Stairs to the second floor in a private house: photos and sizes of steps, width and design of windows, design is optimal

Ladder can be not only practical, but also act as an original element of decor in the interior ladder can not only be practical, but also act as an original element of the decor in the interior Stairs for private homes combine the need and attraction. In a cottage or a two-story house without a ladder can not do, but, depending on the interior, you can choose a special design of the staircase that will complement the situation. Today, we will analyze in detail the types of stairs, as well as their characteristics, so that your staircase is safe, comfortable and beautiful.

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    • stairs in private homes: photo & design
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necessity of stairs in private homes

Ladder in a private house serves not only as an element to get to the top floor, but also to be sufficientlyAn important piece of furniture. Often the staircase is installed in the yard, that is, outside. Otherwise, when the ladder is inside, you need to choose the model and the color design of the stairs, given the design of the room in which the staircase will be installed.

Picking up the ladder for a private house, you need to think about not only its design, but also the place where it will be installed Picking up the stairs to a private house, it is necessary to consider not only its design, but also a place where it will be installed

Go to the selection of stairs responsibly and seriously, carefully examine all the available material types and their advantages andDisadvantages:

  • The first thing to choose, the place where the staircase will be: in the center of the room, in the front room, in the living room or at all, outside the dwelling;
  • Make a plan for the location of the structure, the approximate size and area that you need to allocate for the stairs;
  • Model choose, depending on whether there are children or elderly people in the house, most modern types of stairs are not designed for this;
  • Consider the thickness of the walls on which the staircase elements will be installed;

Given all these nuances, you can pick up the perfect ladder.

Dimensions of ladder steps in a private house

Step dimensions must be selected in accordance with safety regulations and the total area of ​​the room.

The size of steps for stairs should be chosen so that they are comfortable for both family members and guests stages Size of the stairs must be chosen so that they are comfortable for both family members and guests

ladder, which will be installed in a private home, will perform the following functions:

  • BeComfortable, but at the same time, practical, especially for modern folding ladders;
  • Provide convenient descent and lift;
  • Include safe balusters and handrails;
  • Have steps of sufficient latitude and height, which facilitate convenient and easy movement on the stairs;
  • To be sufficiently illuminated for comfortable movement in the dark( it is advisable to use different lighting fixtures - sconces, floor lamps, chandeliers).

It is also very important to correctly calculate the number of stages, taking into account certain parameters.


  • The width of the ladder;
  • Steepness of lifting;
  • Type of construction;
  • The size of the steps;
  • Area.

Before choosing a ladder, make all necessary measurements.

Optimal width of the ladder in private houses

There are no identical rules for absolutely any type of ladder, so you should pay attention to all the nuances that arise even during planning. In a small room should not use too wide a step and the like.

As a rule, the width of the ladder depends on the size and features of the room Typically, the width of the ladder depends on the size and features of the room

To purchase comfortable to use the stairs, pay attention to the following indicators:

  • stair width,
  • step width,
  • passage height,
  • Step height.

The ideal distance and the width of the steps will make it possible to use the ladder even in the dark and at low light.

In order for a person to feel confident, regardless of the direction of his movement, it is necessary that the foot rest on 90% of the stage area. Given the specific device stairs, tolerance of foul one stage to another( less than 3 cm), in this case, the width should be more than 25 cm.

Do ladder design should be in a private home

How to design a room with a ladder?Repair start with the drafting. Projects are better to draw, and write parameters. When designing a house, use the roulette wheel to determine which steps will be used and count them, and measure the height from the floor to the next floor. Do not forget to consider the thickness of the finish.

Write down all the values ​​to make the design as convenient as possible.

Before installing a ladder in the house, designers recommend first to draw up a detailed plan for its placement Before installing the stairs in the house, designers recommend to first draw up a detailed plan for its accommodation

The following standards, which is projected design, and performed the calculation of basic parameters:

  • tilt angle isWithin 45-50 degrees, stairs, the angle of which exceeds the mark of 50 degrees, are called "ladder";
  • The best angle of inclination is 26 degrees;
  • The step width must be at least 30 cm;
  • The width of the steps at the narrowest end must be at least 11 cm;
  • The distance between the railings of the railings does not exceed 15 cm;
  • The height of the fence depends on the family members, in the presence of small children, the railing must be at least one meter high;
  • The number of stages is within the limits of 3 to 18;
  • In houses with small children the distance between the handrails does not exceed 1 m 20 cm, the distance between the balusters is 1 m;
  • The design withstands a load of 180-220 kg, and fences of at least 100 kg.

The width of the march may vary, but standard values ​​are usually used.


  • For large house is characterized by increased comfort ladder - from 25 cm to 1 m;
  • In special rooms, stairs are installed with a march, with a width of 110 cm;
  • fencing installed on the stairs with a width of 90 cm

in the back and small storerooms mounted ladder widths up to 80 cm

Place the window on the stairs in a private home:.. Photo and nuances

ladder are often installed near the window opening. What form and design will the window depend on the design of the room and the house as a whole.

Before creating a staircase with a window, carefully consider the overall interior and style of the home.

