Wooden staircases: photo of necessary structures, angle, samples and features, ash array, combination

Sufficiently popular and popular are the stairs to the second floor of natural wood quite popular and popular are the stairs to the second floor of natural wood Stairs made of natural wood, enjoys great demand as it features a soft decorative view, functionality, unique style. There are many options for using such a unique design, however, often a wooden staircase is needed to equip a country house or villa. This design performs not only a functional, but also a decorative role in the interior of the house. The photo gallery will allow you to fully appreciate all the refinement of the wooden staircase in the modern interior, regardless of its stylistic decision.

    • What could be the types of ladders made of wood: the top
    • Why a wooden staircase
    • Stylish design wooden stairs
    • optimal angle of wooden stairs: open and closed types
    • Plain wooden staircase in the privatehouse: drawings
    • wooden stairs: design features and requirements overlap
    • a variety of solid wood stairs: Modern forms
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What could be the types of ladders made of wood: the top

wooden staircase is considered an essential attribute of the attic orTwo-story house, which can be executed in completely different styles.

In particular such as:

  • Country;
  • Classics;
  • Provence.

The design of the wooden ladder can be completely different.

Beautiful staircase in classic style elegantly complement the interior beautiful staircase in classical style elegantly complement the interior of

Namely, such as:

  • marching;
  • Screw;
  • Combined.

Marching stairs consist of several marches, the spiral stairs are not divided into separate marches. Combined variants are a combination of both these types of stairs. Depending on the presence of tampering, the device of the stairs can be closed and open. In addition, wooden staircases can be divided into types and by the method of fastening the steps.

According to this classification, when fastening steps, the following can be used:

  • Bowstring;
  • Beam-Kosower;
  • Supporting posts.

The most common is the mounting on the kosoura, as they support the risers from the bottom. Kosoura can have special triangular cutouts or be perfectly even. Quite original and beautiful examples and examples of finished wooden staircases can be seen in private houses in Chekhov, as the Moscow region attracts people to live outside the city.

Why a wooden ladder

If a private house has more than one floor or a multi-level apartment, then a ladder made of solid wood is required. It is necessary in order to be able to climb to the second floor. To make a staircase for an apartment or a house is necessary at the initial stage of repair works, as this will allow to determine the peculiarity of its location, as well as the peculiarity of the erected structure.

If you decide to install a wooden staircase, then in advance it is necessary to take care of its safety and location If you decide to install a wooden ladder, then advance it is necessary to take care of its security and location

At arrangement of stairs in a private home or apartment should take into account such factors as:

  • Location ladder;
  • Safety level of the erected structure;
  • Wall thickness;
  • Interior of the room.

Stairs in a private house or apartment - not only a special structure that helps to get to the top floor, but also an important element that affects its overall appearance, the location of furniture and other decor items. The choice of each model of the ladder must be approached with all responsibility, evaluating all the pros and cons of each model, as well as the material from which it is made.

Stylish design of wooden stairs

Modern country and country houses have several floors, which is why such an element of the house as a staircase enjoys a rather high demand, as there is an opportunity to provide convenient movement between the floors.

In addition, you can decorate the wooden staircase with beautiful forged handrails In addition to decorating the wooden staircase you can beautiful forged rails

The wooden ladder design in a private house can be completely different, it all depends on:

  • Free space that can be used;
  • Location;
  • Decorative appearance.

In addition, it is very important to consider the features of the configuration of the structure, as well as pay attention to the rise. If it is necessary to carry out the ladder in the house, then an experienced master constructor can do this, which will be able to calculate all the required dimensions, and also observe all specifications. In this case, you can perform a stylish and beautiful staircase in a house of absolutely any complexity. During construction and repair work, it is necessary to strictly observe the rules of labor protection, as well as prepare estimates for all work performed. It is necessary to draw up an act of receiving the transfer, as this will help to protect yourself from unnecessary problems.

Conditionally all the stairs can be divided into screw and march. Screw options are used extremely rarely, in particular in conditions of limited space or based on the preferences of the owner of the house.

However, it is worth noting that the screw design ladder is not functional enough. In addition, this version of the ladder is characterized by the fact that it is difficult to assemble the structure, and it is also necessary to strictly observe all the requirements of GOST and take into account various nuances.

The most common are the flight models of stairs, which can be done by themselves. However, before starting to make it, you need to make all the basic calculations, draw up a scheme for the future design, taking into account the available space, and the estimated weight that the ladder must withstand.

The optimal angle of the wooden ladder: open and closed views

When designing a staircase in a private house or a two-level apartment, one of the most important tasks is the ability to correctly determine and calculate the required angle of inclination. It is better to entrust all the required calculations and installation work to specialists who will be able to find the most interesting and lasting options.

When installing a ladder, you must think about not only its appearance, but also the width of the steps When installing a ladder, you must consider not only its appearance, but also the width of the steps

Almost all the stairs have a slope of 45 degrees, and the width of one step should correspond to the 45 foot size. This is the standard for absolutely any staircase, however there may be different deviations, it all depends on the features of the structure being erected. To ensure that no inconvenience occurs during the operation of the stairway, the height of the ceiling and the width of one step are necessarily taken into account when calculating the angle of inclination.

