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You can make a wooden staircase with your own hands, if you approach this process competently It is quite possible to make a wooden staircase with your own hands if you approach the process correctly The staircase is a mandatory attribute of a house with several floors. Today, the production of staircases produces a wide variety of models, which are made of different materials, come in a variety of different and unexpected forms. Among such a large choice, the most popular model is a wooden staircase. The construction of wood is considered reliable, environmentally friendly, it can be inscribed in any interior. Making a wooden ladder requires mastering the skills of working on wood, as well as knowledge of how the ladder design is arranged. Wooden stairs can be made by own hands, armed with all the necessary materials and tools.

        • Steps for the manufacture of wood stairs
        • Breeds for the manufacture of stairs for wooden houses
        • Combined manufacture of metal-wood stairs
        • Technology for the manufacture of sturdy wooden stairs
        • Why you need a master for the manufacture of wooden stairs
        • Manufacture of wooden stairs with your own hands( video)

Stages of wood stairs

At the time of designing a staircaseIt is very important to take into account the fact that the staircase should be as comfortable and safe as possible, especially if there are children in the house. The wooden ladder consists of 8 parts.

In order to properly make a wooden staircase, you should carefully follow the stages of its manufacture In order to properly fabricate a wooden ladder, you should carefully follow the steps of its manufacture.

When designing a ladder, you should:

  • Start from the overall design of the house;
  • Take into account the area of ​​the room;
  • And it's also good to understand the typical designs and its main components.

Kosower is the main part of the ladder, which plays an important role in the design. This load-bearing beam with a comb cut out from above to fix the steps. This element of the ladder should be made of a solid wood, as the operation process provides very large loads. Sometimes, instead of oblique, a string is installed, which is also an element of fastening the steps. Most often, a string is used if one side of the stair is adjacent to the wall.

The steps are also a very important element of the ladder design, which are attached to the supporting beams. One of the subspecies of the steps are the radial steps. They have a not straight, but a curved front edge. The angles of such steps can be rounded or in the form of a semicircle. The blind stage has a non-standard shape and size. This element is installed at the beginning of the flight of stairs. The riser is an element that can not be installed, but with it the ladder design will be much stronger. It is installed under the stage by means of a remote sleeve. Supports the stage, and increases the strength of the entire structure. The riser is also radial and has a semicircular shape.

Baluster is an obligatory element of the ladder, it performs the function of guarding the fence. It has the form of columns, which can be of various design and shape.

The support post is installed at the beginning and at the end of the ladder along the edges of the marching platforms. Strengthens the entire fence. The handrail is installed on support pillars and balusters. Should be as smooth as possible. The spacer bushing has the form of bars, which are installed to support the areas between the flights of stairs.

Rocks for the manufacture of stairs for a wooden house

For a wooden house it is logical to install ladders made of wood. It is also very important to check the wood for rot and wood bugs which significantly reduce the quality of the tree.

When choosing a tree for a ladder, you need to take into account its condition, quality and appearance When selecting a tree for a ladder, its condition, quality and type must be taken into account.

The wood used for the manufacture of all elements of the ladder must be:

  • Qualitative;
  • Without knots;
  • Without cracks and delaminations.

The wood used should be well dried. It is also very important to make all elements of the ladder design from solid wood. In order to make a wooden staircase, you can use wood of certain breeds. Pine is fairly simple to process, has an affordable cost. But, since this breed is very soft, it tends to deform and yellow.

For this reason, all elements made of pine need additional processing.

The birch is quite solid, has a beautiful and interesting texture. Due to its properties, it serves a long time. Beech is considered to be the best material, which is easy to process and has an attractive color and texture. A huge disadvantage is that the beech does not tolerate sharp temperature changes and high humidity, so it is suitable for rooms with temperature control. Ash - a tree species, which is ideal for making steps. Very hard rock, has a rather mottled texture. Oak - the most popular material in the manufacture of stairs. It has a long service life, it is resistant to any deformation. For all its positive qualities, high cost.

Combined production of metal-wood stairs

To increase the strength of the ladder design, the wooden material can be combined with metal elements. Metal has high strength and stability, which will make the staircase very strong.

Excellent in the interior will fit a beautiful ladder of metal and wood Excellent in the interior of a beautiful ladder made of metal and wood

There are several common options for combining metal and wood:

  • Metal frame and wooden steps;
  • Metal staircase where steps are lined with wooden panels;
  • Wooden marches with metal fences.

The manufacturing processes of the ladder made of metal and wood are very similar, therefore the creation of a ladder structure of these 2 materials will not be very difficult. The main thing is to observe the technology, take into account all the nuances of assembly and installation of the finished structure.

Technology for the manufacture of solid wooden stairs

The technology of making wooden stairs is quite simple, but it has certain rules that can not be abandoned. If the assembly is incorrect or deviates from the rules, it is necessary to determine whether everything is to be disassembled or can be corrected on the go.

It is quite possible to familiarize yourself with the technology of making wooden stairs It is completely possible to familiarize yourself with the technology of making wooden stairs


  • The angle of inclination of the steps of the ladder must not exceed 30 °;
  • The width and height of the steps, in accordance with the safety rules, should be 30x15 cm;
  • The size of the platforms should exceed the width of the march;
  • The width of the march is not less than 90-100 cm.

All finished elements of the future ladder must be covered with a protective varnish in several layers. After all the details have dried, you can start assembling the ladder. To begin with, you need to prepare all the necessary tools and draw up a plan, where the step-by-step action of installing the ladder is described.

The manufacturing plan is necessary in order to avoid mistakes.

An exemplary work plan looks like this - installation of struts, steps, assembly of steps, balusters and pillars, fastening of the handrail, if necessary, paint staircases, fixing decorative elements, if necessary, cover the ladder with a protective layer of varnish.

Why you need a master for the manufacture of wooden stairs

If you can not make a wooden stair yourself, you can buy a finished product from the manufacturer or use the services of a master. For example, in the Mansky area on the mound advertisements with a table of contents "I'll make a wooden staircase" are widespread. Find a good master will not be difficult. The master will be able to draw up a drawing of the future staircase taking into account the features of the premises and the wishes of the owners. Also, on the basis of the drawing and materials, which are supposed to be used, will make an estimate.

If you need to quickly make a quality ladder, then it is better to seek the help of specialists If you need to quickly make a quality ladder, then it's best to ask for help from

A good master can offer several interesting options at once. With the master, a contract is drawn up, which specifies the conditions and terms for the completion of all works. Also, do not forget about the prescribed sums of money for work and expenses for materials. Sometimes in the process of work, masters can offer their own installation and installation options. The question of the manufacture of stairs should be taken seriously, because, in addition to the appearance, it should be as convenient as possible for lifting and lowering, and also comply with all safety standards.

Making wooden stairs with your own hands( video)

When the decision is made to install stairs for a dacha or in a country house, it is worthwhile to carefully consider the design of the structure. Today you can meet the most original and interesting models from marching to screw. Also, the design of staircases differs in the material from which it was made. Classics are wooden stairs, which are beautiful, reliable and durable. A wooden staircase, made of quality material by skilled hands, can stand for more than one century. A great advantage of a ladder made of wood is easy to install, easy to care for, easy replacement of any elements in case of breakage. Wooden stairs to date are considered the most in demand.