Quite unusual and original will look stairs, which is installed near the panoramic window is unusual and will look original staircase, which is mounted near the panorama window

Currently, the technology to produce windows made of different materials, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Most often, there are windows from the following materials:

  • Wood;
  • Metal-plastic;
  • Glass composites.

The first material is perfect for people who prefer naturalness and environmentally friendly materials. This is an excellent finishing material, has good sound insulation and thermal insulation, as well as a smart appearance. However, good wood is quite expensive, but it will last long enough. They are often made to order, see the ads of some masters.

Metal-plastic is a modern and very practical material that protects the room from dust and dirt from the inside. Also has high sound insulation and thermal insulation properties. Does not require care, has a huge number of color variations. However, the installation will require the help of professionals, it is difficult to install such a system by oneself, but they will also be used for such a long time.

Glass composites are often called fiberglass. Production of it has recently increased especially. He absorbed the properties of plastic, glass and metal. This material can be called innovative in the window market, it is characterized by high strength, long life, and unusual appearance. It is easy to look after a glass composite, it is very practical. Help install the windows can master.

stairs in private homes: Photo & Design

Ladder able to radically change the atmosphere of the room and the house in general. Different photos show several different interiors with different designs of stairs. There are corner, indoor and outdoor staircases.

To arrange a staircase in a private house it is better to use natural materials that are safe for human health For everything stairs in a private home is better to use natural materials that are safe for human health


  • For the classical interior of the hall is the best fit grand staircase of fine wood with beautiful carvings;
  • Modern design directions should not be overloaded with unnecessary details, choose simple stairs, pay attention to the glass elements;
  • High-tech likes non-standard shapes and colors, so here you can experiment, create an unusual ladder with a floating effect;
  • Natural materials for stairs are used in eco-style and in the kitchen, pay attention to wood;
  • If you prefer different patterns and elements of cultures of other countries( ethno-style), then pay attention to the wooden stairs with thread;
  • The living room in the Asian interior will be even more beautiful with bamboo railings;
  • The entrance hall in country style with a wooden staircase with a floral thread and a little rough form, and has a wide overall dimensions;
  • Installation of forged elements( casting) on ​​the stairs in white color - an amazing solution for the interior of Provence;
  • Staircase with stone decor in a chalet-style room;
  • For a corridor in the loft style, a spiral staircase of black color is suitable;
  • Wardrobe will look better if it has a direct ladder, and it has a multi-level storage system;

Remember that the wallpaper and floor and ceiling finish should blend harmoniously with the color of the stairs against the wall.

secure optimal width and stairs in a private home

In order to construct the ladder structure, it is necessary to determine the optimal parameters, to calculate the width and height of the steps.

The main thing to be guided by - security considerations, the design, in the first place, should be comfortable, safe and reliable.

If you decide to install a beautiful staircase, then remember that it should be comfortable, practical and safe If you decide to install a beautiful staircase, then it should be remembered that it should be comfortable, practical and safe

Even at the stage of creating schemes need to pay due attention to the safety ladder. If elderly people and young children live in the house, it is especially important to create comfortable conditions for their movement.

determined by this SNP, namely:

  • Ideally, if the gap between the balusters is less than 15 cm, in which case the risk of fall or fall from the ladder climbing upstairs is zero;
  • The most optimal dimensions for a riser are: height from 13 to 20 cm( maximum), width from 21 to 35 cm;
  • The optimum standard ladder in a private house must be matched with inter-maritime platforms;
  • width of the stairs to the private home should be between 90 cm( minimum) in the first place this is due to commonplace security standards, so that during an emergency could easily descend or climb stairs;
  • The slope of the stairs does not exceed 40 degrees, which is due to the same safety rules, the stairs should not be steep so as not to cause a fall.

also height of the steps must be equal to their width, that will not let you stumble during lifting, do not make more than 18 steps in one march, limit 12 in one passage to the stairs were not too high, and therefore dangerous.

stairs decoration in a private home: photos and samples

Beautiful stairs can be a very stylish element of the interior, if properly arrange them. First of all, the stairs should be sufficiently illuminated.

Particular attention should be given to lighting devices that are located near the stairwell Particular attention should be paid to lighting and appliances, which are near the stairwells

sufficient amount of light can be achieved using a variety of devices, types of which are listed below:

  • step lighting;
  • Chandeliers;
  • Bra;
  • Floor lamps.

Excellent, if there is a window near the staircase, this will achieve natural light. Choose a place for the window, depending on the type of staircase. The backlighting of the steps looks modern and perfectly suited for high-tech and modern style.

chandeliers, sconces and floor lamps - elements of a classic interior, but a variety of creative lighting may be present in a modern style, a fusion of minimalism. Color floor lamps fit into the interior of the country.

Do not forget the handrails, which can be decorated with exquisite carvings, as well as having an unusual shape and curves, that is able to emphasize your chosen interior. Experiment with colors, materials.

Ladder in a private home( video)

Skins ladder in a private home are numerous, so carefully study all kinds of designs, and make a work plan. Depending on the design of the room where the staircase is planned, select the material for the staircase and its corresponding design. During installation, be guided by safety standards, and build a comfortable and reliable ladder that will decorate your interior.

Design staircase in a private house( photo in the interior)