Ladder on the porch of metal: on a metal frame with their own hands, ready with a turn, photo

When choosing a staircase on the porch of the house, you must take into account the exterior of the house When choosing the stairs to the porch on a mandatory order should consider the exterior of the house Exterior house is no less important than its interior, so you need to carefully consider all the design elements of the exterior of the building. The central part of any house is the porch. Most often this design also includes a ladder, which can be made of a variety of materials. Today, we'll figure out how you can make a ladder for the porch of metal with your own hands.

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Advantages and disadvantages of metal stairs to the porch

etallicheskaya entrance stairs can look intricate and pompous or look uncluttered and modern. Depending on the overall exterior of the building, the design of the metal structure is chosen. It can be products with elements of manual forging or handrails with steps of the correct geometrical form. In any case, metal stairs perfectly fit into the exterior of your house.

However, considering the material from which to make a ladder for the porch, it is necessary to consider not only the appearance of a future product, but also its technological characteristics. For example, metal, like most other materials, has its advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage of the metal staircase for the porch is that it is practical and safe Advantage of the metal staircase for the porch is that it is practical and safe

Advantages and disadvantages of the entrance ladders made of metal:

  • Metal is a very strong material that is not afraid of mechanical damage;
  • Metal ladders are not exposed to insects and are not afraid of temperature changes;
  • Metal constructions are fairly simple to assemble, provided that you have minimum skills as a welder;
  • Using wrought or wooden elements, metal ladders can be made in a variety of styles interiors;
  • Metal combines well with stone, wood, glass and mosaic.

Despite the fact that metal products have a lot of advantages, it has some drawbacks.

Disadvantages of metal ladders:

  • The price of metal is quite high, however the cost of such products pays off with their long service life;
  • Metal is a material that is susceptible to corrosion, but this problem can be solved by treating the ladder with special tools.

Knowing the pros and cons of metal staircases, you will be able to decide to whether you are fit design.

stairs to the porch on a metal frame

for the porch stairs can be made entirely of metal, but very often this durable material make a skeleton. Such constructions look more interesting, and making them with their own hands is much easier.

Stairs on a metal frame are covered with various materials, for example, wood. Such a duet looks good and still very strong. Frame structures have technological characteristics of both metal and companion material.

Frame structures are considered to be very strong and durable. Using this technique, you can make a suitable porch for a variety of exteriors.

There are several options for skeletons for stairs, which you can choose at your own discretion There are several variants of skeleton for the ladder, which you can choose at your discretion.

P Structural frameworks for stairs:

  1. Open staircases are not trimmed with risers from another material. Because of this design feature, all the shortcomings of the product will be very noticeable, so you can do it yourself, only having good welding skills. To hide the minimal shortcomings of the open frame, it is polished and painted.
  2. Rough staircases are more suitable for self-assembly. It involves the subsequent sheathing of the metal structure with another material. Thus, most of the defects admitted during welding will be hidden behind the lining. This type of frame allows you to save on the materials and work of the wizard.

The stairs on the frame for the porch - this is an excellent option for novice welders. On such a design, you will not spend a lot of money and time.

How to make a metal staircase for the porch with your own hands

If you have come to a decision to make a ladder of metal yourself, then, first of all, decide how skillfully you handle the welding machine. Depending on your skills and should choose the type of metal ladder.

If you are working with a welding machine for the first time, then pay attention to the ladder on the metal frame of the rough type. The fact is that in this case, the subsequent finish, will hide all the shortcomings that you allow.

A metal staircase for the porch can be done with your own hands, if you are acquainted with the process of work and the advice of specialists It is quite possible to make a metal staircase for yourself using the hands if you are familiar with the work process and the advice of

. When preparing for the creation of metal stairs, you first need to draw a design drawing and calculate the number of materials. The last parameter directly depends on the size of the structure, because the staircases for the porch can be either short straight single-marched, or long with a turn.

What parameters you need to know for drawing up the drawing:

  • The height of the handrail must not be less than 0.9 m;
  • Convenient step width starts from 0,4 m, the height varies within 0,12-0,2 m, and the length should be at least 0,8-1 m;
  • The slope of a ladder is considered normal, if it varies within 26-40 degrees.

The remaining parameters are calculated according to the shape and type of the ladder. It is not necessary to use spiral staircases in the courtyard, as they are not very comfortable, it's best to pay attention to single-side or two-march stairs.

After you make the calculations, you will understand how many materials you need to purchase. Also it is necessary to prepare the necessary tools, this list includes: a welding machine, screws, anchor bolts, a screwdriver, nails and a wrench. Of the materials you will need: channels, metal corner, the components of the foundation and boards for the formwork.

The foundation is poured in order to strengthen the structure and avoid its deformation. The optimum depth of the foundation is 15-20 cm.

After the porch has been installed, you can go directly to welding the ladder. It is made of channels and metal corners. At the last stage, the skeleton is skinned.

Finished metal staircases for the porch with their own hands

Creating a ladder with your own hands significantly reduces costs, because you only have to pay for the material, which is much cheaper than the works themselves. However, if you are unsure that you will be able to cope with welding of such a difficult material as metal, then it is better to still purchase a ready-made structure.

It is quite easy and simple to install a ready-made metal ladder on the porch of the house You can easily and easily install on the porch of the house a ready-made metal ladder

Ready-made staircases for the porch can be purchased in specialized stores, or you can contact the professionals who will assemble the product according to your sketches.

Of course, the finished stairs will cost you several times more than the independent assembly of similar products. However, in this case, you can realize the boldest ideas.

Professional masters will make the ladder not only beautiful, but also durable. Correctly welded seams, as well as treatment with protective agents, will significantly improve the technological properties of the structure, increasing its service life.

Installation of stairs on the porch made of metal( video)

The stairs for the porch are not only durable, durable and reliable, they have a stunning beauty design. It does not matter if you assemble such a design yourself, or if you order from specialists, metal ladders will please you for a long time with their excellent indicators and attractive appearance.

Examples of metal stairs to the porch( photo ideas)