There are several options for staircases, which have their own angle of inclination, in particular such as:

  • Household ladders in a private house - angle of inclination from 30 to 45 degrees;
  • Ramps, gently sloping staircases - 30 degrees;
  • Extra steep stairs - 45-75 degrees;
  • Evacuation - more than 75 degrees.

Initially, a scheme is drawn up, where all the main fastenings are seen on a close-up view, and all the basic strength parameters are taken into account, as only this can guarantee complete safety when using it. After the construction of the stairs, a test is required, as it allows you to find out how much weight the erection can sustain and how much it will last under the most unfavorable conditions.

Important!A special angle of inclination can be in the construction of non-standard stairs having an original shape.

A typical wooden staircase in a private house: drawings

Many are wondering which staircase to choose for arranging a private country house, country house, a two-level apartment, a bathhouse, a garden gazebo or canopy, and other buildings. Quite unusual and original types of stairs for the house can be found in the shopping center Russkaya Derevnya, which are offered in the widest assortment. Quite an interesting option may be products from the company Lockhart, as well as Ikea. In addition, you can pick up the front doors and windows of the same company. Order exclusive manual staircases for the home, you can and viewing message boards in different cities, for example, Kashira or in the Crimea.

Stairs can be internal, for mounting inside the house and exterior, which are used for arranging the veranda.

Original in the interior of the room will look a simple modular staircase Originally, the interior of the room will look like a simple modular ladder

The stairs in the private house can be completely different, in particular such as:

  • Monumental;
  • Modular;
  • Simple;
  • Elite.

Often, an ordinary staircase is used for a private house, which can be straight or carved. In addition, there are other versions of similar products that are in high demand. There are also quite original expensive expensive staircases made of expensive materials, in particular metal, wood, glass and marble according to your own design. If you use metal to make a ladder, then you need a putty, and then you need to do the subsequent painting, as this will help make the product more original and stylish.

Before assembling a permanent structure, a temporary assembly of the staircase is carried out, which helps to determine how comfortable it will be and whether it is suitable for a general house project. Quite interesting can be economy class stairs, which have an acceptable cost and perfectly fit into the interior of the house. Furniture should be in tone.

Wooden staircases: structural features and overlapping requirements

To make stairs for a private house, very often a natural tree is used, as well as metal or glass. In order to make the staircase practical and safe, it is better to choose only high-quality materials for its production.

Various types of wood can be used for the production of stairs, in particular:

  • Ash wood;

  • Beech board;
  • White birch;
  • Solid larch.

All these types of wood have a very beautiful pattern, so they will simply perfectly match with the furniture, especially if it has a light color. In addition, you can choose the color of wood close to the shade of carpets. Before mounting the product, it is necessary to make a cut and remove excess resin, as this can damage the overall appearance of the ladder. To ensure that the staircase in the house has served no age, it is possible to make a connection of an array of natural wood, as well as a metal part of the floor.

This type of ladder has many advantages, as it has excellent characteristics and they do not have to be tested on yourself.

Make sure of the good quality of the design and refinement can be by looking at the sample. In addition, such a constructor of the ladder is easily restored.

A variety of staircases from solid wood:

molds Decorative modern staircases enjoy a very high demand, as they have different varieties.

Stylish vertical staircase made of wood will help you to make the interior original and interesting. To make the interior original and interesting you will be helped by a stylish vertical ladder made of wood

In particular, they can be:

  • Vertical;
  • T-shaped;
  • Angular.

If the prefabricated wooden staircase is made on strings, then the nodes must be very strong and reliable. Each knot of logs, boards and beams should be well fastened, otherwise the structure can collapse very quickly.

In addition, when installing the stairs, you must ensure that there is compliance with all standards and requirements, as supports, overlays on the floor beams, ladders and much more. All requirements for the stairs are known to the experienced master. In the stairs, a special hardening stand can be used. This will be a kind of protection. They can be carved, internal, angular, light or dark.

The design of modern staircases for the house can be completely different, in particular they can be open, contain an element such as a special arch, as well as a Swedish balustrade. Lattice balustrade can be very different, according to the act.

Modern combined wooden staircases on the veranda and others:

features Quite an original version can be a lion decorated with a lion, which is fastened at the top of the fences. This decor is perfect for a country house, made in a classical style. Many people prefer to use not only wooden stairs in the interior of the house, but also combined variants, for the production of which certain materials are used.

Many people prefer to choose wooden stairs, because they are characterized by strength, naturalness and safety Many people prefer to choose wooden stairs because they are characterized by strength, naturalness and safety.


  • Forest;
  • Metal;
  • Glass;
  • Stone;
  • Concrete.

Having looked at the advantages and description of each version of the ladder, you can choose the most acceptable form for yourself, which is completely suitable for all parameters. Combinations of different materials can give just a unique effect. Selection of materials for the manufacture of stairs in a private house is necessary taking into account the stylistic decision of each house. Very beautiful look wooden stairs with metal elements, decorated with forged elements.

Nuances for fixing a straight wooden ladder( video)

A common wooden staircase in a private house or multi-level apartment attracts attention with its sophistication and unique style, the most important thing is to competently approach the erection of this element. Application and compliance with regulations must be observed.

Design wooden stairs( photo in the interior)