Stairs Eiffel-Classic: universal premiere 4х5, factory of stairs and responses, 3х9 and 3х14, 4х4 Ltd., ТЛ 3х12

Ladder Eiffel Classic is quite popular, because it can be used for various purposes Ladder Eiffel Classic is quite popular because it can be used for various purposes. When preparing for repairs or other work, you should insure yourself in solving various tasks. Stairs-transformers have low prices and have a wide range of possibilities. They are popular in everyday life, because with their small sizes are convenient in storage and transportation. Eiffel Classic stairs are stable and allow you to work at a fairly high altitude, providing a comfortable use.

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A view from the side to the Eiffel stairs

The assortment of the company from Russia "Eagle Ladder Factory"More than 30 types of equipment.

Many prefer to choose the ladder-transformer Eiffel, because it is characterized by quality, strength and reliability Many people prefer to choose the Eiffel ladder-transformer because it is characterized by the quality, strength and reliability of the

. These include:

  1. 3-section design;
  2. Stepladders;
  3. Transformer.

The stepladder has from 3 to 8 steps, with it you can climb up to 2-4 m. The material of the construction becomes the thicker, the higher the staircase height. In 3 sectional models of aluminum can be from 6 to 16 steps. Two of the three sections are fastened with locks and belts, and the remaining one is a removable structure. It can be used as a ladder.

Due to the original execution of the locks, the stairs of the three sections can have a wide variety of different applications.

The ladder-transformer has 4 sections, each of which is fastened to the other with the help of very strong hinges made of steel. Transformer can be folded and placed in the trunk of any vehicle.

Universal ladder Eiffel-classic 4x5

This design will be suitable for work, both for professional builders and for novice repairmen. Work around the house will be much easier, while the cost of buying a ladder completely pay off.

With its light weight, the ladder is reliable, since the material of its manufacture is aluminum.

Working with the ladder Eiffel-Classic is easy, with which even novices can easily cope It's easy to work with the Eiffel Classic ladder, which even newcomers can easily cope with.

There are several cross bars on the supporting part of this ladder, on which there is an anti-skid base.

The ladder has its own characteristics:

  1. It is possible to use it as a ladder, ladder or staircase with removal;
  2. Material of steps and guides - anodized aluminum;
  3. The ladder is automatically fixed to any of their available positions;
  4. There are steel hinges in the quantity of 6 pieces, having increased strength;
  5. The steps can withstand up to 150 kg;If the ladder is used as a scaffold, then 100 kg.

This ladder helps to carry out work at a distance of up to 6.5 meters from the ground. In this design, you can change the configuration, and its safety is supported by locking hinges made of steel.

Professional 3 and 4-section ladder Eiffel Premier

These stairs are anodized, which helps the hands to stay clean after using the structure. This model is professional, designed for everyday work.

Sufficiently practical and convenient is the Eiffel Premier ladder-transformer, which can withstand weight up to 150 kg It's quite practical and convenient is the Eiffel Premier ladder-transformer that can withstand weight up to 150 kg

The Eifel 3x8 model has curious characteristics:

  1. It is completely anodized;
  2. Each metal lock is made of a special alloy;
  3. It is possible to work with a structure when one section is advanced;
  4. Each step is corrugated, aluminum guides 28x28 mm;
  5. The traverse has anti-skid bearings, it is wide;
  6. There are several seat belts;
  7. Can withstand weight up to 150 kg;
  8. Profile of the model - 60х20 mm, its thickness - 1,4х1,4 mm.

The use of metal stabilizers, not fabric straps, helps prevent involuntary folding. Such a ladder will be an excellent choice for installation, production or construction work.

It is possible to use a 3-section ladder as two completely different stairs. One section will serve as a ladder, and the other two will serve as a 2-section ladder.

For sale there are 3 sectional staircases 3x7, 3x8, TL 3x12, TL 3x11, 3x14, 3x9, 3x10, each of which is designed for certain purposes. For example, the model 3х10 Granite is good in installation and finishing works. A series of 4 sectional stairs includes dimensions 4x4, 4x3 and others.

Production of the Eiffel: the factory of stairs

The company "Stair Factory" has been producing goods for more than ten years, while being the only company in our country manufacturing stairs and ladders based on an anodized aluminum profile and fiberglass.

Stairs Eiffel has long won the trust among buyers, because their design is made of high-quality and practical materials The Eiffel stairs have long won the trust among buyers, because their design is made of high-quality and practical materials.

The company offers:

  1. Aluminum constructions, easy to use and transport;
  2. Fiberglass structures that are suitable for manipulation of conductive cells;
  3. 3-section model with a large set of functions;
  4. Stairs-transformers.

Each warranty includes a warranty card and a poster with information. This guarantees the reliability of the company. Also each product is individually packaged.

It should be remembered that aluminum staircases are guaranteed for 2 years, and products made of fiberglass are 5 years old.

The maximum care for the customer and his safety is provided by the necessary protective elements of the stairs, such as reliable seat belts, grooved steps, reinforced guide profiles and much more.

Eiffel stairs: reviews and opinions on the products

The quality of the Eiffel stairs has not been questioned for a long time, because buying products that do not fail in the future is the right decision.

Advantage of the ladder-transformer Eiffel is that it can easily be collected and transported The advantage of the Eiffel ladder-transformer is that it can easily be assembled and transported

The advantages of the Eiffel ladder are:

  • Their lightness;
  • Transformation ability and convenience in transportation;
  • Increased stability;
  • Good working height;
  • High workload;
  • Ability to install in different positions;
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.

Stepladders made of fiberglass are very resistant to the effects of a variety of chemical compounds and water, have remarkable electrical insulation properties.

An additional advantage of the products is that now it is possible to buy special options to the stairs, such as a step for comfortable manipulation at a height and flooring for a ladder-transformer. Such a spare part will provide a comfortable work, representing a platform.

3-section design is conveniently folded into an inverted "U", it helps to work comfortably near a wall, to which you can not lean a ladder. For work in the form of a platform perfectly suited Platform for the transformer Space 2х5 + 2х6, it is purchased separately.

Overview of the ladder Eiffel Classic( video)

The Eiffel ladder can be the best friend for those who value comfort and convenience during work. It takes a variety of forms, adapts to any requirements. If you need to fix something at a height, it always comes to the rescue. This indispensable "Eiffel Tower" must certainly be in every house in which life is boiling and pleasant changes are happening.