Styles of wooden stairs: Loft and Provence, Scandinavian and classical on the second floor, photo in the interior

In the manufacture and installation of stairs, particular attention should be paid to the choice of design style Backboard stairs in the house most often made of wood. After all, this noble and environmentally friendly material can take a variety of forms. This feature of the tree allows you to enter the products collected from it, into different interiors. With the help of forged elements or stainless steel parts, you can make a staircase in absolutely any style. For example, from the same material, using a different finish, you can make design in English or American design, as well as in the style of industrial, minimalist, Mediterranean or chalet. The main thing is to know the characteristic features of your chosen direction.

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classic staircase to the second floor

If you are interested in classic styles of stairs, there is no better material than wood for such structures will not find. After all, this direction is very fond of expensive and natural materials, therefore only wooden, forged or stone constructions are suitable for it.

Beautiful and stylish in the interior will look like a wooden staircase in a classic style beautiful and stylish interior will look wooden staircase in classical style

Signs of wooden stairs in a classic style:

  1. better if classical staircase is made of expensive wood. If you do not have the opportunity to purchase a structure from such an expensive material, you can use a stain to give the desired effect.
  2. Handrails of classic stairs can be decorated with carvings or bulky balls or other scale designs. Balusters of such handrails should have an intricate shape.
  3. Classic handrails are best done in the old days. In the spirit of a medieval castle, your house will be saturated with forged rails on a wooden staircase.
  4. Bright colors are not suitable for decorating wooden stairs in the style of a classic. This direction requires natural and pleasant shades.

staircase leading to the second floor must fit the interior style of the room in which it is located. If the classic is in your house, then the wooden staircase is the best solution.

By the way, we should talk about the form of lifting structures of classical style. Best of all, there will be one-side, or spiral staircases.

In pair to such designs it is possible to pick up long flying chandeliers or wall sconces. Use effective details in a classic interior, and you will achieve the desired effect.

Brutal staircase in loft style

Loft style is distinguished by its brutality mixed with incredible luxury. For the first time it was born when, due to lack of apartments, people began to sell former factory premises. After it fell in love with the rich sections of the public and representatives of bohemians, artists, actors, businessmen and bank employees.

Wooden staircase will decorate the interior in a loft style Wooden staircase will adorn the interior in loft style

. A characteristic feature of this American style is the finish, reminiscent of the factory past of this trend. Here you can find the walls decorated for bare brick and sticking water pipes. The colors in this style are also given special importance, in the house with the loft interior cold colors and shades of metallic predominate.

Interiors in loft style suggest an open type of premises, so the staircase in such houses will be viewed from all sides. Therefore, its appearance is of great importance.

Features of stairs in loft style:

  1. Ladders in loft style are most often made of wood. Such designs look very impressive and brutal.
  2. Railings for such stairs are most often made of metal. They should be solid and massive, like all factory fences.
  3. Loft style, does not tolerate any decorative elements. Here everything should be simple and reliable. This feature of this direction makes the manufacture of stairs cheaper and simpler.
  4. Ladders in loft style can have a very different device. The only thing that screw structures are not always acceptable in such interiors. But the modular ladders will be very welcome.
  5. Since, loft-style stairs are massive enough, they often do not use risers when assembling them. Otherwise, the room will not be lit well enough.

By making a ladder in loft style, you can experiment without forgetting the basic design concept. Feel free to combine metal and wood and use modern lighting.

To build a future ladder plan with your own hands, the revit program will help you.

A very interesting option is to attach one part of the steps directly to the wall, and another to the metal railings attached to the ceiling. It is also very interesting to look stairs, painted in black.

Romantic staircase in the style of Provence

Style Provence is distinguished by its simplicity and elegance. Here the splendor of the French city is mixed, and the naturalness of the Provencal fields. This style is somewhat reminiscent of rural country, but it is more refined.

For the interior in the style of Provence, designers recommend to select a ladder made of wood in light colors For the interior in the style of Provence, designers recommend to select a ladder made of wood in light colors

This style is characterized by natural materials. The main feature of Provence can rightly be considered wallpaper and textiles in a small flower, resembling a print on calico.

Special features of the stairs in the style of Provence:

  1. The laconic design is the main feature of the Provence style, therefore the stairs in such an interior should not have any decorative elements. It should be as simple as possible.
  2. The one-marsh or curved flight stairs are best for Provence style.
  3. Another feature of the provence is light pastel colors, so it is desirable that the staircase is painted in this particular palette.

The style of Provence is notable for its ease and ease. Best it will look in the country houses or in the country.

If you do not want to buy a ready-made ladder, you can contact the companies that make such designs on order, for example, such works are dealt with by the company Listar.

In the house in the style of Provence, it seems that the clock hand stops. Relaxing shades prevail here, so every element, including a ladder, must match this style.

Scandinavian style staircase

The Scandinavian style combines the conciseness of modern trends and the majesty of the designs of the Viking times. These ancient wars did not recognize luxury and pomposity, they valued simplicity and convenience.

In such interiors wood and other natural materials are used. Animal skins on the floor complete the composition.

Stairs in the Scandinavian style are striking in their laconism and massiveness. It's like a portal from the past to the future, located right in the center of your house.

Many people prefer to choose a wooden staircase in the Scandinavian style, because it looks stylish and laconic Many prefer to choose a wooden staircase in Scandinavian style, because it looks stylish and concise

Basic concepts of stairs in Scandinavian style:

  1. Wooden staircases made in Scandinavian style must be very reliable and large. Often they are performed from a massive board.
  2. Also for simplicity of design is simplicity of design. There is no place for decorative elements. Often, these stairs are one-mast.
  3. The contrast of shades used for finishing stairs, emphasizes Scandinavian color. White steps with dark podstupenkami - an excellent option for such interiors.

Scandinavian style will appeal to you with its convenience and simplicity. Stairs for such an interior are made so soundly that they will serve you incredibly long.

What are the styles of wooden stairs( video)

Ladder - this is one of the most important elements of the house. She takes the most part in the room, and therefore sets the tone for him. Thoroughly think through the design of this design, and your interior will please you with its conciseness.

stairs design made of wood( interior photos)