Stairs made of beech: an array of materials, a house made of polypropylene pipes, a photo of ash, the manufacture of elite stairs

The most popular and popular material for the manufacture of stairs is beech The most popular and popular material for the manufacture of stairs is the beech . After the type of the ladder is selected, it is necessary to determine the material. Steps in the house should be made of durable material, despite the fact that in the house the external environment does not have much influence. The type of finishing must be selected, taking into account the convenience, reliability and safety. The surface of the boards should be processed and provide a reliable grip with the sole of the shoe. It is necessary to pay attention to the elimination of surface slip.

    • Solid wood stairs
    • Wooden beech stairs
    • Material for wooden stairs
    • How to make a ladder made of plastic pipes with your own hands
    • Elite stairs from solid
    • Plastic stairs
    • Simple stairsFrom propylene pipes
    • Construction of stairs from beech( video)
    • Design of ash stairs( photo in interior)

Stairs from solid

Tree popularity as a baseAbout the material of the production of stairs for private houses, is that the wood array is completely ecological clean material.

Many people prefer to choose ladders from beech, as they are characterized by ecological compatibility and safety for health Many people prefer to choose ladders from beech because they are environmentally friendly and safe for health.

The main advantages of the tree array are:

  1. Safety for health. Natural wood, breathable material.
  2. Reliability. Constructions from such material stand in houses not one generation.
  3. Naturalness. A living tree creates an atmosphere of a happy home, warm cozy.
  4. Ease of processing. The wood canvas is easily processed, and from it simply form any shape.
  5. Individual ornament. Each array of wood has a pattern. And this pattern is unique. Accordingly, there is no need for an additional decor of the staircase.

It is believed that the array is more expensive than glued or combined material. Maybe it is so. But, not all breeds are very expensive. For example, arrays of birch, ash, alder, pine and larch are not particularly expensive.

But there is a minus - this is the overall weight of the design. Accordingly, it is necessary to orientate on the foundation of the house or beams, the possibility of laying pallets-amplifiers.

Wooden bead stairs

The cost of beech material is not very high, despite the fact that this breed is considered valuable. The material is endowed with a beautiful texture, also it is famous for its strength. A big plus is that you can paint a ladder of beech. Such a ladder will not only perform its direct functions, but is also an excellent element of decor. The wealth and sophistication of the beech stair is not inferior to oak staircases, but they differ significantly in the cost of the material.

The advantages of a wooden staircase are that it is reliable and practical Advantages of the wooden ladder in that it is reliable and practical

The undoubted advantages are:

  • Such material is safe for the health of the tenants of the house;
  • The color range of the material is wide, from dark shades of brick to light yellow, which makes it possible to pick up the ladder from the color palette to any interior, without the need for tinting or painting;
  • The main advantage is the strength of the material, due to its structure, the beech ladder can withstand frequent heavy loads.

Frequent repair of such a ladder is not needed, only periodic cosmetic.

But there is a material and a minus - it does not tolerate a sharp change of climate. A sudden increase in humidity can lead to skewing of the blade.

Material for stairs made of wood

There are several breeds, the most common trees in Russia, the stairs of which are popular.

They are different in their structure and price, the choice of a particular breed needs to be done very carefully, thoroughly studying this or that kind of tree. Breeds can be elite and economical.

The main characteristics of the most popular types of wood:
  1. Pine. The main feature of this breed is its availability. It is possible to purchase any shape and size. Easily processed. It does not require the use of special tools, since it is not a very hard rock. Work with her may not even be a professional. The main drawback is not enough hardness, as well as yellowing, coming with time. The last drawback will be corrected, it is enough to edit the canvas with special tools before installation.
  2. Birch. More than pine. Wear resistance allows such a ladder to serve for quite some time. The main problem is the strong knotty of the array. Thus, it is very difficult to prepare such material. In this situation, birch veneer is used, or it is combined with plywood sheets. The structure of the cloths varies greatly, a more or less suitable drawing of the board can not be found. It is possible to build a ladder with a small number of boxes.

