional A turnstile is able to decorate any house and make it more functional A staircase in a private house is an indispensable system providing fast and convenient movement between floors. Today, not only requirements for their safety and reliability, but also decorativeness, ergonomics are put forward to the stairs. The most modern requirements are met by rotary systems. What are the differences of the design of the rotary staircases and what needs to be considered when choosing rotary systems - read the article.

    • Staircase with 90 degree turn: types
    • Turning ladder to the second floor with a platform: advantages and disadvantages
    • Construction of a ladder with swivel steps
    • Optimal dimensions of a march and steps of a rotary staircase by 180 degrees
    • Turnstile ladder overview
  • Examples of stairs with a turn( photo in the interiors)

A ladder with a 90 degree turnOwls: types

The ladder with a 90-degree swing angle has found the most active spread in private construction. This design looks impressive, requires little space, is absolutely safe to use. Various design projects( right or left-handed) allow you to enter a ladder into any room. In addition, there is a closed and open staircase, a structure with pivoting steps and a square, one-level platform, with railings and fences and without them.

The choice of the staircase depends on the personal preferences of the owners of the dwelling, the composition of the family, the style of the room. For example, if the family has a small child, then the option with an open-type stair needs to be postponed: the best choice will be closed structures with protective gates.

In houses where young children live, it is recommended to equip the staircase with handrails to avoid injuries In houses where young children live, it is recommended to equip the swing ladder with handrails to avoid injuries.

A wide range of U-shaped staircases makes it possible to choose a design for any interior. For example, a closed wooden staircase on the Kosower will naturally join the classical apartments, the hanging staircase will become an effective element of the minimalist living room decor, profile structures with metal frames will suit interior, decorated in high-tech and loft style.

A staircase to the second floor with a platform: advantages and disadvantages

The staircase to the second floor with an intermediate platform is quite common in private construction. Often, a walkway can be seen in the design of stairs with a large angle of rotation( for example, at 180 degrees).Such ladders are considered particularly reliable, durable and safe.

In addition to this, the ladder with the platform has a number of other advantages:

  • The platforms allow you to rest when lifting to the elderly and children;
  • Such structures will be useful for carrying heavy loads, furniture;
  • You can calculate these systems yourself;
  • These stairs can be assembled without anyone's help, because they represent two direct marches and one straight platform;
  • Stairs look impressive and thorough, and, the lack of mobile elements extends the life of their operation for decades.

Turning ladder with a platform gives the opportunity to miss several people A swinging ladder with a platform makes it possible to pass several people

The main drawback of the designs is that they are not allowed to be used in narrow corridors: the width of the ladder should be at least equal to the sum of two marches, Two meters.

Construction of a ladder with swing steps

In a staircase, in the place of a direct platform there are steps. The shape and size of the steps differ from the main ones. Thus, the elements in the turning corner narrow to the inner diameter of the structure, while the opposite part of the runner steps has a wide tread and trapezoidal shape, which causes psychological discomfort during the operation of the structure. Nevertheless, such a constructive solution allows to save considerably the area allocated for the ladder.

As for the safety of structures with runway steps, it is not inferior to stairs with platforms, if all elements of the system are made in accordance with the recommended GOST standards.

Optimal dimensions of the march and steps of the 180 degree turnstile.

The 180 degree turnstile is a comfortable structure consisting of three tiers that allows you to make a full turn of the step. Such a system is robust and reliable, and the role of a turn signal can be played both by steps and by a rectangular platform. In order for the staircase to be safe, it must meet basic sanitary standards, construction regulations and state standards.

The height of the steps should be small, so that it is convenient to climb the stairs even to elderly people The height of the steps should be kept small so that it is easy to climb the stairs even to the elderly.


  1. The construction must contain five to seven rotary steps or one straight platform.
  2. The width of the platform should be equal to the width of two flights of stairs( one march - a minimum of 800 mm) in total with the thickness of the bowstring;
  3. The width of the rotary steps in the inner corner should be at least 100 mm, the center line of the march should be 200 mm, the length of the protrusion of each stage should not exceed 30 mm.
  4. The width of the treads of the main stages should be around 250-350 mm, the height of the riser should not beShould be greater than the width of the step( the optimum value within the range of 120-150 mm).
  5. The comfortable and safe angle of the construction should form with a floor of 30-40 degrees.

The ladder must have balusters and handrails, especially if the family has small children. Balusters should be installed at a distance of not more than 150 mm from each other, otherwise it will be better to build a low, frequent fence along the bottom of the staircase.

Staircase with swivel steps with their own hands

When making a turnstile with your own hands, the main thing is to accurately calculate the size of the zabezhnyh elements. To do this, you can use building formulas, online calculators or programs for volumetric modeling. In addition, it is possible to calculate the required quantities by creating a rotary design drawing based on the optimal values. The design of the rotary structure must be made to scale.

After assembling the stairs, it should be treated with varnish or dyed After assembling the ladder, it should be treated with varnish or painted

In order to make the ladder yourself, you need:

  • Make an estimate and stock up the materials( if the ladder is made of wood, And cover with a special antifungal and moisture repellent composition);
  • Purchase the necessary tools, fasteners, parts( for example, handrails and balusters can be purchased in any construction shop already ready-made).

After completion of the preliminary work, the manufacture of the ladder is divided into stages. First the Kosovo is sawed off, then the steps( the main and the sideways), after the construction is assembled( for example, the steps are fastened with self-tapping screws, and the balusters can be mounted on metal hardware, screws, etc.) and varnished.

The underbrush space can be gypsum plasterboard, trimmed with decorative plaster or interior paint.

Overview of swing ladders( video)

The swivel ladder can be a comfortable and ergonomic design, subject to the recommendations for selection and standards for the manufacture of the system with your own hands. The presence of a large number of models of stairs with different versions of the design makes it possible to choose a design for any interior. The main thing is to decide the choice!

Examples ladders rotated( photo interiors)