The beech is easy to process. A small price policy. The beech massif is approximated to the oak massif by the main characteristics. But the material is rather capricious.

How to make a ladder of plastic pipes by yourself

The ladder is an indispensable assistant in everyday life. It's very easy to build a ladder with your own hands. You can use improvised materials. Time will not be spent much. And when you have to get to the required height, the ladder will come in handy.

You can install a simple ladder with your own hands, if it is made of their PVC pipes You can install a simple ladder with your own hands if it produces their PVC pipes

Eights of nuances that need to be taken into account in the ladder manufacturing process:

  1. You can choose PVC pipes. This design will be very easy.
  2. It will be very easy to move a ladder, but it should be followed carefully.
  3. The recommended diameter of polypropylene pipes should be about 50 mm.
  4. Plastic pipe is not the most durable material, respectively, choose the increased sturdiness parameters of the ladder.
  5. The width of the bars should be narrower than that of high strength material.
  6. Without metal prof. Sheet, the strength of the wide and large design will not be large.
  7. To connect parts of different directions, horizontal and vertical rungs, use tees.
  8. A careful approach is required for all nodes.

It is especially important not to divide the vertical crossbar, accordingly, to connect several pipes to create a vertical or horizontal is not worth it. Pipes must be integral.

Elite stairs from solid

Elite staircases made of solid wood are very popular. These stairs differ excellent wear resistance, ideal quality and that they can be attributed to.

Beautiful elite wooden staircase will not only decorate the room, but also make its interior more refined Beautiful elite wooden staircase will not only decorate the room, but will also make its interior more refined.


  1. Environmentally friendly;
  2. Durability;
  3. Manufacture according to individual characteristics;
  4. Exclusivity.

Ash is a very hard material. Strong structure. But in this situation, drawing on an amateur. To someone such a motley will seem attractive, but for someone it will be a minus. It is difficult to fit into the interior. Difficult to process.

Oak is the most suitable material, but it has a rather high price. Very dense, wear-resistant and has a noble pattern. Requires special tools for processing. Processing is complex. The most important disadvantages will be the price and the fact that you need a master to process the material.

Plastic ladders

The plastic can be used both for the production of the whole ladder and for its individual elements, even for the candy stand. What materials are used to produce stairs?

Experts recommend to pay attention to plastic stairs, which are characterized by lightness and moisture resistance Specialists recommend to pay attention to plastic stairs that are characterized by lightness and moisture resistance

Rigid - plexiglass, semi-rigid - polyvinyl chloride, soft - for decoration. All the disadvantages are the minimum strength with the wrong choice.

The main advantages of plastic stairs:

  • Lightness.
  • Neat compact appearance.
  • Variety of design.
  • Moisture resistance.

The entrance ladder to the house will last a long time if it is made of a material stronger than plastic, for example, from a terraced board. The finished WPC can be of a square or other shape.

Simple ladders made of propylene pipes

A ladder made of polypropylene pipes is an excellent choice when you need to climb to a height.

A simple design and ease of installation is distinguished by a ladder made of polypropylene pipes Simple construction and ease of installation is distinguished by a ladder made of polypropylene pipes

For example:

  1. When working on the roof, polypropylene pipes will not break the integrity of the roof cover.
  2. The low weight also does not cause the deformation of the roof.

Positive feedback on the possibility to assemble a ladder made of polypropylene pipes by oneself is widely spread, and also you can find a master class for the manufacture of stairs. For example, it is quick and easy to build a rope ladder made of pipes.

It is necessary to tie a pair of knots, and pass a rope in PVC pipes so that the knots are under the pipes. Such a design will not only perform the basic function, but also serve as a child's play.

If the strength parameters do not meet the requirements, it is also possible to make a metal ladder using a profile, a channel and a corner 150x150.Such structures are preferably used in garden areas or for operational use.

Construction of stairs made of beech( video)

Construction shops offer a wide range of different materials. The stairs to the second floor of your house can be made not only from wood, make stairs from granite blocks, ceramic plates, OSB plates, metal and glass.

staircase Design Ash( photo in the interior)